What Digital Deepak says about MARKETING? Here are his 4-Marketing Pills

4 Marketing Pills by Digital Deepak


Before examining Digital Deepak to know his thoughts on marketing. Why can’t we have a casual discussion on marketing; just you and me!!

So tell me…

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Marketing? What is your honest opinion about Marketing?

  • Is it another subject that MBA or BCom guys study?
  • Is it frustrating to you because you really had a bad experience dealing with Sales-people and they always ring your doorbell as uninvited guests!!
  • Do you just want to throw away your TV set when ads interrupt while you watch your favorite TV Serial or a movie!
  • Is marketing a third-grade profession as compared with other elite professions such as Engineering, Medical Science or Law!!

What actually are your honest thoughts on marketing?

Well anyway, Let’s move ahead and let me know whether you align with any of the thoughts of a marketing expert called Digital Deepak on Marketing, they are revealed in this post…

Let me start by putting my small perception of Marketing.

My Perception of Marketing: How It Has Evolved

Being an engineer, I was totally unaware of marketing; I just considered marketing as another field of study. Have you seen the 4 options that I have given at the beginning of this post? Those were my very thoughts on marketing.

My regular reading habits helped me to self-educate about marketing.

Now, I consider Marketing as a Life Skill; It is a must-have for everyone.

If I have NO Marketing skills, nobody would ever know me or my services/products.

And if I cannot reach out to people with my skills and ability to help them; then I will end up dying POOR!!


Let me share the thoughts of the best-selling author called Howard Ruff, he was labeled as “Prophet of the Dooms” by the New York Times. He says,

“If I could teach my children one thing, it would be the skill of Marketing. For with that skill they could be successful at anything they chose.”

-Howard Ruff

I hope you agree that the BEST-SELLING authors are perceived to be more authoritative as compared to the BEST-WRITING authors!

Can you choose to read from an author who is boring or rarely known by people?

And, an author can be popular only when he possesses great marketing skills. You might have heard of best-selling authors such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and so on. They may not be great writers but still they are best selling authors.

I hope it makes sense to you and you might also be reading the books written by many best-selling authors. Right?

So far I have discussed Marketing as a skill. I am aware of Marketing skills now but still, I have not practiced it myself.

So, now I am taking a new eSTEP to ‘learn and implement’ MARKETING to make me and my skills to be known to the people. Not just Marketing but the next level of Marketing called “Digital Marketing”. And…

This is how I am moving ahead in my learning of Marketing…

Digital Deepak

Recently, I got to know a ‘bearded’ young man, who has a pearl of peculiar wisdom on marketing, and he is doing really well in the marketing stuff.

Wow, you guessed it right…

His name is Deepak Kanakaraju, lovingly known as Digital Deepak.

I know there may be a couple of other people who might be doing well with Marketing stuff. But, I chose Digital Deepak because:

  • He studied Engineering as I did, and he loved his Engineering subjects as I do, so I know that he can understand my thought process and I can understand him easily as well. This is a bit of subconscious stuff but this is how I connected with him mentally. It gave me confidence that Engineers too can achieve remarkable success in the Marketing field!!
  • I was 100% interested in Marketing already, he introduced a new version of marketing called “Digital Marketing”. I started reading his amazing blog-posts on Marketing.
  • His blog articles have given me a whole innovative perception of the Marketing field, especially Digital Marketing (or, ‘Marketing + Technology’) and my trust in him and in his business partner Sanjay Shenoy was developed slowly. And, of course, I love his dog Maxie too 😉

On February 25th, 2020, he started his 2nd batch of an Internship Program on Digital Marketing, which I have joined to expand my learning on Digital Marketing. It is an absolute joy for anybody to learn from an expert himself, especially the one whom you value the most.

Digital Deepak Internship Class 1

I am super excited about this internship program. Having so many expectations 🙂 How it is going to be? I’ll write a separate review of this online internship program on Digital Marketing once I finish it successfully. But I absolutely trust Digital Deepak and I met him personally at the Digital Masters Conference held in Chennai and know that he is genuine and leader in his field.


Let me now share my learning from the Class-1 of the Internship. I can guarantee you that you will discover GOLD after consuming the upcoming content thoroughly in the form of a Marketing Pill. So slow down, take time, and read peacefully.

Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak, Class-1: This is what I learned

It started on 25th February, Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. and in the first class of Internship, Digital Deepak discussed the MARKETING Principles, Strategies and the Future of Digital Marketing.

Though I am always interested in marketing, still I find it hard to understand a couple of things, and realized that I have to do a lot of reading and keep learning it. I’m ok with it since I have a direction to follow now, designed by my trusted mentor.

Now let me describe some key golden-nuggets I have gained from Day-1.

The 4-Marketing Pills by Digital Deepak

4 Marketing Pills
4 Marketing Pills by Digital Deepak

I have categorized the overall learning of Class-1 in 4-Marketing Pills. After taking these 4-pills I felt graduated to a new level. If you have watched the movie called Limitless, you know what I am talking about; remember NZT Pills. Anyway, these 4 (metaphorical) Marketing Pills are defined below:

MARKETING PILL-I: Understanding Economics, Market Research, Human Psychology and much more.

MARKETING PILL-II: Integrated Digital Marketing Process

MARKETING PILL-III: Getting your feet wet with Marketing

MARKETING PILL-IV: How Funnel works? Discover the Digital Marketing Strategy used by Digital Deepak

Now, let me reveal the composition of each Marketing Pill, one by one.


First Marketing Pill

This pill is effective to expand your awareness zone on Marketing principles, Global Economics, Consumer Behavior, and Psychology. Defined below

1. Ever-Expanding Market

The ‘Market needs’ always expand because solutions to needs give rise to new needs. Let’s take an example,

For example, after the first commercial flight in India by JRD Tata in the year 1932, huge progress has been made in the Indian Aerospace field. Initially, Aerospace companies are largely engaged in fitting and welding jobs since we were importing all the technology, structure and material from outside. Slowly as aviation technology grew, we felt the need for maintenance engineers, and as technology grew further we needed specialized maintenance engineers for the Electronic System and Engine System of an Airplane. Technology is continuously on the rise, which is opening doors to more and more opportunities.

Digital Deepak mentioned that there are 3 broad niches, that will never die, no matter what, and they are Health, Money, and Relationship.

Then he asked us to choose any one niche and find out the micro-niche. Since it requires more brainstorming, I was not able to do it during the lecture session. But I took separate time to do rigorous brainstorming, finally came out with an idea, it is still vague but I’m very sure that it will further get clarified in the upcoming classes of this Digital Marketing Internship. I will keep updating you 😉

And, this way I realized that the niches open the door to infinite opportunities. The market is ever-expanding indeed.


2. Global Economics

Since I had no idea about Global Economics, so I simply put my learning hat on. Below are the 5-points that I learned

  • The economy of a country goes up when the average age of the country goes up. People start spending more.
  • The economy goes down when the average age goes up above 50; household spending goes down.
  • Debt creates money.
  • The deflation of the money supply happens when people repay debts.
  • During the recession strong companies survive, weak companies fail. Not to worry about the recession because people will always pay money for value.

After learning these points, I felt it was incomplete and willing to know more about it. I agree that everything can’t be covered in a 2-hour session. But I expected a bit better explanation for some of these topics! Anyway, he suggested 2 very useful books; they are:

  1. Economics 101 by Alfred Mills
  2. Currency Wars by James Rickards

I very much look forward to reading these books and will share the knowledge that I will gain in my upcoming posts, stay tuned 🙂

While explaining the role of debt in Global Economics, he created a quick poll, and the question was:-

Poll Question: How many of you are in some kind of debt?

Out of 600 odd people in the class, 67% were in debt, including me 🙂

Also, according to his survey, 30% of members have paid their internship fees through credit cards.

I like the way such interesting polls and surveys are being done within a class! I hope that you might also have found this data interesting.

3. Communication Skills for marketers

Most of us presume that our communication skills are just fine, if not great.

I believe that marketers need to have exceptional communication skills because marketers have to sell, their word matters, their attitude matters, and their persuasion skill matters!

Digital Deepak suggested some great ways to master communication; in short:

He asked every aspiring marketer to continuously read books, write articles, watch SitComs, and listen to podcasts.

He suggests writing more by saying that it slows down the thought process. This is what I like about him – he values content a lot!!

