Millionaire Mind Intensive: MMI Review

Millionaire Mind Intensive is a 3-day intensive event by Harv Eker. It can be a game-changer for all those who learn from it with the right spirit. Before attending this event, I had many doubts in my mind, such as:

– What I will be doing for 3-long days!
– Is it a tripwire for any upsells!!
– Is it really for me!!
and so on. I researched this program all over the internet to know about the content to be covered, but I found very little information, the only thing I knew was that they are going to talk about MONEY.

I asked myself a simple question: “Can I talk about wealth for 3-long Days?”
The answer was, of course, NO. Then I decided to learn from this event with full dedication for 3-Days.

I am writing this review to give you a clear-cut idea of what to expect from this 3-Day Event. This is all you need to know if you are planning to attend it for the first time.

Pre-Requisites to attend MMI for the best experience:

Before attending the event, please do 2-Pre-Workshop Assessments:
I. Read the T. Harv Eker’s bestselling book: “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.

II. Answer the below 3 questions:
1. What are the 3 specific changes would you like to see in your life as a result of your experiences at MMI?
2. What will your life be like when these changes take place?
3. What are you willing to give (or give up) for achieving your goals?

III. If possible, attend the FREE 2-hour event called the Millionaire Mind Experience (MME).

This event usually happens a couple of months before MMI. There you will get a good deal in MMI tickets and a brief overview of the MMI Event.
These events are conducted by Success Resources, or Success Gyan (in India). They run various ads in local newspapers and on the internet towards the registration for MME and MMI.

What to expect in 3-Days of MMI

Briefly stating, this is what you will experience in 3-Days. I’ll provide detailed content (without spilling beans) in the next section.

Millionaire Mind Intensive: Digging into the Content!

Now, let’s dig deeper into the content, without getting into the details of live demonstrations and activities that are used to explain the wisdom of wealth. I have defined the content in 12 parts. Read on.

MMI Event
MMI Event Starting-off. Count-down begins.

The event starts with a brief questionnaire to define your perception of (i) Money, (ii) Wealth, and (iii) Rich Peoples.
Then they will give you 72 different thoughts, where you have to score yourself on a scale of 1-10. Which ultimately defines your belief system around wealth or your current financial life.

After this introductory step, you will learn below topics in greater detail, with wonderful demonstrations:

1. What does it take to win the Money Game?

Here you will explore various streams of passive income and the true meaning of Financial Freedom.

2. Effective Money Management Method.

It’s a proven fact that Rich people have great money management habits. The powerful Money management system is demonstrated with an activity. Money management for Employees, Business Owners, Couples, and Children are very well explained.

3. Explanation of Wealth Rules and digging deeper into your habits to modify your financial blueprint.

Here you will get to learn some new habits to implement every single day, along with 2 sets of declarations:
(i) The attitude of Wealth: Winning the Money Game; and
(ii) The attitude of Wealth: Winning the Mind Game.
You will get them in colored sheets, as well as in a pocket-sized laminated card.

4. Activity to understand your attachment with Money

This activity will literally reveal your relationship with money. After the activity, there will be a powerful lesson on how to set things in order. Attend MMI and participate in this activity. All the best 🙂

5. How to change your belief structure

You will learn 3 steps to change the belief structure. After this understanding people automatically feel pumped-up, refreshed, and much hopeful to explore greater territories.

6. Discrediting negative beliefs and Identifying new references.

Before coming to this event we have long decades of programming, which runs our thought patterns. Idea is to reconstruct it, through a new reference and VAKS Exercise, that you will learn in the event.

7. Defining your purpose for money.

Doing this exercise itself will give you an impression of your life’s purpose. Attend the event 100% without distraction by any co-member or your friend or family member. Do this exercise wisely. It will teach you what does it ultimately take to make money!!

8. The attitude of receiving Money.

Most people don’t feel worthy to earn more money. There are some powerful declarations and activities to enhance your receiving attribute.

9. Defining your money personality.

There are 4 different types of money personalities: (i) Spender, (ii) Saver, (iii) Avoider, and (iv) Monk (Priest). There will be a powerful activity on these personalities and there will be lessons for each one.

