Secrets of Inner Power Review: T Harv Eker Program

The Secret of Inner Power could be the game-changer program for anybody. It took this program at the lowest point in my life when I actually felt that I have hit rock-bottom and there is no way out. But there is always HOPE.

In this post, I’m going to discuss my favorite program, which has significantly changed my thinking patterns and attitude. This particular program is my constant companion whenever I feel down or discouraged. I will talk about my specific result later in this article.

Now, I am revealing to you how I ended up purchasing this course and what actually you need to know before you purchase the ‘Secrets of Inner Power Program” by Harv Eker.

Skepticism before purchasing the Secret of Inner Power Program

When I started off, I attended Harv Eker’s webinar called “Don’t believe a thought you think” and read his detailed sales letter. But you know initially, we all are skeptical before making a final purchase. It is true that Harv Eker gives 45-Day Full refund assistance. But I’m not the kind of person who makes a purchase and asks for a refund later! But of course, I wanted to know about this program more and more, especially from the random people, who are not highlighted in the advertisement. Also, I was eager to get a sneak-peek of the modules and it’s content.

But I didn’t get any such information back then. My only assistance was my trust in Harv Eker and the lifetime validity of this program. Through this article, you will have a better insight into the Secrets of Inner Power program. Let’s get started.

Program Dashboard

As you can see “Warrior Points”, is a new feature in Inner Power 2.0. Each module explores and develops a different trait of a Warrior. After completing each module you will be awarded by a “Warrior Badge” and 50 Warrior Points. I’ve received 350 Warrior Points after completing all 7 modules. Through this, I am continuously being reminded of my learning, that I have mastered this particular warrior trait, earned a badge, and 50 Warrior Points. It may be an insignificant task for few people but for me earning Warrior Points and a Warrior badge matters a lot.

In case, if I have any doubt in understanding any concept or I want to discuss my learning with others, they have a very active private Facebook Group. In this group, they launch great offers for there inner members. For any sort of technical support, they have the ‘Help’ tab at the top, and their customer support is fantastic.

Now, let’s get a sneak peek into the module. You can refer to the official sales letter by clicking here. However, I’ll tell you my perspective on the course content and a sneak peek into it.

Secrets of Inner Power Modules: A Sneak Peek

I am not going to give you the details of each module. But surely, I’ll provide you enough detail of how it actually works in our subconscious brain. The first module of the course talks about identifying our false self — disidentify from it — discover and live in our true self. A powerful description of our mind. Lessons are arranged like this:

So, in the first module, after dealing with the false self, fear, and weakness, we will discover our true selves and recognize our inner warrior. After gaining this initial insight, we move toward Module 2.

Module 2 talks about the “Power of Unconditional Action”. There is no warrior who doesn’t take action. In fact, warriors are known for there massive actions. Let’s have a look what’s inside of it:

As you notice that the powerful content of Module 2 is self-explanatory. This Module train our brain in amazing ways to take action, in spite of ANYTHING holding us back! If you believe that you need to take massive action but still confused on HOW! Go through this module. It will teach you the sharp techniques to take massive actions and you will be surprised by the results if you keep this learning deep inside of you. Don’t skip the quiz and reflection exercises of any module, they are absolutely compulsory.

While I was going through this Module, I pushed myself to take massive actions. But there were inner programming that was holding me back to take massive action. I tried a lot but the result was not as expected. And, I was surprised when the new Module -3 was unlocked. It was all about MINDFRICK or the mental programming which is holding us back. I listened to this session multiple times, until the point I get confidence. I couldn’t hold myself back in sharing its sneak peek, have a look:

Identifying and getting past your Mindfrick is all you need to achieve your goals and live life in the way you want.


With this information, be ready to take off with the rest of the Modules. But, at this point, I have an important suggestion for you. This course will teach you to take massive action. Why not at this point, let’s create our strong financial foundation. T Harv Eker’s best-selling book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” will guide you in making a daring financial goal and achieving them. So, invest a few bucks to enhance your financial future. We can act as a true warrior if we have clearly defined the target.

So click the image below to get this book and define your financial target, as you powerfully move ahead with the “Secrets of Inner Power” course.

I believe this is all you want to start your NEW LIFE with your new ideas or initiatives, no matter in which stage you are in right now. This book powerfully decodes 17 secrets to achieve a life of abundance and prosperity. This process helped me massively.

Now, let’s get into the remaining module. I’ll not spill the beans anymore but by now you should be able to figure out how this course is hand-holding and guiding you towards the path of true WARRIOR!

Still, let’s get the required summary of the remaining modules to make an informed decision.

After discussing Mindfrick, Harv Eker will power you up with 16 different ways!!

More often, even after accessing our power we end-up taking things for granted. Therefore, Module 5 will teach you on “How to be accountable to yourself”.

Taking responsibility for ourselves and being 100% accountable required dedicating practice, not everyone can do it. After learning them, we have in Module-6, the POWER OF OUR WORDS. Harv Eker says, our word is the Law, how often we end up speaking rubbish. After Module-6, this pattern of speaking mindless and rubbish vanishes, if learns the principle thoroughly.

