Ripping off Wealthy Affiliate into 7 Parts [A detailed Review]

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewBefore I say anything positive or negative about the Wealthy Affiliate, let me ask you a quick question.

May I?

Ok…So the question is…

If I ask you to recall your very first BIG success in life so far, what would you say?

Take time to go back into your life and search for your successes. You may find various different successes in this process but which success was the most satisfying one?

While answering this question, I am sure you will realize that the most satisfying success is the one, where you have invested the most sincere efforts and dedication. You might have taken a long time in achieving that success, but it’s worth it.

Am I right?

In this post, I am writing about the journey which requires a success mindset. If you approach this journey with a success mindset with no option of being defeated, then I can guarantee you that you will enjoy every stage of this journey. 

I had many successes in my earlier school and college days, but the most significant success journey started when I started learning Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I call it a significant one because through this skill I’m able to connect with people. 

Connect with you… 

And, all this knowledge started from a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

In this post, I will simply explain the Wealthy Affiliate platform in 7 Essential Parts. And, I am sure that you are smart enough to figure out whether this platform will be helpful for you or not!

So, let’s get rolling…

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  • What is the Wealthy Affiliate? 
  • A virtual tour to Wealthy Affiliate Platform in 7-Parts
    • Part 1: Welcome to the New World
    • Part 2: Locate your important SPOTS to visit
    • Part 3: FREE Tool to boost your research
    • Part 4: Manage the online Real Estates: Your Websites
    • Part 5: Hand holding and a motivational boost from Wealthy Affiliate Platform
    • Part 6: Amazing opportunities within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.
    • Part 7: Training within Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • PROS and CONS of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Commonly asked questions on Wealthy Affiliate
  • Let’s have a quick 121
  • Analyzing the critiques of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Conclusion

What is the Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an ultimate platform for beginners to learn Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and Digital Marketing. It provides all the required training to build your affiliate website from scratch. 

Apart from training, the Wealthy Affiliate platform will provide you the free website (hosting along with dot com domain), free keyword research tool, worldwide community, and many other tools and resources all included in your premium membership and there is absolutely NO upsell.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Structured in following ways –

  • $0 for starter members. 
  • $49 p.m. for a premium membership 
  • $19 for the first month of premium membership 
  • $495 for the annual membership. (if you don’t want to pay a monthly premium).

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 (for beginners); 3 out of 5 (for experienced marketers)                  


A virtual tour to Wealthy Affiliate Platform in 7-Parts

Part 1: Welcome to the new world!

So you are inside the WA premium space. Now, your first job is to complete your profile by putting your profile picture.

Remember, your profile will be your first impression to other WA members. You will be perceived in the way you present yourself in your Wealthy Affiliate Profile. So make it look Super-COOL.

Now, the most important thing.

You have to set the direction of your online journey, by creating your MONEY GOALS.

Let’s answer the following questions:

  • How much money can make you happy?
  • How much money can make you ecstatic?
  • What sort of commitment are you willing to put to reach your destination?

You will get to answer these questions when you join Wealthy Affiliate Platform and community members + Wealthy Affiliate owners will cheer you up by wishing you Good Luck!

Your answers to these questions will always be available in your main profile for you to review.

Now you may start your training and absolutely, it is the right step to take at this point.

But why not just explore this platform closely, before starting off with your first lecture!

Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence since 2005, almost 15 years now…

A lot of cool things have been added and reformed over these years. It is important to understand the insights of this platform.

At this point, all I can promise you is that you will get everything you want in this platform related to Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Affiliate marketing, in the most cost-effective manner.

Now, let’s go to the second part and explore it further.

Part 2: Locate your important spots to visit

Here, I will describe my TOP-5 spots within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

In WA platform the most important and frequently visiting spot is the SEARCH BAR. It says:

Need help (your name)? Write your question here

Trust me, this search bar is a Google of Digital Marketing.

You will get the answers to all your queries, either in the form of a blog post, or training, or webinars.