10. How do your emotions and past life affects your financial life?

Sunday is my Spiritual day. This exercise happens on Sunday and it is very Spiritual in nature. While doing this exercise you actually put a question mark in some of your daily life activities, which you might be unaware of.

11. Activity on Acknowledging success.

Everyone has received some small successes in their lives. This activity is a kind of celebration after getting past your unnoticed emotions and actions based on the previous exercise. The attitude of gratitude is great among all. You will experience this in the event, in better ways.

12. Power of Action and its effect on your financial life.

Nothing happens unless we take ACTION. After learning from this event, you will surely get enlightened with new strategies and actions that you are going to implement. At the end of the event, you have to write 3 specific actions that you will take after all your 3-Days of learnings.

Again you will go back to the questionnaire and you have to re-score yourself on the 72 different thoughts that were introduced at the beginning of the event. Many patterns will change and score will improve for everyone, in this event.

Any Limitations for this event?

There is ABSOLUTELY NO limitation of this event. It is an absolute MUST for everyone because everybody has to deal with money in their lives.

Just commit to attend this event with an open mind and trust your mentor.

Harv Eker has achieved great financial success and is well capable of teaching the topic of Wealth, and everything associated with wealth such as business, marketing, spirituality, teaching, public speaking, and so on. There are thousands of success stories worldwide from his events.

What are the Upsells at MMI?

They are optional. They are for you, only if you fulfill any one of the below criteria:

1. You are a business owner or in the process of becoming the one.
2. You are a trainer or a public speaker or want to become a public speaker in the near future.
3. You want to live an Unstoppable life, like a warrior…

You will find the details of all Harv Eker’s program around the world, in the brochure provided at the MMI Event. Also, it will be updated at the Success Gyan website for events in India and Success Resources website for events around the world.

Top 3 (upsell) products are:

1. Guerilla Business Intensive (3-Day Intensive Event) for Business owners or aspiring to be a business owner.
2. Train the Trainer, 3-Day Intensive Event for aspiring Public Speakers.
3. Enlightened Warrior Power, another 3-Day intensive to live an unstoppable life like a warrior.

All the program is packaged under one umbrella called “QUANTUM LEAP”. You can purchase any individual program or a complete set, that is, Quantum Leap.

Quantum Leap is highly recommended. Why? Because it teaches you the Life-Skills from internationally renowned experts.

Can’t Afford Quantum Leap?

If you cannot afford the live events NOW, then consider taking his online courses. Similar to quantum leap there is an online Program called EVEREST. It is a very organized program for maximum achievement in all areas of life. I have written a review of the Secrets of Inner Power Program, the Everest program start with this course. And, other courses get started after one gets done. So, if you can’t afford Quantum Leap, I highly recommend you to take up the EVEREST PROGRAM.

Everest program is comparatively much cheaper than Quantum Leap Event. I’ll write a detailed review of the Everest Program, once I finish it.

How my life has changed after MMI?

Many people ask me this question whenever I recommend MMI to anyone.

And, I tell them that it is more about “Unlearning” whatever is being learned unconsciously about money and the approach to living life.

Things get processed in the brain layer-by-layer. Below is the list of 5 key takeaways I’d like to share:

  1. Ways to create more money
  2. Ways to manage money
  3. Regular habits and discipline which supports Wealth
  4. The joy of Lifelong learning
  5. Moving ahead 1 step at a time

I am feeling compelled to write a description of everything listed above. But, I’ll create a separate post giving the greater details of each point.

The only thing I want to discuss in this post is the very first point on the ways of creating money. There were many things taught in the event to create more money, I researched them all and found that Affiliate Marketing is the easiest and the best way to start creating passive income.

Now, the question was where to learn Affiliate Marketing? Which one is the most trusted platform where I can master this skill? After around a year-long search and making up my mind to take action, I found an awesome platform called Wealthy Affiliate. This platform helped me to earn passive online income.

Before attending MMI, I didn’t even know what is passive income? After attending MMI, the mind has shifted in such a way that 1 passive income stream is already started coming in. Now working on more passive streams.