After learning the essential trait of “Integrity”. A warrior doesn’t work to please everyone, he works on his mission and higher purpose. In Module-7, there is a lesson on “Self-Approval”, it sounds so simple. But, this trait I found the most difficult to develop in the real world. How often we talk and act merely to please others, but this is not a trait of a person, who lives with a mission. After, this Module, I have discovered that how in simple stuff there lies enormous Wisdom.

After finishing these power-packed modules, now it’s the time of implementing it in our character. Set up your own strategy to absorb this content to the core of the heart. I practice by listening to it daily.

Now, it’s all about content, let’s now have a look at honest pros or cons associated with this program.

Secrets of Inner Power Program: Pros and Cons


  1. This program will teach your mind how to think and take massive actions.
  2. Constant lifelong motivation, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.
  3. Zero Risk, 45-long Days Money back guarantee.
  4. An absolute must for new Entrepreneurs and Business owners.
  5. Lessons taught by the world-renowned mentor of wealth, T. Harv Eker.
  6. Excellent Customer support.
  7. The positive vibes that you acquire from this course would be very valuable to your family, friends, and your neighborhood, as well. 🙂
  8. One month free access to Harv Eker’s most reputed membership program “The Rich Life Club”.


1. It is an audio recording of a live event. Some people don’t like to listen to recordings.

2. A bit expensive for some. As its cost is $395.

3. Tough for impatient people. As there is a feature of weekly unlock of the module. But of course, you can ask for complete unlock, if you need to go fast. Still, a slow pace is more effective.

In my opinion, this program is an absolute must. Purchase this program keep doing your worksheets and workbook provided with this program. It opens up the gateway to higher achievement.

Now coming to what are the results I got after gaining knowledge from this course.

Results I have experienced from Secrets of Inner Power Program

1. I am now aware of my own mind, I can differentiate the voice of my mind and my higher self and take action accordingly.

2. Already started working on new projects without any old patterns weakness or procrastination.

3. My relationship with my family and friends has improved significantly.

4. Renewed learning habits and speed of implementation.

5. I believe, the biggest education of all time is “Knowing Yourself”. And, after doing this course, there is no chance of living life like a wandering generality. Now, I have a mission and purpose to jump out of the bed each morning. And, the list goes on.

I know which module to open up based on the tough situation or fear that happens in life. Lifetime access to the Secrets of Inner Power Program makes life easy.

My final thoughts and Conclusion

The Secret of Inner Power program will train your mind in the best way possible and if entrepreneurship is your end goal, then you must go through this program repeatedly. Because you might know that your business or wealth will grow to an extent you grow. And, our growth largely depends on our thoughts. We can not grow with our old mental patterns or old programming.

Secrets of Inner Power Program works in simple, slow, and yet effective ways. This program has significantly changed my perception and learning habits. Whenever I struggle with Focus, I simply look at the image of my accomplishment below and do a small declaration: “I focus, I focus, I focus” and I become naturally filled with energy to take massive action.


Even after having such a wonderful experience with this program, still, I dared to list 3 Cons to the list because I strongly believe that it is NOT for everyone. This program works only to those, who are committed to change and are somehow dissatisfied with the way they live or think. Victims always have a reason to live in their small comfort zone, they don’t want to change and they don’t believe they can change.

This program is for you, if you are committed to change, NO MATTER WHAT! Also, if your goals are somehow associated with money, don’t forget to get the Bible of Wealth: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

All the very best!

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave it in the comment section below, I will be glad to answer you.

Akshay Saxena

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  1. This is a thorough review of inner power. Actually I have never heard of this program not until I read this article and I see this program is what I need in my journey of entrepreneurship . This  article is a must read for everyone in the journey of entrepreneurship and I will take it upon myself to rebroadcast. Thanks for sharing this information and educative post.

    • Since now you have heard about it. Consider to invest in it, it’s your lifetime investment. Glad that you found this review useful.

  2. Hi there. This is really amazing. Firstly, I love the introduction of this post because it gave a clear idea about myself because I am always eager to learn. I really like the way this INNER POWER is structured. when I first saw this, my thought about it was totally different. I have always loved something that will help trained my mind. This is an absolutely wonderful way to kick start my entrepreneur career.  Thanks for this info

  3. This is a fascinating recommendation. It’s always good to have that extra kick to keep you moving in the right direction, and it seems like this is one of those programs that accomplishes exactly that. Would you say that this is good for someone who has problems coming out of their shell? It’s so important to be social these days, and I think that’s an area that can always be improved.

    I also love that this is split into modules. That helps people like me who need to take a break every now and again by offering a solid stopping point.

    • I’m glad that you find it useful. This program will give you a strong purpose and vision of your life. It is a true lifetime investment in yourself.

  4. I really feel great reading everything in this article and your experience with secrets of inner power how it has helped you.

    What I see in this each of the modules in the program as a step to be taken one after the other and I’m interested in everything the secret of the inner power is all about, all I see here is just a preview on what to expect in it.

    • Yes, this is all you need to know before you make your final purchase. So go ahead and purchase this program. It will be your lifelong investment in yourself.

