Financial Literacy: Money fundamentals for Affiliates

Affiliate Marketers have to deal with money. Sometimes we have little money and other times a large sum of money. In this post, I am going to talk about 1 most important factor, related to money.

Money Management System for Affiliate Marketer

Let me ask you a question:

If you have $5000, that you have earned recently this month. How will you make use of it? What all will you buy? How much will you save? Or, will you simply spend it on random needs, as and when they occur?

Friends, let me tell you. Wealth is LIVING ENERGY. It won’t flow into the lives of wanderers or squanders. But, it flows abundantly to those, who follow its rules. World-renowned financial teachers like Harv Eker and Robert Kiyosaki repeatedly teach the fact that “Money Management is more important than the money you earn”. So, let us see how we can manage our money as an Affiliate Marketer.

In the next section, I am going to lay the money management technique formulated by one of my mentor Vick Strizheus, he has an excellent code of living a wealthy life.

Money Management: TWCGO Formula

As an Affiliate Marketer, let us say you’re earning $5000 per month. Let us see, how we can manage it. The amount can be anything more or less than the specified amount but the management procedure remains the same.

We recommend the TWCGO formula of money management learned from Harv Eker and Vick Strizheus.


First alphabet T stands for ‘taxes’. As an Affiliate Marketer, you are starting your own online business. So, you need to register your start-up and pay taxes periodically. Taxes vary from country to country. In my country, it is 30%. So, if you earn $5000 a month, $1500 will go towards paying taxes.

Second alphabet W stands for ‘Wealth’. As T. Harv Eker talks about a separate FFA, that is Financial Freedom Account. This account will serve the purpose of us being financially free. We must allot 10% of our income to this account. Therefore, if we earn $5000. We must put $500 to nurture our Financial Freedom.

Third alphabet C, stands for ‘Charity’. There is no successful financial life without contribution. Therefore, we must allot 10% of our income to contribute to needy or the non-profit organization, we believe in. 10% of $5000, that is $500 will go for Charity.

Fourth Alphabet G, stands for ‘General’. We must allot 30% of our total income for our general necessities such as paying bills, long term savings, education, and other household purposes. Therefore, 30% of $5000, that is, $1500 is available to us for our general necessities.

Fifth Alphabet O, stands for ‘Operation’. It means, all the tools we require in our business along with advertising and marketing costs must come from Operation account. We should allot 20% in this account from our income. In our given case, it is required to allot $1000 in our operation account to grow our business.

To summarize, this is how we should break down our income of $5000

T (30%): $1500 for Taxes

W (10%): $500 for our Financial Freedom Account

C (10%): $500 for Charity and Contribution

G (30%): $1500 for our General necessities and Education

O (20%): $1000 for Operational costs of our business

Now, let’s have a small discussion on the Top-3 ISSUES that newbies face while following this system:


“Earned money is hardly equal to general necessities.”

And, the quick answer to this problem is to understand that, you are playing a money game and if you don’t follow its rules, there is no way you can win! How can you play ANY game, without knowing its rules! Think about it.

Therefore, no matter how little you earn, follow TWCGO system of managing money. If you are just starting off and not yet registered your business, then, of course, you can save your Tax amount and use it for your general-purpose and education.

Still, if you are tempted to spend all your money on your necessities. Hold on and TRUST YOURSELF. All you need is to increase your income. Right? Just follow the Law of Money and you will receive whatever you desire. Bible says: “Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”


“I hardly have any money for myself. How can I give it to charity? And, why should I?”

See, because we have these patterns created by our society, we live with a broke mindset, as they are ‘super broke’.

Question yourself: “Can you receive LOVE, if you don’t give it?”, or “Can you become fit and healthy, without exercising?”

NO. You need to give love if you want to receive it.

And, you have to set your body in motion, you need to exercise if you want to be fit and healthy.

In a similar way, you need to give money, in order to receive it. This is the Law of Money. We must follow it.

Bible says: “Give and it will come back to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.”


“I cannot afford 10% for my Financial Freedom Account. I’ll start it when I earn enough money.”

No, Consider this amount as a seed. Nurture a habit of putting away 10% of the money you earn, in a separate account. It is not to be touched. Once, it is grown a bit, you can invest it. Then, this money will work for you day and night.

Look, this is the money you are paying just to yourself. And, the Law of money is to pay yourself first. Follow the Law and give 10% of your earning to yourself. Even if you don’t understand it, but this is spiritual.


Being an Affiliate Marketer, it is also required for us to invest the money saved in our Operational account to buy several digital Assets. In my next post, I’ll talk about

Digital Assets for Affiliate Marketers

So, stay tuned 🙂

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Akshay Saxena

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  1. I really have a load of good luck reading this article. It was written nicely and contained sound, practical advice. In fact, I have really benefited from it. You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thanks for this educative post, really helpful. 

