Level UPs-Dive DOWNs to Create your Customer Avatar

This post is a part of my ultimate favorite and super exciting Digital Deepak Internship Program, Session-2!

Discovering Customer Avatar Level up Dive down

In this post, I am learning to create my Customer Avatar in 3 different levels of knowledge: Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3!

After attaining this knowledge, I will take action and go for deeper scuba diving in the ‘deepest ocean of my life’ to discover my ideal Customer Avatar!

Before I begin, let me first tell you how I am feeling right now!

Oh boy, I must tell you very honestly that the very thought of a “Customer Avatar” is a super awkward moment for me. This is something bouncing over my head and my mind is totally rejecting this idea!!

Anyways, WELCOME to the second class of Digital Deepak’s internship program. In the first class, I have learned and shared the 4-Marketing Pills of Digital Deepak, that was an amazing experience and also my post was listed among Top-20!! All good experience.

But the second class was not much amazing, it is an awkward experience!!

After getting the 2nd assignment, my mind was totally avoiding it, in the best way possible!!

Whenever I wanted to do this assignment, my mind was collecting all the good reasons why this assignment is useless for me. And, I was feeling super awkward like never before.

But this is one super important thing I learned in this session.

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning.

Then I have collected some facts, did research on why this concept is important for me to learn. And, thankfully in this process, I experienced a glimpse of enlightenment.

Now, I can confidently say that if there is no “Customer Avatar”, there is NO marketing at all.

I re-took the second session with a new mindset. Initial awkwardness was turned into a blessing in disguise.

Let me now briefly boil down, what did I learn in the class?

BTW, in the first class, I categorized and shared my learning in the form of metaphorical marketing pills. In this session, I am using LEVEL-UPS & DIVE-DOWNS, as I have felt different levels of the learning experience in this session. Then I’ll take deeper dives to take actions of this learning I am about to acquire and bring forth the important results.

So, let’s Level-UP and get started with Level-1!

LEVEL-1: Marketing is about Authenticity and GOOD Communication

Level 1 Customer Avatar

The stepping stone to arouse my curiosity to create my customer avatar is this fact:

Marketing is about a good conversation.

If you cannot converse well 1:1, it will be impossible for you to converse 1:many.

Now, let me ask you a question, “What score can you give to your conversation skill, out of 10?”

I started digging deeper into this “Conversation & Marketing” logic for all day and night after re-taking the second session. And, I was able to score myself just 2/10!!

Can you believe it?

No, I am not talking about my less score. I am talking about my unawareness of this essential skill called Communication. But thankfully I am learning now, now my target is to achieve a score of 10 by the end of this year 2020! Means, if only I can give myself a score of 10 by December 31st, 2020; meri aatma trapt hogi!! (my soul will be fulfilled!!)

Also, while learning more about this Communication aspect I landed into an amazing TED Talk by Julian Treasure, it is shown in this video:

I’ll create a separate blog post highlighting the key learning from this talk.

But apart from Marketing and Communication, I learned another aspect in this session and it is called “AUTHENTICITY”. It is also covered in TED talk. Actually, this is another factor, which I heard about like everyone does but never really questioned my own authenticity.

BTW, I know it is hard but how much score can you give yourself on Authenticity, on a scale of 1-10?

I gave myself 7, then reduced to 6; so mine is somewhere between 6 and 7!!

Though I am a bit disappointed about these self-evaluation scores BUT I learned and discovered something NEW!!

And, in the session, the definition of a good marketer is defined as “People with more life experience are better marketers, the one who learn new things all the time”.

So, even though I am scoring less in Communication and Authenticity, but I am learning it all the way and discovering new experiences every time. Therefore, I am in the way of becoming a good marketer, and it is making me glad.

Now, let’s move on to Level-2 and explore “Customer Avatar” a bit further.

LEVEL-2: Customer Avatar Survey LIVE!!

Level 2 Customer Avatar

I was amazed by the manner this Customer Avatar Survey was created and learned some key points, they are described below:

  • If everybody is your audience, then nobody is your audience.
  • Focus on CENTRE and not on the borders
  • Creating a survey form and conducting a LIVE Survey. And, based on the class survey result Digital Deepak took essential aspects and asked his Facebook community about the percentage it matches with their profile. Many people including me replied with 100%. Below is the snapshot of the Facebook survey, around 430 people replied. And, this is how Digital Deepak created his “Customer Avatar”.

Customer Avatar Live survey

This entire Live survey happens within a span of 10 minutes and it left me with a whole lot of background learning. It was my time to dig deeper into the Survey form regarding what questions are suitable to ask and also to discover my niche area, and find my right audience to whom I can provide my services.

Now what are my services and who is my ideal customer avatar, I will discuss all this separately when I actually create my Customer Avatar.

