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eSTEP certification comprises 2-level training described below:

Level 1: Secrets of Knowing Thyself!

The idea behind this course is to neutralize the poison within you which is holding you back to achieve anything significant. And, to help you discover the light hidden within you.

Once you find that light, ignorance will be gone. I believe that you should know about this learning as you take your first entrepreneurial step. So this training is FREE for all!

This FREE training will allow you to dig deeper into your own acres of diamond within you. This course will talk exhaustively about the mindset, creating and achieving all your life goals.

In my toughest time, this knowledge has been the source of my life. And, I strongly believe that nothing significant will ever happen unless you know yourself.

Since it is a FREE course, I’ll give you more details about its curriculum within the course itself.

The only requirement for you is, take an entrepreneurial step and go through the 7-day lessons on basic online entrepreneurship.

You are learning to know yourself not just to enhance your knowledge about you. But to take massive actions and give your contribution to this world.

And what could be the better action than start working on your own online business? Online Business is the future, earlier you start, faster you will achieve success!

Please note that this course is being conducted LIVE every Sunday. In upcoming months you will have access to the recorded videos and learning material.

Click the link below and take your first entrepreneurial step or e-STEP! After you click the below link you have to provide your basic details such as name, mail id, etc and it will connect me to support you within the platform.

eSTEP Certification Level 1


Upcoming Level 2 course:

Level 2: Online Entrepreneurship Blueprint

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know in order to finish your “Online Entrepreneurship Certification” program. Once you enroll for Module-2 of the “Online Entrepreneurship Certification” program, you will automatically get FREE access to the Level 2 program.

You will be a part of the Level 2 course for FREE, as long as you are pursuing the “Online Entrepreneurship Certification” program.

I will release its curriculum shortly.

I’ll keep updating this page periodically for more updates. Stay tuned!

Your action step now is to take your first e-Step, by clicking the link below.

eSTEP Certification Level 1

Cheers and Best Wishes 🙂

Akshay Saxena