Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for Indian Entrepreneurs?

Oh boy, Indians have a lot of doubts about Wealthy Affiliate! It’s because we rarely see any legitimate program online, right?  Trust me, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform if you are a blogger, Digital Marketer or you want to grow your influence online. In this post, you will learn why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for Indian Entrepreneurs in the year 2020?

I am giving a brief review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform by picking up top questions or doubts that most of the newbie Indian bloggers have in their minds.

If you want to dig into the detail of this platform, then you can read the post on The Best way to learn Digital Marketing.

Let’s get started with the questions.

Common questions on Wealthy Affiliate ‘for India’

In this section, I will discuss 7 common questions most Indians have.

Q1. Why should I join Wealthy Affiliate in the first place?

If you are starting off your Digital Marketing journey, then anyways you are going to pay for your domain, hosting, tuition for a lot of different courses about ‘blogging, Digital Marketing or Affiliate Marketing’. Moreover, you will work all in isolation and always you will need a helping hand to guide you at almost every step, but you will find none!

Wealthy Affiliate Platform is all in one package, all your websites, training, community support, and much more are included with your annual membership fees. And, most importantly you will be awarded by US trip and you will get a chance to mastermind with top online marketers in an event, if only you follow the training 100% and play your cards right.

Q2. Does Wealthy Affiliate really work for Indians?

Heck YES. I can guarantee you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best deal available for all Indians right now. Not only will it give you the practical step by step training on Digital Marketing, but you will actually learn the deeper insights of Affiliate Marketing.

All your affiliate clicks and earnings can be tracked within the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard and you will receive your Affiliate payouts on the 1st of every month directly to your PayPal account.

Q3. What is inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform? And what are the core benefits will I get after joining?

There are many benefits you may get from Wealthy Affiliate. Below are my favorite Top-5:

Within the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will find 2 core training.

  1. Online Entrepreneurship Certification, to learn Digital Marketing, and
  2. “Affiliate Bootcamp”, this training is for you if you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate or learn Affiliate Marketing, in-depth.

I would suggest you start with “Online Entrepreneurship Certification”. Here you will learn the core concepts about Digital Marketing such as  Setting up your first FREE WordPress website step-by-step, SEO, Google Adsense, Analytics, Search Console, basics of running ads for paid traffic, and much much more.

In addition, to these core training, you will have access to Weekly Webinars. Let me show you a screenshot of previous live webinars, have a look.

All of these webinars happened recently. The format of these webinars is practical and super useful, you must experience this LIVE!

Apart from training, you can create up to 25 websites.

You may ask so many websites? Well, once you get into Affiliate Marketing, you will feel the need of many websites for promoting one product in each website.

Then you will get LIVE community support, where you can get the answer to all your questions.

Also, you will get the premium keyword research tool called JAAXY included in the membership.

If your Web-Content is not keyword-rich, then it will not be of much value. You will realize the need for Keyword research tools as you progress in your learning of Affiliate Marketing.

Q4. Why there are so few Indians in Wealthy Affiliate?

You might know that most of the Indians are IMPATIENT. They want quick results from any system and if they cannot earn quick money they would call the system a SCAM. The fact is that they are spammers!

Do you know till the year 2019, Wealthy Affiliate was not taking Indians in their platform on their monthly subscription? Because they were experiencing a high level of fraudulent activities within the platform. Shame on these people, they don’t want to learn and grow in their skills and they misuse the facilities provided by the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most trustworthy platform in existence for more than 15 years and they are regularly updating new features each year, in the same price tag.

I just love this platform, because I value learning before experiencing success. I love pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. If you are not among those crazy spammers then Wealthy Affiliate is your ideal platform, period.

Q5. What is the difference between WA Websites and Bluehost or Hostgator websites?

WA Websites are managed WordPress hosted websites, they are genuinely made for WordPress websites. If you research a bit about Managed hosting, you will find that they are far superior to shared hosting websites such as Bluehost, A2, or Hostgator in terms of speed, security, and support.

Then why most people take up and promote shared hosting websites?

Because shared hosting is cheaper and only when people become pro- marketer, they go for expensive managed hosting.

But you need not to worry because you are getting managed to host included in your Wealthy Affiliate membership. So, yes websites hosted in Wealthy Affiliate are superior to Bluehost or Hostgator websites.

Q6. What is the cost of joining Wealthy Affiliate?

There are multiple options of premium subscription:

  1. $49 monthly subscription with the first month costs $19.
  2. $234 for Half-yearly subscription, Or
  3. $359 for Annual subscription.

