Free training for unemployed youths!

Are you looking for a new job and not able to decide your actual job position. You merely need a regular income that would be enough for your survival.

If it is you, this post is for you. And, if it was you in your previous years, then you can clearly relate what is written in this post and surely you will appreciate the fact that how badly the unemployed youths need a helping hand.

I have noticed that after a little struggle in job search, youths get frustrated and start believing that “they can’t be HIRED!”.

But let me motivate you by saying that after completing this training YOU ARE HIRED!

Trust me this training is all you need. I call it taking an e-Step or entrepreneurial step in your life.
Free Training for Unemployed Youths

Training for Unemployed Youths: Overview

Why is this free training for unemployed youths is important for you?

If you are unemployed, looking for a job with no clear idea about what kind of job or position you should look for! You just need a monthly income for survival.

You are at a stage in your life where you strongly feel that getting a job may solve all the problems of your life, but the number one thing you must do is to overcome your depression. Depression of not getting the right job after your studies!

This depression results from your wrong focus over a period of your childhood and college life. Remember, a quote:

Where FOCUS goes, ENERY flows and RESULT shows!

The right focus will build up positive energy, which produces positive results.

In a similar way, your wrong focus will degrade your energy, and as a result, it will depress you.

Now it’s your time to WAKE UP! Life is way bigger than your petty depression.

Commit to re-educate yourself. Do anything to focus on the right thing and refuse to live a life of confusion, doubt, ignorance, and fear.

In this post, I’ll suggest you 1 training.

Free Training for unemployed youths: Outcomes

After taking this training, 2 things can happen to you:

1. If you want to make your career in your formal education. It means you loved what you learned. So, this training will provide you a platform through which you can share your knowledge with many people. And, your mission will be to create gems in your field no matter in which area you are in!

2. If you didn’t like your subjects in college and want to take a new career route, then this training is compulsory for you. Why? Because, this training will not only give a new career path, but it will also give you the opportunity to build up your own online business.

Now let’s have a Sneek Peak into the content of this training.

I agree that you are desperately looking for a new job. But the more desperate you are, the less likely you will get your dream job.

The name of the Training is “Online Entrepreneurship Certification”.

This training will provide you with the opportunity to re-discover yourself. You will get to learn the content of the top books on self-development. Your process of re-education will begin. I promise you that this step alone will channelize your focus in the right direction. Try it; it is the best use of your time right now. Trust it!

What else can this training do for you?

Ok, so first try to write a detailed answer to this question:

“What is that one skill that you have through which you can help at least 4-5 people?”

Make a list of as many tasks as you can, through which you can help others!

Is it teaching school/college students?

Or, is it delivering food to various household, which was ordered online?

Think about it, what actually you enjoy doing through which you can also help some people. Make a list of 10 such tasks.

Take 5 minutes and do it!

Have you done this?


Now you might have felt that you don’t have any experience getting a job.

Unemployed youths

Answer to this question is just stick to the training and I will show you the best ways to showcase your experience to your employers if you are willing to do a job.

How is it possible?

Just get into my inner circle. And, I will open all the nuts and bolts for you.

Now, understand 3-Golden Nugget to broaden your mind. Once you are in the inner circle, you will dive deeper into this. As of now let’s have a fair overview.

Overview of 3-Golden Nugget inside the Training

  • Big Money = Big Energy.

You may find random money with randomly distributed energy. But for Big Money, you have to apply your full power. Decide now to apply your full power or the Big Energy in any ONE of the 10 tasks, listed by you.

  • Principle of Value Exchange and the spirituality aspect behind it.

The more value you give, the more value you will receive. Let us take one simple example, your neighbor is desperately looking for a teacher who can teach maths/science to their kid studying in class 10th, if you agree to teach him by giving the full assurance of getting the best result in board exam. And, you get engaged in providing your best value.

After doing your job, you will receive the monetary value. Besides that, you have given signals to the universe about your ability to work hard. Now its universe turn to provide you the equivalent value in return. It will come to you if you are open to receiving it with conviction.

  • Protective mechanism of mind: you will learn how to use your mind effectively

Remember that your mind is based on a survival mechanism. Its job is not to make you successful, but its job is to protect you from all the dangers. It will try its best to stop you from doing anything new! So, beware of your mind.

It is your spirit who desires to grow and thrive.

You may feel you are worthless or you are not interested in doing anything! This is all a mental crap, don’t listen to it. Listen to your spirit.

I wish if I could explain everything through blog posts.

But I have been in this situation and I know that, at this stage, you don’t need multiple blog posts. But you need meaningful connections. You need someone with whom you can share your problems and get some bigger solutions so that you can come out of your mess.

Am I right?

Free Training for unemployed youths: Is it 100% free


This training has 3 levels. Level-1 is free for you forever. For more details, you can check the free training sections of this website.

You can access Level-2 for free, but a requirement for you is to finish Module 1 of Online Entrepreneurship Certification (OEC) program and start doing Module 2 sessions. To access Module 2 you have to pay approximately Rs. 3,500 p.m (Rs. 2,000 for the first month), the first 7-Days are free to use. For the best value, you can choose an annual subscription of Rs. 25,000 one-time payment. My Level-2 is accessible to you as long as you are a premium member of a Wealthy Affiliate platform and pursuing Online Entrepreneurship Certification.

Level 3 is my premium course, it involves a separate cost. You can find the details under the training section. Or, you can leave your query in a comment below. I’ll help you out.

But as of now just forget about Level 2 and Level 3. Just focus on Level 1, which is FREE 100% with unlimited access. Even when you invest in higher Levels, your returns will be more than what you pay.

Therefore, it is 100% free if only you commit to it with the right approach.

Final Words: Use your time most effectively

1. Once you join this FREE training, you will get access to my inner circle tribe. In my inner circle, you will learn everything discussed above and inside the community. You will also get enormous support to finish your main training.

2. You will have direct access to me whenever you get stuck. I will solve all your queries within 24 hours, whether it related to building your own online business OR, it is related to start off your new career path in Online Marketing OR, even if you want to do any FreeLancing job.

My inner community, “ESteppers Forum” is a one-stop destination.

Now waste no more time. Take your courageous eStep towards the online world, where your success is a success of everyone and failure is not an option 🙂

Drop me a comment if you require any more clarity.

Click the link below and join the 7-Days Free Training called “Online Entrepreneurship Certification”.


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