Now the question is what question should I ask to create my Customer Avatar.

All these insights form the Level-3 of learning about Customer Avatar. Now, let’s discuss all these insightful aspects of Level-3! And, then I’ll create my own customer Avatar, yayyJ

Level-3: KYC-Know Your Customer

Level-3 Customer Avatar

Banks collect some KEY documents for the purpose of KYC or Know Your Customer!

Similarly, now it’s our time to Know our customers by knowing some key information about them. We can collect the information in the following 2 verticals:

    1. Demographics: As the name suggests, traits such as age, sex, marital status, city of residence, education, etc. come under this category.
    1. Psychographics: These include deeper aspects of your customer’s psyche like their morals, goals, ambitions, weaknesses, hobbies, interests, etc.

At this point, I would like to thank Sanjay Shenoy, for providing this awesome resource to create a user persona in one of his courses and they cover both Demographic and Psychographic aspects. It collects customer’s information in 3 angles:

  • Personal Information
  • Professional Information; and
  • Other Information

And, I used his template to create my “Customer Avatar”, and found it very effective and interesting. The template is shown below:

Customer personal detail

Customer Professional Data

Customer Avatar Other Data

In the meantime, I also get to read an awesome book by Russel Brunson called Experts Secrets, I’m still reading it and it is like a cherry on the top of my learning CAKE! This book, along with the class learning helped me a lot in identifying my Customer Avatar.

LIGHT. CAMERA. ACTION. Let’s start Diving Down NOW!

Start Diving

Now after this 3-Level of focused learning about CUSTOMER AVATAR, I am feeling motivated to take some Deeper Dives in the ocean of opportunities.

In my FIRST deep dive, I will explore deeper into myself to KNOW MY NICHE. I will recollect and redefine all my thoughts and try my best to give some meaning to them.

Now, allow me to take my first deeper dive, it is going to be the nasty one but I’ll COME-UP soon with something interesting 🙂

First deeper Dive: Exploring my Interests to find my niche

Dive 1 Knowing the niche

So 2 years back, I was working as an Engineer but I was enthusiastic about learning new kinds of stuff and exploring new areas in life. Long story short, when I start figuring out my area of interest, I knew it has to be either one of the 2 or both of them, given below:

  • Finance and Investments
  • Aviation

I always believe that the knowledge of Finance and Investments is an absolute must for everyone living on this planet, nobody can live without money!

Still, schools and colleges are not talking about this essential aspect!! Especially engineering colleges have nothing to do with Finance world, seems like they are too superior to teach Finance!!

Anyway, I took a leap of faith and joined an Investment Company, leaving behind my Engineering job.

And, I am confident that I am working on my interest area. Even though I have not yet started my own business, but still I am nurturing myself in the area where I want to grow and which I truly believe. And, I love my work.

So I am an Intrapreneur in my niche on Finance and Investments!

And, because I did Aerospace Engineering, and I loved it. I knew that there is a lot of cool stuff in Aviation that people should know and Engineering job is all about working on some pathetic aspects in Aviation. So, in my free time, I write blog posts related to Aviation on a separate website, I still have to grow it by adding some cool aviation stuff.

I don’t know whether I should grow in both niches or any one of these. I will decide that as I move ahead in my journey in both of these. I will be consistent in both.

But as of now, my current major niche seems to be Finance and Investments. And, I am working as an ‘Intrapreneur’ in an Investment Company based in Chennai to feed my interest in the Finance world. Therefore, the Customer Avatar of my company will be MY Customer Avatar.

YAYY!!! I AM BACK… I AM BACK… after my first Deep Dive!!

Therefore, it is now fixed that my major niche area is “Finance & Investment”. But it is a very vast topic!!

I have to narrow it down and find a micro-niche, this exercise will be helpful for me to create my Customer Avatar! Do you agree?

I hope you said YES!

So, let’s get started with the second deeper Dive where I will explore the core needs of my company. I am a bit afraid of taking this second dive, but NO PROBLEM. I’ll be back soon 🙂 wish me the best 😉

Second Deeper Dive: Exploring my niche to find my micro-niche.

Customer Avatar Second Dive

So far, with my 1-year experience in this company, I have realized that we are creating a rigorous Financial Plan for our customers. In this plan, we are offering them the best investment plans for their retirements, education, marriage and other financial goals they might have. Also, we are suggesting top insurance plans customized with their family needs.

So the micro-niche is Financial Planning.

Now, I have realized that wise financial or investment planning works effectively with higher net-worth individuals.