  2. Thanks for this wonderful article. It really great and I find every part of the article helpful and educational.

    Having money saved for Financial Freedom Account can be hard at the time, for me especially when I earn little. Because after all my spending it is the money I save for financial freedom, I spend. Have done it many time. I just hope I get it right this time around 

  3. Hello there, this is really a good discussion u comes up with, it’s doesn’t even affect affiliate marketing people alone but it’s cut across all business either online or offline. Money management really matter a lot to our lives. It’s not about earnings, if u have a wrong way or managing your earnings, u are definitely just wasting time in earnings. This your article is just like an eye opener to money management 

  4. I think you are doing a great job, your work is amazing and helpful. 

    In my own opinion I think the advice is truly amazing and the ways and formulae you explained with is just amazing, but my main concern is the about some affiliate marketers who are earning just little online, while the little profit made are not up to the task. What’s your advice for them to step up their earning? 

    • Thanks for your review, Stella. As you asked for stepping up their earning. The problem is, they are vague in their actions. They don’t get what they want, because they don’t know what they truly want.

      I was in the same shoe, when I started off. But I continued learning from experts and started modeling them. Nonstop personal growth is key. As money is directly proportional to our inner growth. They must dedicate themselves into learning and taking actions and results will follow.

  5. I like the fact that you listed the three issues at the end of the article…these three are definite issues that persons have to deal with when it comes to money. I agree with your response to Issue#3 when you said “Pay Yourself First”. This is so true but yet so hard to do, as we are used to paying everyone else (the bill collectors, buying clothes, etc.) first. We should indeed put ourselves first, eventhough this can be hard to do. I recommend that persons read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”…this will help to reinforce some of the points you have made here.

    • Yes, Alicia. All great books of Money Management speak about “Paying ourselves first”. Since we are living with great money goals, therefore we must follow money rules, not our undisciplined rules.

      I’m glad that you have found this article useful and added a masterpiece book of wealth in you comment.

      Thank you


  6. It is a very effective post for an affiliate marketer. Proper money management is very important for an affiliate. T W C G O Is the great analysis and important to solve the issue. It will help me with proper money management. Thanks for the post of describe about Money fundamentals for Affiliates.

    • Yes. Because we live with money goals, so we should follow money rules. Not our rules. Right?

      I’m glad that you found this post useful.


  7. Hi Akshay, Great article. I had never heard of this helpful money acronym T W C G O and the percentages for each. Its really got me thinking of looking at my finances differently. Your right about the mindset. Sometimes we take on beliefs about money our parents had or what other people around us say about it that is not necessarily true for financial growth. I like the idea that regardless of the amount we are earning right now we can start this formula into practice. I don’t like the T  30%, wow that’s a hard rule to follow, but like it or not Uncle Sam has to get his share. I’m ready to get Into the flow of the Living Energy and follow the rules for financial growth. Thank you, it was very helpful.

    • Thanks for your nice thoughts. T is 30% in my country, in the US it is 40%. I believe we must get into the habit of managing money because we have great money goals. And, money game can be won only when we follow its rules.

      I am so glad that you found it useful. 

  8. Thank you Akshay for this enlightening post.

    I liked the fact that you called Wealth, Living energy. And that it flows in the direction of proper handlers of it.

    Thanks for addressing the top 3 issues you’ve outlined. I have a personal money management system too, but i’ve not been keeping to it.

    With the information you’ve shared, i’m better equipped to maximize the system now.

    Thanks a lot. Reading through was totally worth it. Hope to come around some more

  9. This was a very useful post for not only affiliate marketers, but anyone that may be engaged in any type of business. It can be a heady feeling seeing the money roll in, and you may feel you can start living the good life, whatever that may mean, but if you do, you are leaving yourself wide open for trouble down the road.

    I have had businesses where I was grossing over $50,000 a month. That is quite a good sum, not huge by today’s billionaire standards perhaps, but not an insignificant sum. Most definitely the taxes were first priority, then business expenses, and savings next.

    Whatever was left I still made sure that my expenses were much less than that amount. The extra money was used for vacations, special events, or for growing the business. This formula worked for a long time and allowed me to grow my net worth a lot over a period of about 8 years.

    As a result of careful planning and essentially using the planning factors you mention, I have set up the family for the future. I mean that should I pass anytime, they will have an ongoing stream of income from various sources that I built over those good years.

    This was a post that all online marketers and anyone really involved in running their own business need to see and follow. It really is helpful and it will save many from wasting the income they are working so hard to build up. Done properly, they can create a legacy for generations to come. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much, Dave, for sharing your own life experience. It is very true, that if we have money goals and we are committed to achieving them, we must follow MONEY RULES. Period. 

      Therefore, all online Entrepreneurs must commit to play money game following its rule. I’m glad that you have found my article useful.



  10. Wow, What a surprising article.  I am fond of the reading book, especially an inspirational book. I have read your post carefully and love it very much. The overall article presents a great analysis of Financial Literacy. I am so much glad to find it and highly recommended to many. Thanks for the pretty article.

  11. You have helped a lot of people with this post advising affiliate marketers on how to approach the money management portion of their business. There are certain fundamentals that are imperatives to operate a successful long-term business, and you have hit them all.

    I would say that the 10% savings are a minimum that marketers should strive for. I saved at 20% for years and between the monthly additions and the return on investment had a really good nest egg after 15 years that was used to pay for the kids’ college and weddings later. If I had not followed that savings plan, these thongs would not have been possible. 

    Good advice from start to finish in this post, your financial fundamentals for affiliates should be bookmarked by online marketers and adhered to as they progress with their business. They will thank you later I have no doubt! Thanks from me too!


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