Another essential spot is AFFILIATE MARKETPLACE (located at the left-hand menu). You can search for any product in your niche and accordingly you can go ahead and sign up to that particular marketplace and start promoting the product. Simple isn’t it!!

Otherwise, you might have to sign in to each marketplace just to find the right product to promote.

Here you’re finding the right affiliate marketplace to promote the product WITHIN the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

How cool is that!!

If you want to share your learnings or experiences, you can make use of the local WEALTHY AFFILIATE BLOG, you will learn more cool features about this blog in your training.

Wait, why not search it in the search tab and see what all the results you have!!

Now, you may be having some questions while you’re going through the training and want your question to be answered fast.

Simply use LIVE CHAT.

If you want the opinion of more people, then go ahead and post a question in WA. It is illustrated in the video.

This way the interaction goes on within the community of achievers.

Last but not least, my ultimate favorite spot is “LIVE EVENTS”, it stores 100s of recorded webinars in this section all the way back to the year 2000!

Spend at least 1 hour EVERYDAY and go through these recorded webinars. And, of course, don’t forget to tune in LIVE every Saturday at 6:30 a.m. Indian Time. Here you will gain access to the most valuable resources available on the internet, as long as you are a premium member.

Let’s now move to the next step.

Part 3: Free Tool to BOOST your Research

Now as you are inside WA, the very first skill you need to acquire is ‘Writing Skill’. You need to develop a flair for writing. By writing I mean, writing for your targeted audience, writing about your niche.

Your mind will give so many ideas to write, and you may feel compelled to write to them all as they are based on your life experience. But you have to direct your writing to the audience.

Writing based on emotions and experience can be good for your practice BUT your blog posts must be directed straight to your audience,

And, how will you do that?

By researching the behavior of your target audience.

A great solution to this you will get from the Wealthy Affiliate platform for free; it is a keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

Through this platform, you will find out exactly what your target audience is looking for? What kind of keywords are they using for their search in your niche?

Based on that you should position your content.

You can watch the tutorial video on this keyword research tool.

Also, I’ll write a detailed post on Jaaxy sometime later. If you have any questions on this tool, please drop them in the comment below, it will help me to address all of your queries.

Through JAAXY, you will be able to write targeted blog posts AND, they will rank higher in all the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! You will experience huge traffic.

Let’s experience Keyword Research using Jaaxy:

This keyword research tool is an absolute must for your online business. Wealthy Affiliate is providing you the free access to its intermediary version, which is better than a basic version. Once you are able to scale your business to high traffic, then you may consider getting its pro-version. But, for startups, the Intermediary version works just fine.

You will learn more about it while you explore it by yourself.

Now let’s have a look at another feature of WA called ‘Websites’.

Part 4: Managing your Online real estates-Your websites

You can see all your websites within your WA SiteManager.

SiteManager will provide you the one-click login to any of your WordPress sites even if you have 50 different websites.

Have you ever realized why WA is giving you to host up to 20 websites for FREE!!


Let us say if your niche is selling ‘baby’s product’. And, you started selling some Amazon products on your first website, in the process of learning more about baby products, you get to know your nearby vendor who is selling similar products offline, you can tie-up with them in selling their products online through a different WA website in this process you can gain profit.

Meanwhile, you may notice that one affiliate marketplace has come up with an amazing all-in-one product for babies. Now if you create a one-page website based on that product, your affiliate business will sour to another level!!

In a similar way, as you progress in your first business you will get a lot of further ideas on how to grow it and you will need different websites for various different purposes.

Now, let’s explore the Wealthy Affiliate website option further. It has the following parts:


This is similar to your WordPress editor. In this section, you can write your post and publish it to your website in a single click.

The advantage of using SiteContent is that you can track your overall written words and where you stand in the competition with other WA co-members in writing skills! AND, most importantly, you will get notified through email when your content gets indexed in Google. Such emails are highly motivating to the newbies. Plus you will get access to 1000s of free stock images. 

So, you must leverage the power of the SiteContent.


When you start working on your first website, you will experience a lot of time and you may need feedback from the other members. In WA, you simply need to submit your website on the SiteFeedback platform and you will get as much feedback as you like to have.