Therefore, you must attend MMI for your financial success. And, if you are interested in Affiliate Marketing business, then look no further, just click the link on the right side and join the FREE trial of Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Once you start liking its FREE trial, then you may invest to access all the premium features of Wealthy Affiliate. For more details, you can read this post on why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for you to create passive income.

MMI Event is very close to me and it has opened up 100s of options for me to learn, which I never even assumed before. The reason why I promote my Alma-Mater Wealthy Affiliate Platform in MMI Review is that I would never have trusted any such platform otherwise. Now I know how to validate the genuine works and the scams!!

So, I hope it is OK with you if I write about some genuine product which helped me to progress financially.


Millionaire Mind Intensive is a COMPULSORY event to attend for all human beings. It is optional only for those, who don’t have to deal with money in this world. However, attending the Quantum Leap is purely optional.
Millionaire Mind Intensive is a highly educational and adopts wonderful teaching methodology. Tony Robbins says: “Attend Harv’s event as if your life depends on it, financially it may…”. It’s so true.
If you are skeptical, please do the pre-workshop assessment and read the insights given in this post. But, once you are there, be present 100%.
-participate in every activity 100%.
-Take 3 high currency notes (INR 500, or 2000, if you’re in India) for activity on Day-2.
-You will be allotted a partner for discussions during many activities. Keep your conversations private.
-Be on time every day.
-Don’t ever miss any smallest session, in these 3-Days. Remember, your financial life will be highly dependent on the learning you may acquire from this event.
-At the end of the event, you will receive a powerful 90-Days Wealth Conditioning Guide. Do it every day as your religious ritual.

All the very best for your upcoming event of Millionaire Mind Intensive. I wish you a great financial success through this event.


Akshay Saxena
eSTEP Affiliate

24 thoughts on “Millionaire Mind Intensive: MMI Review”

  1. Wow! This is just on point. I have been following Harv Eker for a long time now and I know his teachings works miracles. I only have not gotten an opportunity to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive but I would like to attend.  Do you have any information on where to attend them? Thank you so much. I am so excited after reading this information.

    • Yes, you can find the detailed information at Success Resources. Also, it will advertised in your local newspaper, if it’s happening in your city.

  2. I liked your review as it is very detailed and that you described your own experience. It’s true that I read T. Harv Eker’s book and really enjoyed it. But I’ve never attended a course of his. And as you put it very well, 3 days to talk about wealth which is a long-term concept is very short. However, I suppose that you get started in changing your mindset and your habits about money, and for this, this intensive course is better than Nothing. As for me, I think I’d rather take a “normal” course/seminary to digest the concepts properly. Good review by the way. Cheers.

    • Yes, You can take a normal course/seminary if your trainer is Financially Successful and globally renowned like Harv Eker. I believe that we learn from our mentor’s actions more than the content. Harv Eker’s result, his amazing energy is contagious. 

  3. A friend introduced me to T Harv Eker many years ago. She took me to one of his presentations which was most likely an introduction to his MMI and other training sessions. I may even have the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. 

    You can deduce that even though I had a copy I never finished reading it. Shame on me.

    When I saw your MMI review, I was very interested to learn more about this topic. I think you did a thorough job in explaining how T Harv Eker can have a profound impact in ones ability to rethink the role of money and do more to earn and keep it rather than not earn much and let money slip through our fingers as it were.

    I was fascinated by what was covered in the three day MMI course. Your twelve parts definition of the content was so well laid out. If I had read what you have here all those years back I would have taken the Three Day MMI course. 

    Thanks for writing this review about this program that addresses the topic of money head on through the mind of T Harv Eker.

    • Awesome Edwin. After reading this review, you definitely will have a powerful experience there at the main event. There you can use this review as your checklist.

  4. Hi Akshay,

    Nice post. After reading it did remember that I have heard of the Millionaire Mind Intensive program by Harv Eker before but never got around attending it as I was skeptical.

    But after going through your post I think its really worth it and I should be attending it next time when I get a chance. However, I am not sure how much does it cost to attend this 3-day event. Can you please let me know ?


    • Awesome. Please do attend. Pricing varies from country to country. That’s why I’ve not included it. You can check out more details at Success Resource website. Also, they have different levels of seatings. They all worth it.