And, do I also love content? Well, you may know already as you are reading my content right now 🙂

Anyway, whatever he suggested I will surely do. Along with that I also do 1 more thing to hone my communication skill.

And, what is that?

Attending seminars and webinars or leading marketers of India and around the world, their energy is contagious when they open up their mouths to market their trusted products.

Powerful Communication man…

4. Future of Digital Marketing

I had already read his post on the Future of Digital Marketing much before joining this internship. But it was altogether a next-level experience while listening to him speaking about this topic. Below are some key points I have noted:

  • Digital Marketing will not die because Marketing will not die.
  • The world is moving toward digital, consumer behaviors are changing.
  • Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

Book recommendation: Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

5. Golden Triangle

Last but not the least, I learned about the Golden Triangle of learning, doing, and teaching.

This is exactly what I’m practicing to do in this post. And, I’m sure that if you read it, you will surely find this information valuable.

While this triangle was being explained, the emphasis was on building the community and network. Let take an example,

Many interns who are writing about this Class-1 takeaway, everybody is doing the right work after learning. But very few will be able to digest these Marketing concepts so that they can teach them to others. And those who are able to teach, will form a stronger community and have a better network.

Teaching is the ‘Garam-Masala’ of Marketing. 🙂



Second Marketing Pill

This pill is effective in digesting the Digital Marketing Process in an integrated way!

I saw many block diagrams while I was doing my Engineering and I was REALLY good at remembering block diagrams.

When I saw the above block diagram of the Integrated Digital Marketing Process by Digital Deepak, I was literally feeling this process in my mind.


Let me explain:

Content is a KING in Digital Marketing (jungle) and Quality Content drives the entire process of Integrated Digital Marketing. So, Quality content was fixed in my brain as the Centered portion. Now, we can do 3 things with this quality content:

  • Do Search Engine Optimization
  • Share in Social Media
  • Share with our email subscribers.

Each of the above 3 methods brings traffic to our content and if our content is really good, it establishes better trust with our email subscribers.

Now, if only we truly master all these 3 blocks in an integrated way, it surely leads sales to happen!!

Now the point is how to create quality content? And, what are the tips to do integrated content marketing in the right way?

OMG! If I explain this, there will be an overdose of 2nd Pill….

Why not take this topic separately for another post? Just this topic, ok!

I am very much looking forward to learning and implementing each aspect in the upcoming classes of this Digital Marketing Internship.

Before we get to another Pill, let’s read this detailed article on Integrated Digital Marketing. Maybe just bookmark this link for now. You can read it later.



Third Marketing Pill

This pill will make you feel that your feet are getting wet with Marketing, it is your first step in becoming a marketing insider. After consuming this pill, you won’t be the marketing explorer or outsider anymore. The composition of this pill is given below:

  • Find your niche

A small segment of a Market is called Niche. Finding a niche can be a daunting task. In my personal experience, we just need to keep moving on with belief and niche will find us. For example, Digital Deepak started off as a blogger and now he is a “Full Stack Digital Marketer”. So, to find a niche we need to put our honest trust on something. What is that one thing where you believe that you can’t fail? Think this way…

Our goal should be to become a Niche-specific leader, by finding a micro-niche.

Selecting niche

Riches are in the Niches. If you are everything to everyone, then you are nothing to no one. We need to find the gold. Our niche is our gold. It takes time to dig deeper, but we need to go ahead with conviction and trust in ourselves. This internship program is helping me to dig deeper to discover my niche. I will update you periodically about my progress in this blog so that you can also gain a similar experience.

  • How to find market demand? 

Though I had some thoughts about finding the Market Demand and while I was listening to the thoughts of Deepak on Market Demand, I was gaining more and more clarity. I will write details about it in my very next post.

But let me quickly summarise some of the online tools to find market demand and trends.

Google Auto Suggest, when you type any keyword Google will auto-suggest you what people are searching about this keyword. For example, let’s google search the keyword “modi” and Google will suggest you related searches such as: Modi age, modi wife, modi jacket, etc. 🙂

Keyword research

Other tools are Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, AhREF, Jaaxy, etc.

I will surely write more about these tools separately.

  • Building your personal brand. Why is it important?