Based on those feedbacks you can make adjustments on your own sites.

This is a very cool feature, especially for a newbie. You must periodically use this platform to get others’ feedback.


Because you are making your website to be used by others. You may want to know about others’ perception of your website. So, you must use this feature.


Comments on your website are very useful for SEO purposes. Comments from other people will help you understand what people are learning from your posts and also you will be able to figure out the gaps on what else do they want to know more about?

When you start writing on your website, you may find it difficult to get a large amount of organic traffic, it will indeed recover slowly.

But in the meantime, you can leverage the benefit of the WA inner community by asking their comments on your blog posts. Also, you will learn about how post comments really work!

(Greater details about comments are given inside the training)

So, go ahead and leverage this awesome benefit of WA!

Important Point: You need 2 WA credits to earn 1 feedback or 1 comment on your post. You can earn 2 WA credits by giving 2 comments/feedback to any other website. More details about WA Credits are given in Part 5.


Many times you may experience technical issues with your websites. You can take any kind of technical help from the HelpCentre, they are available 24*7  to solve each of your technical queries on your website within minutes.

I have personally used this section many times, and I’m literally amazed by their active response every time.

Initially, I did not know how to activate FREE SSL on my website, I simply posted my query and a ticket was auto-generated. Within 2 minutes after posting, my SSL was active on my website.

Many WA members have given them Shout-outs through their WA Blogs, you can check some of them here.

So, worry no more, the Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered through its awesome community of 2 Million people AND through all of its super-powerful technical support.

Now, let’s move on to Part-5

Part-5: Hand Holding and a motivational BOOST from Wealthy Affiliate Platform

In this part, I’ll discuss the rewards you may get once you start achieving success through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and how you can track and manage your conversions all within the WA Dashboard. Let’s get started with each feature one by one:

WA Credit Dashboard

Here you can earn WA Community Credits and WA Cash Credits as well, let’s learn about both of them:

Community Credit:

You can earn a Community credit by giving a comment or feedback on someone else’s website. 

You need 2 community credits to get 1 comment on your post; and if you want to get 5 comments, then you need to earn 10 community credits. 

In your annual membership, you are receiving 100 community credits as your bonus. 

If you need more community credits, you can simply purchase them or earn them by giving feedback or comment on other’s websites. 

Cash Credits:

Please note: ‘1 WA Cash Credit = $0.50’ OR ‘2 WA Cash Credits = $1’, and it is real money that will be transferred to your bank account via PayPal!

There are 2 ways to earn cash credits from Wealthy Affiliate platform:

  1. Become a certified commenter and you will earn 1 cash credit on every alternate comment. Therefore, 4 comments will fetch you a real dollar! How cool is that?
  2. Create useful and engaging training within the WA Platform. You can read more information about training creation through the blog post linked below:

Can you see an airplane symbol at the top right on your WA Dashboard? You need to complete 300 qualified referrals for WA and you will win a Super Affiliate trip to Las Vegas (US), there you will hang out with owners of WA and other fellow marketers. Please note that this trip is absolutely FREE and the expenses are fully paid by the owners of WA.

How cool is that? Don’t you want to experience it by yourself?

It will be your reward for your online marketing skill, which values much more than money.

  • A considerable milestone in Wealthy Affiliate

Can you see an airplane symbol at the top right on your WA Dashboard?

You have to complete 300 qualified referrals for WA and you will win a Super Affiliate trip to Las Vegas (US), there you will hang out with owners of WA and other fellow marketers. Please note that this trip is absolutely FREE and the expenses are fully paid by the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

How cool is that? Don’t you want to experience it by yourself?

It will be your reward for your online marketing skill, which values much more than money.

Part 6: Amazing opportunities within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

If you have read the book called “Contagious” by Jonah Burgar, he discusses “Social Currency” as the very first element to create an effect in a contagious manner. If you have not read this book yet, then go ahead and read it.

