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Hello Friends,

I welcome you to my blog.

In this post, I will give you an overview of what this website is all about and how my blogs may be useful to you in your entrepreneurial journey! Also, I’ll tell you briefly about myself and my e-steps towards online entrepreneurship.

So, let’s get started…

My name is Akshay Saxena, born in a small town of Haldwani and brought up in Chennai, India. My parents were very passionate to provide me the best education they possibly could. So, my formal education started from LKG and went all the way until the Masters of Technology (M.Tech.) in Aerospace Engineering.

I had a deeply rooted belief that higher education is a sign of a good reputation. So I was preparing myself to start my Ph.D. However, during this process, 3-stages turning points happened.

Turning Point in 3-Stages

1. Awareness about me living ‘mediocre life’

While I was in college, I used to spend most of my time in the Library and Internet Cafe. Norman Vincent Peale, Joel Osteen, and Joyce Meyer authored some of my favorite books. And, Bible was the book I used to read every single year during my college time.

Through Bible reading, I get to know the new definition of Life, Spirit, and Victory. I became 100% sure that I’ve been living a deeply mediocre life. And, if I continue living this way I will die poor, no doubt! Educated poor, you know. It has become today’s trend.

I wanted to come out of that mediocre life, but I had absolutely no other alternate idea. I started drilling into the books to find my life’s purpose. People used to think I’ve been preparing for my Ph.D. research. But honestly, life was not making ANY sense to me.

When you read books like Bible or any other motivational book, you will find peace and you will get inspired; but does that peace and inspiration is enough if I do nothing with it in my life?


2. Willingness to Renew my Mind

So, I was searching for what I might do to renew my mind. As the Bible talks a lot about the renewal of mind! I was in a kind of shock that even though I have such good habits of reading, writing, learning new kinds of stuff, progressing ahead in my area of interest, loving my family; still I’m earning too little!!

I studied what I was doing wrong, and I figured out this 3-fold process happened because of my formal education.

“Old Mental Programming,”, “Ego,” and “Self Satisfaction”.

Result of my Formal Education

Old Mental programming had an old playlist which plays the songs like, “go get higher degrees such as PhD, bachelors of engineering and masters of engineering is GREAT, PostDoc is amazing,” “Go to IITs, IIMs,” “crack the toughest exam,” “Be number one in your class, wherever you study,” “Get highest paying job,” or “get a government job where you never need to worry about your post-retirement life!”

But now I believe this way of life is super static, unintelligent and lethargic. Where we just work for “Self-Satisfaction”.

Prolonged self-satisfaction develops an ego. Therefore, formal education systems caused these 3-patterns to run my life. The self-satisfaction stage keeps us in mediocrity while forming an unshakeable ego.


3. Finally, I start getting answers

One fine morning, I was reading a newspaper, and I saw an ad of Millionaire Mind Intensive(MMI) Event. I was wondering what they will talk about money for 3 long days?? I can’t even speak about money for 3 minutes!! I figured out clearly that this event is for me. I registered and attended that 3-days intensive event.

After attending that event, I felt that my mind had stretched a bit. I learned many new things that I never even thought of before. Also, I met some new people in that event; particularly I met a guy who has been into an online business, his name is Siddharth Rajsekar, he was working as a crew member in that event back then. But I almost forgot about him after that event.

Almost 6 months after attending MMI event, I searched for Siddharth Rajsekar in google and found that he has created an online coaching group for us, known as “Internet Lifestyle Hub”. I paid a small amount and joined that group because I knew that the Internet is something which I’m comfortable with and can surely do something. Since Siddharth was also the Harv Eker student, I can resonate well with his thoughts. I’ll write his review separately in another post.

I started reading more and more books on success and wealth, added new authors, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Harv Eker, Napoleon Hill and many more. My old life stopped making any sense.

The most important thing happened after this turning point stage my Self Education Process begun formally. I am describing my Self Education Process in the next section.

My Self Education Process

After my formal education, my self-education started totally based on my life experiences and learning along the way. And, this was my sequence:

Self Learning Process

It started with the Love of God (LOG) through my earlier habit of Bible reading. Then Love of Life (LOL) happened, where I had no complaint about my problems or challenges in my Life, Life has become a precious gift to me.

Then Finally LLB, which is Love of Living Being, happened. I’m introvert and I avoid people but a bigger successful life demands Love for people. Thankfully, we have internet now where I can connect to the masses.

I’ve been living away from my parents ever since I’ve completed my 12th
grade and I’m well connected to them through phone and internet.

If I can connect with my family living far away, using technology, then I can literally connect with anybody whomever I want to connect by making use of the same technology!

Yes or yes!! 🙂

But making people trust you or trusting other people is a difficult job, especially for introverts. But I am sure that every living being has a love element in them, no matter how bad they may be. So, I’m motivated to reach out to people.

And I truly appreciate you for building up your trust in me.

What can you expect to get from this blog?

Well, before I answer this question, let me give you my NEW introduction fist.

My name is Akshay.

I am a CONTENT Engineer…

I have a passion for living internet-life with digital purpose, digital prosperity, and digital joy

And I’m a GOD Lover. 🙂

Though I hold an Indian passport but being in an online space, the entire world is my home. And yours too:)

So, you will get the answers to the following questions in my upcoming posts with my 100% pure personal experience:

– How to create powerful content and convertible copies using expert strategies

– How to ‘actually’ reprogram your mind for success in every area of your life?

– How to take the right steps to win the game of wealth and prosperity?

– What are the trusted platforms that can help you grow as an online entrepreneur? I’ll list many platforms, hiding no information.

I am a firm believer that if you are an online entrepreneur, then you must learn Content Creation and become a master of Content Marketing.

Content is created by words, which is read by many people across the planet. Words build trust, if your words are trustworthy, it will be beneficial to many. And, if it is beneficial, then congratulations, you have just helped somebody.

If you have a look at my earlier posts in this very blog, you find that I flunked in creating good content but it was the huge learning curve as well (and, I’ve not edited them till now). Now I am getting great experience in creating content every single day, so I can pursue my LLB stage of Self-Education.

So, through my blog and upcoming courses, you will learn powerful lessons on Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Online Entrepreneurship.

My focus is to help you create and publish POWERFUL Content on your website, which stands out of the crowd.

You can connect with me personally by joining my private Facebook group.

I will see you inside.

If you can relate your life story with my journey and have any more queries, you can drop them in the comment below. Also, you can share your entrepreneurial journey briefly in the comment section.

I will share more valuable posts in the upcoming days.

Stay Tuned.

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