I would suggest you choose the cheap and best option of Annual Subscription. You will need this amount of time to learn and evolve yourself as an expert marketer. Over a period of time, you will earn way higher than your small investment in this system.

Moreover, you will have direct support from the owner of Wealthy Affiliate, or my mentor Kyle.

You will also get FREE Starter Membership for 7 Days. Once you are convinced of the system, then you can move to a premium membership option.

Image shown below highlights the difference between Starter and the Premium Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Vs. Premium Member

So, doubt no more and Jump into Test Drive this system FREE for 7-Full Days. Click the link below and join NOW:

Q7. How fast I can start making money from the Wealthy Affiliate program if I live in India? Has anyone from India earned money from this platform?

It depends on how much effort you can put in to finish the training by doing all the tasks 100%. Time varies between 3-6 months for many people and for others it takes years of hard work. So, it totally depends on your commitment level. But, let me assure you that this journey is a life changer no matter how long you take to implement it 100%.

Also, you can get the opportunity to earn money within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform without selling anything, I’ll describe this in the next section among Benefits.

Yes, I am an Indian and I earned money from Wealthy Affiliate Platform, below is the screenshot of my initial months earning

Also, I know a couple of Indians who are doing quite well. The common quality between us is we are patient and have full trust in the system, with a confident belief in ourselves that eventually, we will triumph. Though we earn less initially, it gives us a huge learning experience with a dose of motivation.

Now, let me quickly highlight the honest pros and cons of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Platform

  1. Complex technical tasks are highly SIMPLIFIED. Such as website creation, various ‘done for you’ tools, etc. You will experience all this by yourself, once you create your first website in Wealthy Affiliate Platform.
  2. Weekly webinars to refresh all your concepts weekly and it also allows you to be up-to-date with the progress in the Digital Marketing field.
  3. Opportunity to earn without selling. If you are a newbie this feature may be a blessing for you. How will you earn? Well, there are 2 ways: (i) by giving comments on other websites, and (ii) by creating your own training within the system.
  4. The facility of Affiliate Marketplace option. Here you can see all the Affiliate Programs of all niche from various different Affiliate Marketplaces such as ClickBank, JVZoo, etc. collected in one place for you to select a suitable product for promotion.
  5. Competition among members, they have a RANKING system. Higher you rank, better recognized you are among the fellow members, who are millions in number.

There are many more benefits but above are the NON-NEGOTIABLE. You won’t find these many facilities in any other system on the internet.

Now, let’s honestly discuss the cons.

Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate Platform:

  1. No focused training on Facebook Ads or Google Ads.
  2. Email marketing is briefly touched upon. Not enough details about it. The major objective of the system is for you to generate organic traffic before moving over to ANY other paid tool.
  3. Sometimes you may face information overload. As there is so much to learn in this system. Lacs of various different pieces of training is scattered all over the platform. Please note, core courses are separate from this training. You can figure it out in your FREE test drive into this system.

Final Words

I hope by now you got a complete picture of the Wealthy Affiliate platform from this post. Let me know what do you think about the Wealthy Affiliate platform?

Wealthy Affiliate is an ideal Platform for any Affiliate Marketing newbie. It mainly focuses on writing SEO Rich Content to drive organic traffic. And, of course, it won’t allow you to spend much money during your initial days on your online business.

The only thing you need to pay is the Membership fee, plus a small amount to purchase your dot com domain, that you can purchase from anywhere such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, or within the Wealthy Affiliate, as well. Totally your choice! Apart from these obvious charges, there is NO UPSELL within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform ever.

If you have any more query feel free to ask them in the comment below.

And, click the link below to test-drive this system NOW for FREE!

4 thoughts on “Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for Indian Entrepreneurs?”

  1. I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 years now and it’s definitely one of the best opportunities out there to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. They give you 25 websites which is great, but I currently have trouble running even just 4 websites, if I had 25 I think I would be overwhelmed. Even just 1 or 2 websites is enough to earn a good income if you build it right. For $359 a year which translates to about $29.9 per month it covers all the website hosting and training provided, what an excellent deal.

  2. Hello Akshay, it’s beautiful to see that wealthy affiliate doesn’t have a limitation to areas where it’s training can be effective or countries. Before now, I too had some doubts about their training to be worldwide effective, but coming across this article has cleared all doubt. 

    I look forward to hear more from you in your upcoming articles. It’s nice to be here.


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