TOP 19 Blogging tips and tricks

In this short and comprehensive post, I am going to share 19 Blogging tips and tricks, that will make your content stand out from the crowd. Let’s get started:

1. Have a clear message

Ask yourself, why your customer should read your blog?

You focus should always be attempting to solve a customer problem.

2. Write great headlines

Tips for great headlines:

– It should start with a number such as “Top 15 ways to earn a massive income online”

– Start with ‘who’ and ‘how’.

– Use less than 70 characters for SEO.

– Using Power words and using square brackets are also beneficial.

Quit with a clever headline. Make a clever headline a sub-headline.

3. Specific Categories of content

Try not to have more than 10 categories in your blog.

4. Introduction

Make the topic of the blog immediately clear to your reader. Also, get the hook clear

5. Images

Get at least 1 image to your post.

Get at least 1 video or related video to your post.

Get at least 1 relevant infographic to your blog post.

6. Keep it scannable

Most of the readers can’t spend more than 2 min to read the post. Make it scannable in such a way that key ideas could be easily scannable. Make use of headers, bullet points, number lists and no more than 3 lines of text per para.

7. Overall Post Quality

Check for spelling errors, grammar, and always proofread the content or let someone else proofread it.

Post quality is essential for social sharing as well.

8. Target Keyword

Right Keyword always keeps the blog post alive on the internet. Keep in mind to NOT re-use the keywords and ask yourself that if you don’t use keywords, should you be writing the post?

9. How long is your post

Blog post should be as long as it needs to be, provided that, it sufficiently answers the question. Just think about how hard it could be to explain a topic in less than 500 words!!

Length of an ideal blog post must be around 2000 words.

10. Consistent Formatting

Consistent formatting will standardize your blog.

11. Exit pop-ups

Take advantage of exit pop-ups. Use the free plugin called OptinMonster for pop-ups. It is beneficial for collecting leads.

12. Call to Action (CTA) and Conclusion

– Blog post must include CTA for a lead magnet or product for almost every article.

– Always ask a question to end the article.

– Always ask the audience to leave the comment.

– Ask for engagement.

13. Respond to Comments

Your comment section is an amazing opportunity to engage with already interested readers.

14. Social Sharing tool

Use the free plugin called for social sharing.

15. Permalink

– Should be clean and contain your keyword.

– Should not contain the date, number, post number, etc.

– Try to make it evergreen.

16. Internal Links

– Keep a list of your best blog posts, separate for your readers.

– Don’t put the same words in 2 posts internally linked with the same post.

17. Post Level SEO

Use Yoast SEO plugin. Fill up a suitable keyword, title, meta-description, URL, etc.

18. Use Alt-Text in your images

In some cases, images are not visible, so it is always a good idea to put alt-text in the images.

19. Putting dates on your posts!!

It is good to NOT put dates on your posts. People generally look for recent posts. Let’s say if you search for any information in the year 2019, but you get to see the search result articles written in 2012. Won’t you look for the recent one? Therefore, keeping the content updated and NOT putting dates are good practices in blogging.


Thanks for reading this post. I hope you have found a lot of value in this post. My objective with this post was to keep the core ideas to be highlighted. Therefore, I have not explained all 19 tips and tricks in greater detail. But if you have any question in any one of the tips above. Please leave your question in the comment below, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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10 thoughts on “TOP 19 Blogging tips and tricks”

  1. Great post! 

    I think this is a great guide for creating a blog post. For a beginner like me it’s a awesome step by step guide to follow and apply until I can master the process. So, I have bookmarked this page.

    I completely agree with your advise about the date, not putting a date to a post makes it usable at anytime. People often believe that the most recent posts are the better but somethings never change and can still be used. 


    • Yes, some of the things remain the same. Still, people prefer to read new posts on the internet. 

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you liked this post.

  2. I still have to work on my post and make sure that it is scannable. Even I skim when I read something online, because I have no time and I want to know the answer as quickly as I can. I also think that having a clear message is the most important. Your audience comes to your post to get the answer that you wrote about. If you do not provide a clear answer then you do not help him/her solve the problem. The other points are also true. I will make sure to have that on my checklist before I post my post.


  3. This is a very useful tips one should follow when creating a unique blog post. Making post to be easily scannable is very important. People get bored easily reading a post that can not give full clue about the content during extensive reading. Not many people have the time to read every in and out of the articles. This is why outlines are very important. Timing is the master of everything. I as a person can not see a recent review about what am looking for and decided to go for the old ones. Life itself is dynamic,change is happening every moment. Wasting time with an outdated informations doesn’t sound normal except if one is looking for histories.

  4. I am so glad I came across this Blog. I have been searching for a clean cut list of things that would help my blog be better and found that here. I have been using social media a lot to get traffic to my blog by posting to all my social media at least once a week. I did not know that it was better not to have a date on the blog. I have to admit when I am looking at something I do look to see how current it is.



  5. There is so much I can be doing to better my own blog posts after reading this. For one, the Call to Action in the conclusion is missing from every single one of my posts in the MMO niche. Lack of pop-ups is something else that really jumped out at me. While my MMO niche is newer, I do want to be able to make that my number one source of income in a few years’ time. 


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