How to start Affiliate Marketing business: Best Practices and Routine

As an Affiliate Marketer, we must know which area requires more focus and must be aware of any actions that are getting ignored unknowingly. I learn these practices from my mentors, who are leaders in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

The biggest challenge faced by any Affiliate Marketer is their lack of priority on their different tasks. Based on the top Affiliate Marketers experience, our overall work must be crunched down to 5 tasks listed below in priority order:

1. Getting New Customers:

50% of our time must be devoted to getting more customers. Our focus should be on influence building, lead generation and selling our products. This is the most important step and we must continuously learn and grow our online marketing skills as we progress towards becoming a successful online Entrepreneur.

2. Nurturing Existing Customers:

10% of our time should be devoted to nurturing our existing customers. This way we will be able to establish their TRUST and allow them to purchase our upcoming products and services.

This can be done by forming an inner circle group in social media and conducting weekly webinars to enhance their existing knowledge in this area. Forming mobile phone-based chat groups like WhatsApp or Telegram allows us to connect with them all the time. It creates a stronger personal base which develops enormous trust. Being in such groups they can also learn from each other.

3. Creating New Content:

20% of our time must be devoted to creating good quality content. Writing Blogs, shooting videos, and uploading podcasts are essential skills for any Affiliate Marketer.

This task must be practiced on a daily basis. The prime focus of an Affiliate Marketer is always to add value in other people live. Through our content delivery on our website, our image has been built among customers. Quality content builds our online personality, whereas poor content keeps us an insignificant player in an online world.

4. Managing Online Tools and Systems:

10% of our time should spend in managing our online systems. We have our website, blog, e-mail marketing system, webinar system, Lead generation system, video recording system and so on. For proper functioning, these systems require dedicated maintenance through regular updates and monthly/annual subscription rates.

A good Affiliate Marketer should always be aware of new trends of technologies in online business. Therefore, regular learning is always an added bonus.

5. Business Analysis:

10% of our time should spend in our Business Analysis. This is important to keep tracking our traffic, leads, and sales, how much is receivable revenue. It is great to be aware of our conversion rates as well since this factor allows us to grow our online selling skills and hence has great potential to increases our revenue.

Also, it is required to file income tax returns for our business on a timely basis. Any Affiliate Marketer must not skip this important step. Since earning money without following money rules is disastrous for one’s financial life.

Now, let’s explore a bit deeper into a routine of any successful Affiliate Marketer.

Routine of Top Affiliate Marketers

6 am – 8 am: Morning routine of exercising, meditation, affirmation, planning and so on.

10 am – 12 pm: Content creation: blogs, podcasts, video making and so on.

Rest of the day should be focused primarily on: TRAFFIC GENERATION Strategies.

Also, every Affiliate must be a good reader. To enhance the productivity there’s a wonderful book by Robin Sharma called “The 5 am Club”, it is a must-read for greater success in the long run.

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Other weekly tasks must be scheduled wisely:

  • Nurturing Existing Customers
  • Reading books and taking online courses to sharpen our business skills
  • Marketing and Webinar sales; and
  • Business Analysis

I believe that online business gives us a lot of freedom to work whenever we want. Of course, we must enjoy this freedom, this is exactly why we have stepped-in into an online business. But, being an entrepreneur we must be accountable for our actions. So, living in a disciplined and focused way gives us maximum returns in whatever we do.

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Akshay Saxena

18 thoughts on “How to start Affiliate Marketing business: Best Practices and Routine”

  1. Thank for breaking down the structure of the day and where focus should be in this business. Most make money online sites simply tell you that you can work 1 or 2 hours a day and then relax by the pool. You give a realistic view on what it takes to succeed. I will definitely be following your site for more information.

  2. Thanks for this.
    I have worked hard on getting my site’s content and look the way I want it and now I need to move on to the getting traffic and managing my affiliate membership.
    This has been a great read and I have bookmarked it.

  3. Thank you for showing a realistic approach to making money online! I didn’t know anything about a regular day of an affiliate marketer, and how important is each task for developing your online business..Most of the make money online websites show only the fancy cars and planes(+girls) but don’t unravel the hard work needed for creating a longterm business. In most cases, these kind of sites are scams and represent the perfect money pit for naive people.

  4. Hello Akshay,
    You are absolutely right about the routine of any affiliate marketer should follow in order to be able to produce high-quality job to his audience, we need to relax and take time to come up great work and good value to help others with issues,
    Thanks for the tips.

  5. Hi Akshay,

    I have read your article on how to start an affiliate marketing business, Thank you for giving a realistic way to making money online. Most online sites make money by telling you that you can earn a lot by working 3 or 4 hours a day. You gave a realistic view through time-table on what it takes to succeed. I will definitely follow your suggestion and share this with friends.

  6. This was a great article and some very good input for affiliate marketers. I really like how not only it tells you how much time you should be focused on what category but also what time! I personally cannot follow it exactly because I do have a full time position working for a company (thats not my own) but it does give me an idea of what I can work towards. 

    I like the routine list as well. Mediation, exercising etc. I think in business we forget about giving us the self love so we can be ready to tackle business. 

    I love the content. My only suggestion is add a couple more visuals. People like pictures. It brings some visual emotions behind the words. 

    Great work and great article.

    • Thanks Christian for your awesome review. Surely, I’ll add some pics, as I develop my website. Thanks for suggestion. 

  7. Very informative blog., though I personally strive for about 3 to 4 days for writing content.This gives me the time to research the topic I am blogging about. But yes, consistency is the foremost priority when writing blogs and affiliate marketing. So what I mean about this is if you set certain days for publishing your content, then you will be picked up the Google algorithm and after time your site and blogs will appear.

  8. Hi Akshay

    Thanks for this great article. You have provided a great detailed for the best practices to apply for affiliate marketer.

    I agreed that we should properly plan our daily routine in running our affiliate marketing business and set our strategies  on creating content, marketing and communications.

    A good read on your article and l be back to read more of your articles.

    Best wishes 

  9. As with all areas of life, maintaining a healthy routine is a must if you want to be successful. One of my biggest challenges is staying focused on my set tasks for the day. I juggle between so many tasks and sometimes leave certain tasks undone. For me, I think it is important to spend more than 10% of the time nurturing our existing clients. The reason for this is we need to continually build trust with existing customers than trying to find new ones. In the end, our trusted customers would eventually make referrals once they’ve grown to like and trust us. Next, comes content creation. A way around this would be to outsource this to a trusted Virtual assistant or freelancer. Your routine looks very easy to follow. I still feel like I’m working a 9 – 5 job. I’ll try to adopt it as see how it plays out. Thanks for this priceless info.

  10. Great article. I have read your article carefully and love it very well. This tips will be very helpful and effective for me. And Charming welcomed to your affiliate marketing routine. I think you describe a straight forward routine. No confusion that these tips will move more traffic to my site. Thanks for the article.

  11. Hi Akshay

    I have read your whole article about “How to start Affiliate Marketing Business “.Really this is an important article.This is very much helpful for the people who are the new member of affiliate marketing business.I have learned about this by reading your article that you are absolutely right about the routine of any affiliate marketer should follow to be a successful marketer.We have to continuously learn and grow online marketing business skills.To make money from online we have to know the best way to income money.I am a new affiliate member and I will try my best to make myself as a successful marketer.It will share this great article with my friends and relatives.Thans a lot for sharing this idea.


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