This is how Wealthy Affiliate will help you to get enriched with this ‘Social Currency’:

  • You can share your learnings in your WA Blog, those who resonate with your post will start following you to read more of your posts. This way you can grow your WA Network.
  • The more you engage within the community, the higher the WA ranking you will get; and trust me WA Ranking is a huge motivational factor. 

You will achieve different achievement badges such as Top-200, Top-100, Top-50, or WA Ambassador(if you are among Top-25) 

  • You can answer the questions of other people. This way you will gain confidence in helping others outside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

See, if everyone helps one another it creates a strong bond within the community

When you click your profile image, these are all the shortcuts you will find to help navigate the WA Platform faster.

The attached video will show the complete walkthrough.

Step 7: Training within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Wealthy Affiliate has 100s of training available on the platform. But below are the 2 major pieces of training:

  1. Online Entrepreneurship Certification
  2. Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

If you want to learn all the basic and advanced knowledge about earning money online, then you should choose “Online Entrepreneurship Certification”. No matter if you are a newbie or an intermediate user, you will gain a lot from this basic training.

If you want to know the answer to the best way to learn Digital Marketing; then Online Entrepreneurship is hands down, the perfect solution.

And, in case you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, then I would suggest you spend some time on this platform, write some posts on your website, maybe after a month or 2 start your new training called “Affiliate Bootcamp”.

This training is beautifully structured, you simply have to follow it step by step for achieving any level of success by promoting this program.

The only thing I would like to emphasize is that you should take training and do the assignments with a 100% relaxed mind. DON’T RUSH THROUGH THE TRAINING.

You may find it compelling to finish it off as soon as possible and start earning money. It doesn’t work that way.

Let us say if I teach advanced engineering within a month to a student who just reached his highschool. Do you think he can do an Engineering job and earn money just because he learned advanced Engineering from me?

Absolutely not!

It is a process. He will gain experience slowly and steadily and then success will find him if he is consistent.

So, all you need to show is the consistent efforts towards learning new skills. YOU & SUCCESS will find each other.

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


  1. An ultimate platform for a beginner to learn Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Very much affordable, membership costs less than $1.25 a day.
  3. 7 days of free trial with long term benefits.
  4. Earning opportunities within the platform.
  5. You can host up to 20 websites for FREE all-inclusive with your membership.
  6. FREE access to the Keyword Research tool called Jaaxy.
  7. Weekly live webinars to help you revise whatever you have learned in the core training and keep you updated with the current trend in the field.
  8. You can get 1 dot com domain absolutely free for your primary website. 
  9. If you choose to pay $49 monthly, you only have to pay for 10 months, another 2 months of premium membership will be free. 
  10. Social connections. Wealthy Affiliate is a huge worldwide community of Affiliate Marketers. 


  1. A lot of information spread across the platform. Newbies may find it overwhelming to finish all the training within this platform, there are 1000s of training within it and many pieces of training are continuously added regularly. 
  2. Not recommended for experienced marketers. 

Commonly asked questions on Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Should I join a wealthy affiliate? Does Wealthy Affiliate work well in India? 

YES. I’ve listed the pros and cons of a wealthy affiliate, you can analyze them by yourself. If you are a newbie in digital marketing or blogging, a wealthy affiliate is the best pick for you. 

Also, it’s a great opportunity for Indians because for Indians costing structure really matters, as the average Indian monthly salary is equivalent to $495 or even less. But the point is that you have to pay for your success in advance. 

Success requires sincere efforts and commitment, otherwise, you will be in the exact same place in the upcoming years whining about too much to pay, or not having enough. 

  1. How long should I remain a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Till you hit your Affiliate marketing goal. 

It totally depends on you, what are your expectations with Affiliate Marketing? 

See, even if you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member, any way you have to pay the annual charge of your website and you need to purchase different training courses. If you are getting everything included in this platform, then what’s the harm in being a Wealthy Affiliate member till you hit your Affiliate Marketing goal. 

  1. How long does it take to earn money through Wealthy Affiliate?

It depends on your speed of implementation. Earlier you finish your training and start implementing whatever is being taught, the faster you will earn. 