  5. Secrets of Inner Power Program by Harv Eker I have heard of it many times but never took the time to look into this. I have read his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and I do highly recommend it! The man knows what he is talking about.As for the program I like the warrior points and badges which gives you a sense of accomplishment. The program for me is a bit pricey right now. Is there any payment options or is it a lump sum payment?

    • Thanks for your feedback, Cathy. You can also pay the amount in two installments at $199 for 2 months or $395 as a one-time payment. It’s bit expensive I do agree, but it totally worth it. A true lifetime investment.

  6. Everyone needs inner power even those who think they know it all. Life is not too easy and there are situations of life that may tend to pull you down and even trying to make you give up on your hustles and goals. This is such a time I can need the inner power to keep moving though I don’t pray for ugly and unfair situations. The reality of life is that life is not an easy road.

    A lot of people wants to be great but they lose focus because of the distractions on the way as a result of challenges, they tend to give up on themselves and forgetting their long term goals. Many are in this category and they all need this inner power. Thanks a lot for this eye-opening review.

  7. Thank you, Akshay, for sharing your review on the Secrets of Inner Power Program. By Harv Eker. It sounds like a good program. It took me a good minute to get through it. I have said for years, that we have to train our minds to get out of the negative way of thinking. Too often we allow our environment to get under our skins.>>Secrets of Inner Power would be a great training tool for someone who is always getting stuck in their inner thoughts. Some times people get mad and let the anger take them away from reality. Also, Harv Eker programs seem like they help you to get to know yourself. It helps you to really discover who you are and how to handle life’s problems when they arrive.

    Is it all on audio, any books or video?

    • Thanks for your time giving your review. Yes, there are videos of the modules inside the program, but you can see only slides along with the recording of a live event. There’s a workbook which is based on the course content. 

      If we are really committed to change ourselves, I think it doesn’t matter whether it’s a recording or video or anything else. Only the content and trust in our mentor matters.

  8. Hi there, this is an excellent and wonderful review on ‘Secrets of Inner Power Program” by Harv Eker., this is actually my very first time of reading and knowing about the book. And I must sincerely say I found it really interesting and am taking upon myself to get one, what I found interesting mostly is the warriors points and the warriors badge to be received after each module. Though the price is somehow high now, but I think it’s worth it. Thanks for this information 

  9. I have not heard of an inner secret before either about the author. But I have gone through this article will say I would love to learn more on the secret of inner power and the way it will help me unlock my full potential and be better in that what I do definitely a must read article.

  10. Thanks for this review. I have heard a lot about the program but hearing it from your point of view has made me realise it is really a great program and will be highly beneficial for me. I am a new entrepreneur and having the right mindset will go a long way in assisting you. Thanks for this insight. I am surely signing up for it

  11. I am subscribed to T. Harv Eker’s email list and I receive some of his material on a regular basis.  However, I have not tried this Inner power program yet.  With this very in-depth review, I now have the necessary information to take a decision in the right direction, and I will definitely take the plunge as soon as I can.  I am certain that with a little patience I will be able to change my mindset for the better like you were able to do.  Mindset is the starting point of anyone who wants to be successful.  And I know for a fact from past experience with his programs that T. Harv Eker is capable of communicating his methods in an efficient manner.  Thank you for taking the time to write such a great and elaborate review!

  12. Wow…… This is a mind-blowing article which actually made my day. All I can see in this review is about training our mind to think in a positive direction and the power of our word. The modules in this article explain the secret of inner power. Our mind is our greatest asset. In spite of what’s holding us back, Our action will determine what we will become 

    I would love to get this program but the price isn’t friendly, as of now. Thank you for this informative article. 

    • This is a T Harv Eker’s best-selling program. Any amount invested in this program worth its value. If you read the book along with this program, you will get an added benefit. Please note, program and book are different.

  13. Hello Akshay,

    Thank you, for sharing your article on the Secrets of Inner Power Program By Harv Eker. This is really amazing. It sounds like a good program. It took me some time to get through it. I love the introduction of this post because it gave a clear idea about what i always eager to learn. I really feel great reading everything in this article and your experience with secrets of inner power how it has helped you.

    • This is the most detailed review you will find on the internet. Because I feel if you’re spending too much, better get a clear idea before final purchase.

  14. Impressive! Thanks for the post. Sincerely, I seem not to have heard about this program before. But through your review on T HARV EKER PROGRAM, I now get the whole concept of the Secrets Of Inner Power program that its laser targeted at anyone who just knows that they’re capable of more. More in their personal life, more in their professional life and that covers pretty much any area of their life that they’re struggling with. I learned that the program eventually produces the required results, after several modules of course in audio recording format. I do like to test it out as I am having some relationship problems with my family and friends, thinking if the program can be of help. Actually, I don’t really like only audio recording, pls admin, do they have a free trial as the program is a little bit expensive?

    • Thanks for your comment. For more detail, you can hit a message in the contact us page on this website, I’ll be glad to help. Yes, it is expensive, but it worth the price. Thankfully, it is available as a recording. Otherwise attending Live events might have consumes a lot of time and $10,000s of the amount. So keep saving and get this program may be in 2 installments of $199 p.m.

      Best Wishes


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