If you read one review about Siddharth Rajsekar, read this ONE

Siddharth RajsekarSo you might have attended the Siddharth Rajsekar webinar and now thinking about whether you should purchase his courses or not? Should you really make this investment? Is he genuine or a scammer??

Maybe you just wanted to know more about his courses, even before attending your first webinar with Siddharth Rajsekar. Worry no more, this post will provide you a totally unbiased review of Siddharth Rajsekar and his courses.

I would say that you are lucky if you are reading this post BEFORE investing in his courses because you will get a wide overview of whether he is the right choice for you or not? And, what all you can expect from this man.

Before getting into the actual content, let me tell you about why am I writing about him, and why you should listen to me?

Now let’s get rolling…

Why am I writing about Siddharth Rajsekar?

Simply because you are a newbie and I don’t want you to burn your money on various different mentors, I have made this mistake in my early days and felt the pain of losing money. You just need to pick one mentor (even if it’s Siddharth Rajsekar) and follow him 100%.

Make sense, right?

Well, now let’s read my connection with Siddharth Rajsekar.

Millionaire Mind Intensive, 2017 was the event that made significant shifts in my mindset. It was in that event, I met Siddharth Rajsekar and came to know that he is doing well in an online space!!

In the mid of the year 2018, he was promoting “Four Percent Group” in his very early webinars and since then I am following him and I just loved the core character of this guy. He is a man of value, no doubts about it.

But wait?

Should you take his courses?

The answer is YES and NO.

Let me elaborate.

The exact answer boils down to whether you are the right audience for him or not?

In the subsequent section, I am listing certain key criteria to help you figure out whether you are his right audience or not?

2 secrets Siddharth Rajsekar is hiding from you!!

Are you curious to know what these secrets are?

In fact, this is all you need to know. After knowing these secrets, you will take your decision wisely.


In the first webinar, he won’t tell you that he has 3-Level courses. He will just sell you his very first level course, which is “A conceptual or entry-level course”, even though there are 11 courses in his Level-1, still, it is treated as a basic level in his coaching system. Once you finish Level-1, you have to pay to move up to Level-2 and once you reach Level-2, you again have to pay to reach Level-3.

Please note that I am not saying that these Levels are worthless. In fact, they are HIGHLY VALUABLE. BUT, in his very first webinar, all the costs of Level-2 and Level-3 are hidden.

And, if people made a purchase of Rs. 8000/- in his webinar sell, they assume that they are purchasing ALL his courses, which is NOT true!!

Please Note:

Level 1 is his entry-level course. (No matter how many courses are added in this level)

Level 2 is his main course. And,

Level 3 is his Profit Maximizer. It is an expensive program but optional.

So, this was the first secret that you MUST know.

I apologize that I am not revealing the cost of all his Levels because even I value his works and a certain level of privacy.

But, I also want you to be a SMART BUYER. Think wisely about ROI before investing a single penny anywhere!


His ideal customer. Every normal human being will get attracted to the way he presents his product (Level-1) in his first sales webinar. But again there is something hidden. Let me open that up for you:

You are NOT an ideal customer of Siddharth Rajsekar, if:

  • If you are just starting off with your online business and want to start SMALL.
  • If you are currently unemployed.
  • If you are a student studying in a college.
  • If you don’t even have Rs. 1 Lac to invest in your new business.

My mentor Harv Eker strongly suggests starting your own business but start SMALL. Start your business part-time while doing your day job, work hard on yourself but don’t spend hard!!

Please understand that if you are under any of the 4 criteria listed above, then you are NOT a good fit for Siddharth Rajsekar.

You are an ideal customer of Siddharth Rajsekar, if

  • You already have SOME basic online experience. For example, you have a YouTube channel or a blog with average traffic of at least 100 visitors per month along with a steady flow of income.
  • You already have an existing offline business and want to take your business to the entire NEW level through online presence.
  • You have at least Rs. 3 Lacs to Rs. 5 Lacs to invest per annum in your Freedom business. It is a quite decent amount by the way. And, if you don’t have it yet, then choose an alternative route.
  • Last but not least, IF YOU ARE READY TO CREATE YOUR OWN COURSES. No matter what niche you are in, you are required to create your own courses to sell online in his coaching system.

PROS & CONS of Siddharth Rajsekar courses:

Every product or service has its own pros and cons. Some businesses just don’t want to know their limitations, whereas other businesses take constructive criticism in a positive note. Whatever it may be, these pros and cons will certainly help you make an informed decision before taking up Siddharth Rajsekar courses.