A lot of members achieve remarkable success within a year, many people spend 2-3 years to hit their target without giving up. 

Ultimately Success is all that matters. Give yourself time to assimilate the information until you acquire enough confidence. 

In the meantime, there are various options to earn money within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, which requires no selling. 

  1. How much money do I actually need to pay, including all upsells?

There are no upsells within WA. All you need to pay is WA premium membership fees.

WA members’ cost is $495 yearly (or $49 monthly for 10 months) all-inclusive of your hosting, domain, keyword research tool, custom sales page, and much more…

Anytime you want to discontinue your membership, you can transfer your website hosting to another hosting provider, this way you can continue what you have started at Wealthy Affiliate platform while going through the training.

  1. How much money one can possibly make with a wealthy affiliate platform?

You can read this supplementary post on Wealthy Affiliate to more about the success stories happening at the platform. There are members who made over a $5000-$10000 p.m. in Wealthy Affiliate, but of course, it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment because everybody started from scratch in this platform. 

  1. Still, I’m not convinced, what information you are hiding?

It is good to have questions. Which question is bothering you the most, let me know in the comment section below. I can assure you that there is no platform on the entire internet that is cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate and have the same features. Also, you will find a lot of upsells or you may need an external purchase if you choose to join any other program. 

I’m not hiding anything. Here’s the deal, take a free ride to this platform for 7 Days without paying anything!

If you are not convinced, you can come out anytime and you won’t lose a penny.

I suggest you join the WA premium only when you are serious about growing your online affiliate marketing business.

Commit first join later.

  1. What are the benefits of free membership?

You will get to learn the first module of both the core courses of a wealthy affiliate.

You can create 2 free websites, you can work on those websites for 6 months without paying anything. For 7 days you will have access to chat, webinar, and asking questions.

I highly recommend you to avail the free membership.

Let’s have a quick 121 regarding the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

The cost of the Wealthy Affiliate Membership is $495 per annum. If you choose to pay monthly, then it is $49 per month, with a special offer of $19 in your very first month as a Premium member.

I always love the annual membership. Why?

Because you need to give sufficient time to yourself to learn and to be mentally ready to implement your new learnings in real life. I love enjoying a slow, steady, and persistent race because I know this is the ultimate way to succeed. I have experienced success before, and none of my success was overnight, so far!

I hope you can relate to this regarding the basic rule of success.

Yes, $495 was expensive for me initially, especially when I had little idea about the Wealthy Affiliate platform. So, I decided to try with a monthly subscription for 1 or 2 months, so that I can just finish the Wealthy Affiliate Training called Online Entrepreneurship Certification.

As I was progressing in the training, I noticed significant changes in my mindset due to brand new learning and within a month my website traffic started increasing.

My speed was slow, I continued for another month and was able to finish Online Entrepreneurship Certification training. But I was no longer under the “Newbie” category, I was gaining rich experience. After another couple of months of a monthly subscription, I joined the annual subscription, so that I may not rush through such important topics.

I decided to progress slowly with unshakeable persistence.

Now the annual subscription was no longer expensive for me because I was gaining invaluable information.

Now you may ask, did you earn something from the Wealthy Affiliate so far?

The answer is YES. I am doing a Wealthy Affiliate along with my Full-Time job, still, I was able to earn $100 with my super-slow pace.

You can do it too within your first 2-3 months. It’s guaranteed if you are committed. If you don’t know how then I will help you do that.

Simply click the link below and join Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, what is stopping you?

Start with FREE membership for 7-Days. You will also get useful training sessions on this website, you can register for more updates. Once, you are inside the community, you can ask any of your queries from me within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and by joining the private Facebook group of e-Steppers.

If you have any more queries, feel free to drop them in the comment below; I would be happy to answer them. 

Critiques of Wealthy Affiliate Platform: 

Recently I can see some of the internet marketers are writing negative reviews of wealthy affiliates and suggesting other alternatives. Before you listen to them, please consider below points:

  1. Critics say that the Wealthy Affiliate training is outdated and doesn’t work in 2020. Let me ask you a question, do you see any major changes in the foundational books and training for toddlers when they have just started learning a new subject? 

