How to create a FREE WordPress Website?

In this Digital Age of 2020, don’t you have your website yet?

Create your first WordPress website for FREE!

Your website is your online home, your own real-estate.

Even if you don’t have any product or services, you must share your knowledge which helped you to grow.

Your responsibility is to give it the right foundation stone and do its initial development by yourself brick by brick.

But, should you straightaway invest the hefty amount to do that?

Absolutely NOT!

You must start for FREE!

Work on your FREE Word Press website for a couple of months. You should write about any ONE of your interest, and start creating content regularly.

In this process, once you get significant traffic of around 50-100 visitors per month, you can move it to your own domain with a SINGLE CLICK!

Have a look at the video walkthrough on creating your WordPress website in 30 sec.

build a free wordpress website in 30 sec


Why should you create a FREE WordPress Website?

Still not clear on why try FREE WordPress Website?

Well, let’s have a look at what all you can learn from your free version.

  • How does online stuff will work for you?
  • You can learn basic digital marketing skills, such as website building, Google Analytics, basic SEO, and so on.
  • You can start writing your few initial web-content on your WordPress website and hone your writing skills.
  • If you have any affiliate product or own product, you can try selling them online. Or
  • Even if you are unemployed now and looking for a job. You can keep working on your own website and keep building your digital skills. It will open this way 100s of other golden opportunities up for you.

Free WordPress Website: Is it really FREE?

Yes, it is 100% FREE and you can register up to 2 domains and hosting with SSL for free.

For how long should you work on your FREE domain?

Are 6 months enough for you to see how is it working out for you?

I advise you to work fast, fail fast and be ready to bang on the online world with full power.

Initially, you will get your free domain as (yourname dot siterubix dot com) and whenever you want to transfer to your own domain (yourname dot com), you can purchase it for $12 with the hosting provider OR you can purchase cheaper domains from namecheap or godaddy!

It will be a single click transfer to your newly owned domain. After this one-click-transfer, you will continue to work on your website with the new domain, as you’re doing it already.

Free WordPress Website: What happens after FREE usage?

So you have created content on your free website and moved it to your own domain.

Now you need a direction from the experts on how to work effectively on your website. So you only need to invest in your training course called “Online Entrepreneurship Certification”. For more detail, you can get deeper insights from the post on the best way to learn Digital Marketing in 2020!

You simply need to follow the checklist provided in each module of this course.

And, take my words…

It is by far the best and the most cost-effective course in the world and it provides excellent web hosting services included with the course for free. It means your hosting will be free forever!!

So, what you are waiting for? Start ‘learning and doing’ today and get the ball rolling!


What will happen after I enroll in the course?

Once you enroll in the Online Entrepreneurship Certification course, you will become a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

And, the image shown below highlights the clear differences between the benefits given to starter (or free member) AND a premium member.



Create your own website.

Start small, begin with FREE.

Then keep learning and growing.

Invest in essential courses and reap higher returns.




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