  1. His courses will Work on your mindset. You will acquire an entrepreneurial mindset through learning from his courses.
  2. Provide you a broad overview of your online business with a great breakdown of overall cashflow.
  3. Siddharth Rajsekar is a good marketer with high energy levels, and he can make you a good salesman for sure.
  4. You will know all the Essential online tools and systems you ever need to thrive in online business
  5. A good community and regular city-wise meet-ups all over India. Recently, he started conducting an awesome annual offline event called “Freedom Business Intensive”, where successful members are being awarded.
  6. Weekly webinars for paid members of the community. It is an awesome commitment by Siddharth Rajsekar for his community.
  7. An ideal mentor for his “ideal customers” mentioned in the earlier section. He truly values his community called “Internet Lifestyle Hub” or ILH, as his own family. And, he regularly comes up with NEW progressive updates for the community members


  1. Expensive courses and not ideal for beginners. If you are an absolute newbie, you must avoid taking up Siddharth Rajsekar courses.
  2. You will not learn the basic online skills such as blogging, Google Analytics, SEO, etc. And, these are essential topics to know when you start off your website.
  3. Upsells. After Level-1 you MUST take Level-2, otherwise, there is no point being in his coaching system. And, in Level-2 you have to purchase a new tool in each module.

My opinion about Siddharth Rajsekar

See, I like Siddharth Rajsekar and many people do but I strongly value ‘Fundamentals’. Whatever you start, you have to have your fundamentals strong. While I was doing Engineering I was gaining advanced knowledge about advanced stuff but once I landed into a job, only KEY fundamentals mattered the most.

So, once you have your own website you must learn the fundamentals of WordPress, SEO, Google Analytics, Search Console, learning to generate organic traffic, Social Media Marketing, and so on. You won’t learn any of these fundamentals in the Siddharth Rajsekar coaching system. In his system, after purchasing your website, you just start selling your courses. And, look at his own website!! It draws a lot of organic traffic through his powerful blog posts and podcasts.

In short, he is teaching what is working for HIM “financially” and accordingly he is modifying his courses. Anyways, I have clearly mentioned the criteria on when you should consider buying his courses. If you choose him consciously you will never regret later.

As for me, I sincerely value his blog posts, podcasts, Youtube videos, and his success mindset, they are GOLD. But I’m NOT a big fan of his courses. Why? Because, I’m not his ideal customer, as I didn’t even have Rs.1Lacs to invest when I joined his coaching group. So, I have consciously chosen to start SMALL.

Alternatives to Siddharth Rajsekar coaching system

If you fall under his ideal audience, then look no further and go for Siddharth Rajsekar and he will guide you in the best ways possible.

But if you are not his ideal audience, means if you’re an absolute beginner, student or currently unemployed, then you can start small by considering any of the 2 alternatives mentioned below:

1. Digital Deepak coaching system

Deepak Kanakaraju or Digital Deepak has created all the fundamental courses you ever need to succeed online, starting from scratch. I would highly recommend his “Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle”, here you will learn all the key fundamental concepts that you are supposed to know at the beginning. You can even get a job or Freelancing projects learning from his various courses. And, the cost of his course is super cheap. Just go for it, if you want to learn from an Indian mentor.

However, if you are ok with outside platforms, then consider taking up my second alternative recommendation.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Platform is more than 15 years in existence so far. Highly recommended and an ideal platform for beginners and all those who want to start small. If you want to grow your website with organic traffic step-by-step by learning all the key fundamentals, then you must choose the Wealthy Affiliate platform. In case, you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start your journey step-by-step. Here you can get started for FREE, and later on, you can pay a monthly amount to access its premium features. For more details, read this post on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India with ZERO Investment. Also, you may want to learn about why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for Indian Entrepreneurs.

From both of the above alternatives, it may take time to succeed but you will get job offers or freelancing opportunities to ensure a steady flow of income while you keep building up your rock-solid online or affiliate business. Also, you can read this detailed post on the best way to learn Digital Marketing.

There are more options but above 2 are the most trustworthy and you will never regret putting your money in any of these 2 options to grow yourself as an online entrepreneur.


Do you think I have written a negative review of Siddharth Rajsekar?

Absolutely NOT. You can see 7 Pros and just 3 cons!

I have just given you a Heads-Up whether you should consider taking up his courses or not! And, also I have revealed the essential secrets that you must know before joining his community called “Internet Lifestyle Hub”.

I understand that you may want to know the greater details of Siddharth Rajsekar courses but please understand that it’s not about courses, it’s ALL about LEVELS that matters most in his coaching system whether you are in Level 1,2, or 3!! And, Level-2 is an absolute must otherwise there is no point being in his community!

Let me know in the comment section if you have any further queries on Siddharth Rajsekar. My ONLY advice to you is, if you fulfill all the 4 criteria of being his ideal customer, then look no further and join his community super quick.

But if you don’t fulfill the criteria of being his ideal customer, then go for anyone or both alternatives that I have provided in the previous section. They both are inexpensive and best suitable for any beginner. All the suitable links are provided for your reference to learn more about them.

If you want to share your own experience with Siddharth Rajsekar, please go ahead and share it in the comment section.

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