How to Think and Act like a Billionaire!

How true is the saying: “If we keep doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results”.

Doing greater things requires a different level of actions. I have done a study of Rich and Successful people and also I have figured out the differences between Broke versus Billionaire mindset. Let’s have a detailed look:

Mindset and Actions:

Below are the Top-5 characteristics which I have identified, which differentiates Billionaire and a Broke.

1. Rich People are Multi-Disciplinary, they possess sound knowledge about every area of life. Broke people possess improper and broken bits and pieces of knowledge about every area, this knowledge doesn’t lead anyone, anywhere!

2. Rich people have clear Goals in their life, they want to do and achieve greater things in life. Broke people are always doubtful in everything they do, they operate in the mindset of lack and label themselves: Undeserving!

3. Rich people have Strong Work Ethics, they really work in their work-time. Broke people are always distracted and frustrated by their work and they have a deeply rooted habit of Procrastination.

4. Rich people are willing to Contribute to the Society, they are generous Givers and wants to see the world a better place. Whereas Broke people simply talk about it, Giving is just not in their habit, for them “Giving Money = Losing Money”.

5. Rich people are Active Learners, they consistently read books, take courses and are open to doing everything possible to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Whereas Broke people’s take pride in their previous certificates, their education ends in college, and their ego doesn’t allow them to learn more.

Having said that, now let’s have a closer look at what is the Billionaire Approach to succeed in an Online Business!!

Is it enough to start a business anyway, by setting up all necessary Tools and Softwares in place!!

Is it enough to start earning money somehow through various different means in our Business!!

Is it enough to title ourselves Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, or Trainers!!

If it is not enough, what else is required?

Now, let’s dig deeper into the 5-layers to produce massive Results, like a true Billionaire.

5-Layers to produce Sweetest Fruits
(Massive Results):

Layer No. 1: Awareness

Knowing yourself is the greatest foundation of all success. You are ‘Aware’ if you can control our thoughts and will be able to ‘see’ your thinking patterns. You know what is your current situation and also you know where you want to reach.
Self-Awareness is a learnable skill, nobody is born self-aware 🙂

Spirituality and Meditation boost up the Awareness Mechanism if they are practiced with the right mindset.

An aware person has a Quiet Mind and a Quiet Mind is a Gold Mine. It generates powerful ideas and takes ANY person to the next level. Remember, “Quiet Mind” or “Peace of Mind” is a Key to attain Self-Awareness.

Layer No. 2: Understanding

As we discussed Awareness, it has more to do with our Spiritual Level and finding our Life’s Purpose. Understanding is largely related to our Cognitive Levels, our abilities of Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.

It demonstrates our ability to act whenever it is necessary. If somebody does not have an understanding, they will beat around the bush in confusion. The opposite of Understanding is Confusion. Actions based on Understanding takes the person to higher levels. Whereas, actions based on Confusion leads to NOWHERE.

Man of Understanding Schedules the day, prioritize the tasks and has the ability to say NO to the works, which doesn’t align to his vision.

Understanding has to do with Fruitfulness and greater Self-Confidence.

Layer No. 3: Modeling

People who model success becomes a model of SUCCESS. At this stage, it is necessary to have a Mentor who can push a person from their own Comfort-Zone to take massive actions for achieving greater success, as desired.

To do anything greater, you need to puncture your existing Comfort-Zone and let your new actions, which leads to your goals form a brand new and expanded Comfort Zone so that those ‘new’ actions become easier for you to implement, as they will come under your ‘new Comfort Zone’.

Modeling the mentor or any highly successful person is the best way to work outside your existing Comfort Zone.

Layer No. 4: Business Principles and Disciplines

After acquiring the three layers, now it is essential to give the right foundation to your business. It is possible by forming strong Business Principles and Disciplines.

What is the meaning of Business Principles?

Business Principles has to do with your Focus. Are you focused on providing top-level value to your customers?
Are you focused on overall Cash-flow in your business?
Do you have something unique in your system, which makes you stand away from your competitors?
Do you have a long-term plan for your business?

A Confident YES to the above questions will form very strong Business Principles.

Now, what is the meaning of Business Disciplines?

Under Business Discipline you are supposed to have strong knowledge of Marketing, Sales Process, Product Development, Knowledge of Accounting and Taxes. This Business Discipline and Knowledge can lead anyone to Top Level Business People.

