Digital Marketing Job: 7-Points checklist

Are you a newbie looking for a Digital Marketing job? In this post, I’ve summed up the 1-year experience of my Digital Marketing career. It will be useful for you if you want to engage in a full-time Digital Marketing career, no matter what your background is!

The first thing I want you to understand is, Digital Marketing is more about marketing than digital, so you have to acquire good marketing skills in the first place. While you learn marketing skills, the next thing to focus on is effective communication. If you can’t communicate your message well, there’s no point that you can sell any product or service. The 7-point checklist is listed below,

7-Point checklist before you join a Digital Marketing job

1. Your specific area in the Digital Marketing field

Distributed knowledge of all areas of digital marketing is not going to work. You have to be a recognized expert in one specific area. When I started off, I practiced writing a lot of content on my personal blog. Initial content was more like an essay. Slowly I started writing SEO optimized content. This strategy was useful in landing into my first Digital Marketing job. During the job I learned how to mix marketing aspect into my content, that was very important.

This is how I evolved myself as a Content marketer, even though I had a fair idea about almost all the aspects of Digital Marketing.

2. Your first Digital Marketing resume

If you’re a newbie looking for your first digital marketing job. Your resume must consist of the following 5 fields:

i. Your full name and contact details at the top of the resume.

ii. Professional Summary

iii. Work Experience and major achievements.

iv. Academic Education

v. Skills and other awards

The above 5-fields must be clearly highlighted in your resume. You can find the standard format of a sample Digital Marketing resume from anywhere.

3. Your personal blog to showcase your interest and talent.

Having a personal blog gives an added advantage. It is really important to practice Digital marketing skills by yourself. I started off with this Affiliate blog and I was promoting a platform where a newbie can learn everything about Affiliate marketing.

I joined a Wealthy Affiliate Platform to learn Affiliate Marketing. As I was learning and earning from this platform at the same time, so I knew it will be helpful for many people like myself, so I started promoting the platform.

4. Integrated Digital Marketing

In the first point, I’ve emphasized to be an expert in one area of Digital marketing. But in the long run, a single area isn’t going to be useful, as all the areas are somehow interconnected with each other.

Let’s say, you’re starting off with Content writing, now you want your content to be available in the search engine results, so you do right SEO.

Why stop at SEO, you now have to market your content on your social media channels and market them through emails.

After social media channels and email marketing, it is a good strategy to create relevant videos of your content and put them on YouTube. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it enhances the credibility of your brand.

And, of course, if anytime required, you must be able to run paid ads on Facebook, Bing, and Google.

This is how an integrated approach to Digital Marketing works.

But you start with gaining expertise in one particular field, in my case, it was Content marketing, you can pick anything you want.

5. Digital Marketing Resources you must learn consistently

Consistent learning is a key factor in Digital Marketing. I classify this learning into 3 different parts:

  • Motivational and inspirational learning.
  • Learning of business and marketing.
  • Learning key Digital marketing skills and strategies.

To learn the core elements of digital marketing, I would suggest you take the following courses:

i. Digital Marketing mastery bundle by Digital Deepak

In the Digital Marketing mastery bundle, you will receive all the major courses such as SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, and much more. It is advisable to learn from these courses to grow in your Digital Marketing career. Or, else you can join the Digital Deepak’s internship program, where you will learn everything through implementation.

ii. Wealthy Affiliate: In the Wealthy Affiliate platform you will learn blogging and affiliate marketing. Also, you will get all the resources such as your website, keyword research tool, landing pages, and much more within the platform itself, all included in your membership fee.

6. What kind of job could you expect in your first year?

Keep your learning in place. Be an expert in one specific area. Speak about the results you have achieved.

In my case, I told my employers that I’m able to write 2000 words long content within 2 days max.

And, also I showed them 3 content on my website that was ranked on the first page in Google search.

My website was just 3 months old and it was attracting almost 100 visitors per month all because of creating SEO optimized content. All the positive signs of learning and implementation were helpful for me to land into my first Digital marketing job.

In a similar way, if you want to get into an SEO job or social media marketing job, do something related as a freelancer or in your own blog. So that you may have some achievement to talk about.

7. The secret to success in the Digital Marketing career

Create a big goal. Marketing is a life skill, everything can not be learned through books or courses. You have to care for your audience genuinely. You have to understand their pain points even if they are unexpressed. Once you’re able to connect to your audience or your company’s target audience, from that moment you are ready to take off your Digital marketing career. Now, the important point is you can’t do it forcefully by yourself, such experience form with time and consistent efforts.

I can count hundreds of successful online entrepreneurs, who started off with a small Digital Marketing agency or freelancing tasks or blogging.

Such examples in India are Siddharth Rajsekar, Digital Deepak, Harsh Agarwal, and so on…

Some of you might want to begin freelancing instead of a full-time job. I like full-time jobs because it gives me a better discipline to spend an entire day. Staying at home and working makes me passive. But everyone is different, the core elements discussed in this post will remain the same either you go for freelancing or full-time job.

If you want to know my Content writing approach in greater detail, I’d suggest you read my eBook called “Untold Secrets of Digital Marketing Career“.

Here I’ve discussed all the secret strategies I use in my job and key learning of my first year of Digital marketing experience.

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I hope this article has given you enough clarity to land on to your first digital marketing job, irrespective of your current specialization.

If you have any queries, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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