  5. It looks like this is a program to help people become wealthier by improving their psychological relationship with money. There are probably a lot of people who are have the mental obstacles of seeing themselves as destined to be poor, not believing that it’s possible to become wealthy, or not being able to handle money very well when they have it. This program sounds like it would be good for them. It’s also good that they have online courses for people who aren’t able to go to the seminar.

  6. The workshop is definitely an eye opener. Thank you for helping us have an idea before hand. I particularly love the aspect of managing wealth. Many people know how to make money but can’t mange it hence they always tend to go broke after some. This is actually one secret of the rich. The rich sees profit made as money for making investment while the poor sees the same profit as money for consumption. Thank you for sharing this

  7. Hi. Thank you for bringing this millionaire mind intensive review to my attention. 

    I totally agree with the principles of what this program is seeking to do. To get your mind thinking like a wealthy person. Our mind is the starting point for all wealth creation. 

    I believe in personal growth and development so always like to keep an open mind when new information and a new way of looking at things are brought to my attention. 

    I will be looking at the e-course as I am not able to give up 3 days due to my current work commitments. 

    How long do you have to be practicing these principles before you feel a shift in your mindset?

    Great review and thank you for sharing this with me 

    Good luck 

    • Thanks, Matthew for your comment. I took me almost a year when I started feeling a shift in my mindset. Anyways, this shift is not a one-time event. It’s a gradual process. MMI puts me into learning Success and Wealth. No problem, if you cannot attend Quantum Leap. But don’t think twice before attending MMI event. 

      Best Wishes

  8. Thanks, Akshay, I hadn’t heard about this program until I stumbled across your blog. Sounds very detailed and comprehensive for the ultimate millionaire mindset – rightly so – Harv Eker has a wealth of experience. So I’m fascinated that you went to this intensive! Are they worldwide? I’m skeptical of most things I figure there is usually an upsell so it was really great to hear your truth around what would eventuate by day 3. Thank you so much – you shared a lot in this article. I appreciate it.

    • Thank you Karsha for your good comment. Yes, it’s a worldwide event. You can access updated information of all upcoming events from Success Resources.

  9. Great review! Very well written. Like how you introduced the topic and then listed all the pertinent details. Great outlay with day 1-3. Great way to list habits as they are very important given this topic. Purpose is very important, so great to delve into this reasons behind all of this. It sounds like an interesting thing going here. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Akshay!
    Thank-you for a thorough review.
    I do have a couple of questions.
    1)  What was the cost of this program?
    2)  What were your key takeaways?
    I think anything we can learn about money and money management is beneficial.
    However, I could use some more information to determine the value of this program.
    Do you think the value gained outweighed the cost?

    • Thanks for your comment. My biggest take away from this event is to develop my “Financial Blueprint” and understanding the Laws of Money.
      Cost of the event varies from country to country. You can get the latest detail and pricing of upcoming MMI event in your city from the website of Success Resources.

      Yes, I truly believe that the value gained from this event outweighs the cost. I attend this event every year in my city, so you can figure out 🙂

  11. Many years ago I read about about the secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Then about 3 years ago I did a full course under the Mind Valley series. I found it thorough, thought provoking and encouraging. The best thing was the formula for use of regular income, the percentages to allocate to different functions. I am still using the formula and it has really worked for me. I also have to remind myself how I used to think, and how I should think now. Good information.

    • I’ve given the review of MMI Event. If you have taken T. Harv Eker course from Mindvalley then definitely you might have heard of MMI Event during the course.

      Go and attend this event in your country. For more information regarding upcoming MMI Event visit Success Resources website.

  12. Interesting post. It took me a while to figure out you actually attend these events in person and it’s in India is that correct? Is there an online version of the course that a person can do? If so, this would be something I’d like to find out more about. Also, with the work book you refer to, is this available to download? Thanks Karen

    •  I never miss the MMI event in my city. Yes, I’ve attended in India but it is popular in all major countries around the world. The online version of the event and the workbook is available only when you attend the event. 

      Even I like online programs but this particular program has a lot of learning exercises, totally worth attending. I’ve given what all to expect at MMI, in my review.


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