Now, you may ask that anyone can have the knowledge of these kinds of stuff, what’s so special in this, what’s the need of other 3 layers discussed above?

Truth is, this is the exact reason why there are so many unemployed people out there in the world, unable to earn a living, let alone doing business!!

Also, this is the exact reason why there are so many scams out there, poor products, fooling customers for a profit.

Sweetest fruits are not formed within minutes. They require a slow step-by-step process for its proper formation. In a similar way, Business Discipline is formed layer by layer.

Layer No. 5: Process and Mechanics

This is the tip of an iceberg. Especially in an online business people are so concerned about setting up expensive tools and get involved in a high level of advertising. Without giving any attention to the other 4-foundational layers. It only results in feeding the Monkey-Mind which only leads to instant gratification. And, instant gratification is the most harmful trait in anyone, especially among entrepreneurs!

Many Online Entrepreneurs are involved just to know Traffic Generation, List Building, Copywriting, Video marketing, advertising and so on so that they can implement them and get immediate results. But, as long as the above layers are not deepened, process and mechanics leads to nowhere!

Process and Mechanics are the only visible ‘tip of the iceberg’ or ‘fruits in fruit-tree’, if the foundation is not deeply rooted, nothing makes any sense.


It requires a lot of determination, dedication, and commitment to have a successful mindset, like those of Billionaires.
Shortcuts to success are similar to building the house on the sand. The one who builds the house on sand knows everything about making a house, except the FOUNDATION.

In this article, I have presented 5 layers to develop a mindset of a Billionaire and to achieve massive success as they do.

Let me know in the comments, who motivates you the most? Who is your mentor?

What type of books do you read or courses you take for keeping yourself Aware and Awake?

Also, let me know whether you agree with me on all this or not? Would you like to add something else?

Thanks for reading this article, it is based on my long years of learnings and experience.

If you ever need a helping hand feel free to contact me, using Contact Form and Commenting below, I am quick in replying:)


Akshay Saxena

8 thoughts on “How to Think and Act like a Billionaire!”

  1. I totally agree, doing the same things will produce the same results. It reminds me of the common definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Your mindsets and actions are spot on. To create wealth one must have sound knowledge and strong work ethics. Creating wealth takes a lot of effort and almost always does not happen overnight. Even Amazon started out small and took time to build. I especially like Layer 1, knowing the self first before proceeding to Layer 2. Modeling also is important. Well said in that those who model success become models of success. I appreciate your link to Harv Eker’s program and I will be checking it out further through your site. Well done!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking in to people that have been ridiculously successful and their qualities and characteristics. I believe I have some of the qualities, but I fall short on others. Do you think that it is possible to learn these qualities and make a positive change? I feel I just have some gaps to fill. 

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I believe it is possible to learn and practice these qualities for a positive change. But, it happens only after a firm commitment to become successful.

  3. Very interesting post you have here. I liked the way you distinguished about the differences in success – versus brokeness.

    I agree with you that success comes with a certain mindset and in a lot of cases, this can be learned. I once had a friend that was quite intelligent and was always going on about making something of his life.

    We drifted apart a couple of years now but in the 10 years of our friendship, he never got anywhere.

    I think there are heaps of people out there that have the capabilities of becoming successful but they often lack the guidance and support that’s needed to become successful.

    What do you think, Akshay?

    Loved your post to bits, Jeff.

    • Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate your time giving a comment on my post. Yes, you’re right people lacks guidance and support to become successful, even if they have the capability to become successful. But, also the truth is they don’t care for their foundations. They practice the attitude of immediate gratification, focusing on the fruits, straight-away.

  4. Hi Akshay,

    Really informative article. You’ve laid out some good pointers on the mindset of Billionaires. Over a period of time they definitely do acquire qualities that the financially poor do not.

    Having made a lot of money, then losing it all, starting from a minus point and building it again, I can say one thing for sure, Rich and Success are very broad terms and have different meaning for everyone. What they meant to me 10 years ago is totally different from what they mean to me now.

    So I would highly recommend using the word “Financially Rich” or “Financially Successful”, because you can be and should be rich and successful in various areas of your life, it shouldn’t be limited to money.

    Sending much love my friend.

    • Thanks for your time commenting on this post, Harry. Yes, I believe money is a result of all success. Nobody can be successful without mastering money game! Unless someone is a sage!


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