How to increase Internet Traffic: Understanding Basics-1

Hello everyone, In this post I’ll give you foundational knowledge to understand Internet Traffic and how to increase it in your website. So, let’s get started with 5 basic Rules of Internet Traffic.

5 Basic Laws of Internet Traffic

1. Not all traffic is equal.

You have traffic from various sources such as Google, Facebook, CPA, and many other channels, they have different persona, different demography and different intent of browsing internet. And, these factors significantly affects the conversion rates. So, the key is SPLIT-TESTING any two different sources with same budget and find out which one is working better for you and it can be applied to many different sources. It is important to find which one is working for you!

2. Funnel first, Traffic second

You need to design your entire funnel first before driving traffic. It’s not like you have started driving traffic into your home page of your website. Craft your customer’s journey into your funnel. Get your funnel ready with you basic products for free visitors and premium products for premium visitors and elite products for elite customers. Now, how to building your initial funnel?

You can start with a free webinar funnel or a free video course funnel or free consultation funnel to demonstrate your services further, and drive yourself a targeted traffic into your website.

3. Mastering ONE traffic source is better than knowing many

Simply knowing various traffic sources isn’t going to help. It is required to take one source and get in-depth mastery over it, dig the well as deep as possible. It’s up to you to find out which source will work best for your needs. For me, Facebook works the best, I try it in various ways and I learn it in depth. Therefore, through high level of focus in one source creates amazing results.

4. Without Monetization, Traffic is useless

After drawing traffic to your website or funnel, you need to provide them something for monetization. If you simply draw traffic to your website and have nothing to offer, then you are simply wasting your money in creating traffic. Get your products ready, and get your funnels ready to provide trust and value to your traffic.

5. Every Click need to be re-targeted

As you have spent a lot of money in generating traffic, you should not let go of any single customer without re targeting. As an example, let’s consider you have found a good cell phone in Amazon, you didn’t make a purchase and left the site. Then when you open your Facebook or YouTube, you will see same mobile will be displayed as an advertisement. It is called re targeting your customers. Every single click matters and need to be re targeted, I’ll discuss about re-targeting in my upcoming posts. In this post the idea is to provide you the strong fundamental.

After learning these laws, now let us look at fundamental traffic sources.

2 Types of Traffic Sources

They are 1. Internal Traffic Sources, and 2. External Traffic Sources, let’s see what the meaning of each of them!

1. Internal Traffic Sources:

It is a source of traffic which you have complete control of. You own this traffic, this is a list of your conversions. You have an ownership of this traffic source. Example of Internal Traffic Source is your e-mail list, those who have already purchased your product and developed trust with you and your services. If you simply hit an email with your new launch of products or services, you will automatically get your customers interested in your product.

2. External Traffic Source:

In this traffic you have no control, you have to pay money for this traffic source to attract visitors. And, you have to follow the rules of the traffic platform, where you are targeting your traffic from. Example of external traffic source is Facebook ads, there you have no control over the visitors of your advertisement. People may click your ad but may not act as you desire. And, you have to follow the rules of Facebook while advertising and pay the required cost to them.

Now there are more internal and external traffic sources, in my upcoming blog post, I’ll be discussing about 2 major internal traffic sources and 10 major external traffic sources.

This post is intended to cover the fundamental of Internet Traffic, stay tuned for part-2 of my post on Internet Traffic Sequence.

If you have any question or opinion, feel free to leave them in the comment section. Looking forward to help you with massive traffic in your website.

Best Wishes

Akshay Saxena

10 thoughts on “How to increase Internet Traffic: Understanding Basics-1”

  1. This is a really educational and insightful post. I am really glad that I stumbled to this post because traffic is the fundamental way of making a profit on your website. I really support to get your funnel really before driving traffic. Getting the food ready before calling the consumer is actually a great idea. 

    Monetizing our website should be our ultimate goal. Thanks a lot for sharing this eye-opening article. I’ll keep visiting your blog in the future.

  2. Tons of value to be found on this post on how to increase internet trafficThis is a great and simple to follow guide. You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me because I am a newbie in affiliate world. 

    The five basic laws are eye opener for me. From my own point of view, it seems Internal traffic source outweighs external traffic source.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always had trouble with generating traffic to my blog no matter how hard I tried and no matter how good my content was. Recently I have been applying few of these steps here and it has been working, now from here, I have more insights and I understand how traffic generation work better than before. 

    I will always refer back to this blog. I love this.


  4. Very valuable information, it is not at all blogs that we find such an n Exhaustive post! Am an enthusiastic marketer online, also engage in affiliate program making getting traffic my priority. Yes, We have traffic from various sources such as Google, Facebook, CPA, and many other channels, and they have different persona, different demography and different intent of browsing the internet. In my opinion and experience totally go with external traffic source as you have to pay money for this traffic source to attract visitors, which will bring greater results. 

  5. Hi Akshay, 

    Your article is accurately timely, because, I just got indexed by google. In fact, it was the pop up I just cancelled before I started in on reading your post.  So it seems so providential. 

    Anyway, I’d have liked to know what funnel means, before knowing how to build them. This is my first time of hearing the term, with regards to traffic. So, I’d like you to throw more light on the topic of funnel. 

    Asides that, your post is simple and easy to understand and I learned alot about, traffic source (internal and external traffic source), monetizing traffic and re targeting to products. 

    I appreciate your taking your time to tutor newbies like us. Thank you. 

    • Thanks, Peace, for your time giving comment. I appreciate it. 
      This is the first part of my Internet Traffic series. I’ll talk about funnels in greater detail in my other two upcoming parts for sure.

      Stay tuned!




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