I am getting a bit confused, so now let me collect 3 key features and qualities of our customers for the sake of creating an ‘ideal’ Customer Avatar. I list these key features below:

  • They have financial goals and they are truly focused on building personal wealth and eagerly seeking financial expert’s advice to achieve all their big or small financial goals.
  • They should trust and rely on us to guide them in creating a financial plan for their needs.
  • They should trust and appreciate our long-term view of investing without worrying much about market fluctuations along the way, we will take care of all these aspects.

Based on these 3 Key Requirements, I have created a survey form. In this survey form, I have also collected some key demographic and psychographic information.

Please have a look at this survey form.

YAYY!! I AM BACK… I AM BACK… from my 2nd Deeper Dive. Though I was afraid initially, but it’s been an awesome experience altogether. Wow…

Now, I am ready with my Micro-Niche. Also, I am ready with my final dive. Though I am super excited but I now suffer from nervousness about my accuracy in finding out my Customer Avatar through this longest dive.

Let’s get started anyways.

Third Super-Deeper Dive: Discovering my Ideal Customer Avatar

Third Dive Customer Avatar

In this dive, first I have to conduct a survey and test those 3 criteria, I have listed in 2nd Dive. Only if somebody fulfills these initial conditions, they qualify to be my Customers.

Ok, so let’s see the results of the survey.


Out of 17 survey participants, only 9 of them qualifies all the 3 conditions or pre-requirements. Now, I have a question, whether they all 9 are my ideal customers. Maybe yes, but I am not sure!!

Oh yeah… why not use the Survey template of Sanjay Shenoy discussed in Level-3??

Wow, great idea. Let’s do it…

First, let me email the “User Personas Template given by Sanjay Shenoy” to all the 9 enthusiastic ‘to be customers’ to get their details.

Emails sent. Waiting for their reply… Come on, do it fast…

Ok, so it took a long time but 3 people responded so far. Their names are Jai, Ankur, and Rahul. Their details differ a bit… Also, I know another 2 of them personally; they have not yet responded, but I know what they would answer to some of my questions.

Finally, I can now feel the clarity about my ideal customers.

But wait, let me do some brainstorming on these responses and I will average out a single customer avatar out of these 5!!

Can I take an average of 5, or should I wait for more responses?

No, I think I should NOT wait any longer, this water all around making me feel panicky now!

Just give me another 2 minutes for brainstorming!!

AND here you go…

My Customer Avatar is: ANURAG

My Ideal Customer

His personal details are shown below:

His professional details are given below:

Other useful details about Anurag is:

Gosh, I still have to share more things about him.

But can I go out of the water now? OMG, which way should I take?

Oh, it’s water all around. Damn. Am I going to die?

No problem Chachu, ALL IS WELL!! I just found my Lil compass!!

I thank my spiritual guru: ‘Swami Vivekannumunddd’;

Oh sorry, I mean Swami Vivekanand lol 🙂 just an underwater TRUMP effect 😉

Ok, moving up and up and up…

AND finally, here I am OUT OF WATER!!

Thank you all for waiting for me. It has been an amazing ride all the way!

Let me now relax and finally summarize the final details of my IDEAL CUSTOMER AVATAR.


Name: Anurag

Age: 35+

Key Characteristics of Anurag are summarized below:

  • He came out from a lower-middle-class background and faced financial constraints in his family.
  • He is Post-Graduate.
  • He has some good financial goals for him and his family.
  • His current major financial goal to create wealth through Multiple Streams of Income! So he wants to open up investments, as 1 of his earning channel.
  • He is seeking our help for Retirement Planning, Child’s education planning, Mutual Fund investments and some good insurance schemes for life, accident and health cover.
  • He is happily married with 1 kid.
  • His annual income is 20 Lacs per annum.
  • He lives in Chennai or around South India.
  • He still has to take his own home and also looking for a new car model.


I thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog. Though this is a part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program, but this post is so close to my heart. Why?

Because, before session-2 of the internship program I was almost unaware of this Customer Avatar or Survey stuff.

I started with Level-1 and gone all the way till Level-3 in my learning process. Then I became motivated to take action and go for Scuba Diving experience to discover my Customer Avatar.

I had to take 3 deeper dives, and the 3rd Dive almost killed me. But I was able to find my little compass at the right time and could return back.

I sincerely hope that you liked my experience of discovering my Customer Avatar.

If you think I have missed something while narrating my experience, then please drop your thoughts in the comment below. I look forward to knowing whether my diving experience will be useful to you for finding your own Customer Avatar!! Let me know…

Anyway, see you soon with another new experience.





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  2. Hello Akshay, I adore your mode of communicating this message to the public and I guess that is part of the whole communication aspect with your customer. Having such dives is really important to one’s business and I would suggest it be done regularly to ensure a steady relationship between you and customers and growth in your business. Diving into your own passion to get a niche is cool and can also be conflicting because sometimes we would like two different idea, but all in all this article is amazing and very helpful.

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