During my college days, I attended an event where Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the key speaker. After delivering his speech he asked us to write a page on the topic: “What do you want to be remembered for?” and also he asked us to email that page to his mail id. He emphasized that this will turn out to be the most important page you will ever write. I took a lot of time thinking about it. Finally, after around a week-long brainstorming I sent that page writing that “I will do something that will make me rich and popular!” I know it was very vague.

But I am glad that I found some people who are already rich and popular such as Deepak Kanakaraju himself. He is emerging through his own personal brand Digital Deepak and of course, he is rich and popular.

Now, I haven’t become a person what I wanted to become but finally, I found a person whom I want to become. And, I just have to model him.

How cool is that 🙂

This website eSTEP-Affiliate is my personal brand. It will grow as I grow. And, I am sure that after this internship with Digital Deepak, I will be able to step up from “ZERO to ONE”! And, I have no doubts about that.



Fourth Marketing Pill

I consider this Pill as a magical Marketing Pill. This pill is powerfully effective to create an unshakeable Digital Marketing Strategy by modeling the 4-major strategic aspects of Digital Marketing Strategy of Digital Deepak. These 4 strategic aspects are:

  1. Positioning: Positioning ourselves in ONE area is much critical. Only if this is done well, other aspects will make sense.
  2. Branding Strategy: For branding Digital Deepak does blogging, speaking at events, Publishing books and e-books, apps, videos, interviewed as a guest and so on.
  3. Audience Building Strategy: Re-targeting Ads, Social Media connect, etc.
  4. Audience Engagement Strategy; and the most important of all
  5. The Revenue Strategy

Watch the video below and discover all the aspects briefed above. I was literally blown away with these strategies when I watched it for the first time. This information is invaluable, watch it and find out by yourself.


I strongly believe that all the above points should be essential knowledge for all marketers.


Gosh… I love the topic of Marketing so much, that the more I write, the more I want to write. Still, I can feel some unexpressed thoughts in my mind! But I have to stop writing now.

I am glad that I got this wonderful topic as my first internship assignment, and I never felt like I am writing an assignment, except the point when I was designing the cover image; lol:)

I hope you will like this write up. Please consume these 4-Marketing Pills by Digital Deepak, and don’t worry they are completely safe with NO side-effects. Also, take the time to read the articles linked in this post, they are very useful.

I would love to know your thoughts on this post. So go ahead and put your experience or queries in the comment section.

Signing off…

Akshay Saxena




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    • Thanks, Danijel. I’m glad that your find these 4 Marketing Pills useful. Please feel free to share it on Twitter or any other social media channel. 



  2. Wow without doubts this article is so amazing. This has taught me more marketing online, I have no actual experience so far but this article has taught me a lot more now. I’m sticking to this article and I’m still learning from this but I have to applaud you with such an amazing Marketing Pills. 

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    • Thanks Vijay for your first ever comment. I will share more Marketing pills as I keep learning more about Marketing. However, these 4-Marketing Pills are key prescription of Digital Deepak 🙂
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  4. I have never seen it put quite the way you did with the: Who has more authority, best selling authors or best writing authors?  It says it in a nutshell, marketing and prospect awareness are a lot more important than the smartest people you have never heard about or the greatest products and services never used.  Brilliant analysis and the Digital Deepak has it going on!  The content is phenomenal, look forward to other great posts in the future!

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  8. I’d heard of Digital Deepak before but, I didn’t really know any details.  I giggled and smiled when I read “his four marketing pills.”  That’s only because I work in the digital marketing field as well and my first thought was “oh no, someone is selling pills now so we can be instant overnight successes!”  The pills you described are powerful though and, certainly, gives me a whole new perspective of what limitless successes they hold when implemented with a passion.

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked in but, I have read quite a few articles from Digital Deepak’s partner Sanjay Shenoy!  Another fine authority to be sure.  

    It’s always a pleasure to read about how people picked a mentor that was a right fit for them personally, your story included, of course.  Not everyone learns and absorbs the same way but when we find that sweet spot connection it makes all the difference in how efficiently we move forward with our own businesses.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad that you know Digital Deepak and his partner Sanjay shenoy. He is not selling these marketing pills, in fact he doesn’t even know about it. This is something I made it up, because his marketing enery is contagious and it has similar effect as that of pills 🙂 

      I follow him and I’m well connected with him as he lives in my city. And, I’ve attended many of his live events and also we conduct city meet ups in a monthly basis🙂


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