They need to start learning the alphabet and numbers before learning anything advanced. So, no matter how much technology gets advanced or how much progress education may make, everyone has to take the first basic step in learning. 

In a similar way, it applies to online marketing. You have to do your WordPress website set up by downloading all the necessary plugins and themes. Then choose your niche and writing SEO rich blog posts. Then creating social media presence of your brand and so on. All these things are systematically covered in Wealthy Affiliate training. Apart from all this, we have weekly live webinars. 

Yes, there are certain changes in the old dashboard of Google Analytics, search console, etc. That is not yet updated in the core training. But you can still access them on the webinar archives. And, major updates are happening in the Wealthy Affiliate platform in the year 2020-2021. 

I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2019 and never faced any issues related to outdated training, or whatever critics say about it. Because I knew these concepts are the foundation of Online marketing, irrespective of old/new dashboard! 

And, these very concepts leads to greater success ahead if done right. 

2. Those who write negative reviews of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, either they are too experienced and have already achieved significant success in Online Marketing before joining Wealthy Affiliate, or they just don’t want to learn. I have already mentioned in the cons section that Wealthy Affiliate is not an ideal platform for experienced marketers. So, there is no point in crying about the basic nature of the Wealthy Affiliate training, since it is focused on beginners.

3. Critiques say that most of the Wealthy Affiliate members achieve success by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform itself. 

Ok, let me ask you a common-sense question. Let’s say if you are doing Affiliate Marketing and you are into the Make Money Online niche, what would you promote? 

Hosting, domain, email marketing tool, keyword research tool, landing page builder, premium themes, training platform, and a couple of other products from Affiliate Marketplaces such as ClickBank, JVZoo, CJ, etc. 

No matter which platform you are in & even if you are without any learning platform, you will anyway promote above digital tools and systems, right? 

Now Wealthy Affiliate covers all of the above tools, and email marketing related systems can be accessed free of cost through Mailchimp; premium themes are optional for beginners. So, what’s wrong in promoting Wealthy Affiliate?? If it is an all-inclusive platform!! I would say Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform where ANYONE can start their online business even on a tight budget

And, tell me one single platform where there is no upsell of additional tools or you don’t have to pay anything apart from your membership fees. 

It is easier to doubt and hard to TRUST. 

4. Refund Policy: there are people who say that there is no refund policy in Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t understand what’s so special in refund policy if you are getting a chance to create your account for free, finish your first module of Affiliate Marketing training and even build your own website for free. 

7-Days free trial is much more valuable than a refund policy. 

Beyond this free trial, you will also get premium membership with a reduced cost of just $19. Here you will get sufficient time of 30 Days to explore all the premium features of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. You will have access to complete training and full premium area access. 

Still, if you are not satisfied with the platform then you can cancel your membership after 1 month and transfer your website to another hosting provider. Simple, isn’t it? 


Look, Wealthy Affiliate is in internet marketing space since last 15 years, on the meantime many other platforms came and gone but wealthy affiliate is still standing tall with the same membership cost as it was 15 years back, their sole intention is to help newbies learn blogging and digital marketing in the most cost-effective manner. Old training is getting revamped these days, so this is a golden chance for you to join Wealthy Affiliate Platform now.

If you are a beginner in an Online Marketing space then go ahead and join Wealthy Affiliate annual membership straight away, or why not simply explore the Free membership before joining the annual one!

Rest assured, you are going to learn, enjoy, and reap some awesome benefits as the time progresses. Start your online business small and do great things, I’ll be your personal coach within the platform and will guide you step by step. 

I wish you the best and see you inside…




Wealthy Affiliate


Ease of Building website


Training material


Customer Support


Keyword research tool





  • Beginner focused training program
  • All the necessary tools are provided in premium membership
  • Free dot com domain for your primary website
  • Weekly Live events
  • Possibility of earning money within the platform


  • 1000s of training module cases information overload
  • Not an ideal course for expert marketers

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