Digital Marketing fulfills the Laws of Wealth! Discover HOW?

Digital Marketing fulfills the Laws of Money

Laws of Wealth? What does that mean you might ask, and how the heck Digital Marketing fulfills the Laws of Wealth!

We will explore deeper into the Laws of Wealth and you will be surprised at how well these laws are compatible with Digital Marketing.

Traditionally, you attend college to specialize in any field of study and then you join a relevant job. For example, let’s say your majors is ‘Mechanical Engineering’ and you are doing a job of ‘engine design and manufacturing’ in some car company. Now your monthly paycheck will be the reward of your hard work, as long as you work there!

You are working for your company and getting paid, in this scenario can you see any money law working here? You might find it normal because our schools never taught anything about Financial Literacy! Regular jobs simply fulfill the Law of Survival.

I will not get into the greater details of Financial Literacy in this post. But, I will clearly show the close correlation between the Laws of Wealth and the area of Digital Marketing.

Before we discuss about Digital Marketing and its correlation with Laws of Wealth. Let’s first define the Laws of Wealth.

5 Essential Laws of Wealth

School of hard rocks taught me the essential lessons on Wealth.

I never compromised in choosing my mentors. Yes, I paid a heavy price to learn essential Wealth lessons from ultra-rich people such as Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins and many more. I have created these Laws of Wealth based on what worked for my personal financial life.

Based on my personal learning and experience about Wealth, I have listed these 5-Laws of Wealth.  I’ll elaborate them separately on a complete post on Laws of Wealth, here they are described briefly:

1. Contribution
The Contribution means you freely give your money for a noble cause. Be it a charity to hospitals or religious centers. Or, any other cause close to your heart.

2. Mindset

What is your self-image about yourself? Are you grateful for your life or you are dragging through the days? If you don’t have a positive mindset and some essential good habits, you disobey Wealth Law.

3. Health or Physical fitness

Are you physically fit? Do you eat a conscious diet or you have random eating habits? If you are not physically fit, then your mind can never work in the way it supposed to work! So, take proper care of your health. Common old age saying is “Health is Wealth”.

4. Freedom or Connectedness with the Universe; and

Have you ever felt isolation and the feeling of left out? What do you do when you are down? Do you have the ability to connect with nature or the universe? If not. It is necessary to learn the connectedness with the universe. Meditation is one solution to it.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Are you emotionally attached to your money and investments? Emotional Intelligence is directly proportional to Financial Intelligence. Emotional fools are generally financial fools. Wealth loves knowledge and skills. Weak or extra-strong Emotions are pitfalls towards Financial Life.

I wanted to give more details of these money laws BUT this is not the core objective of this post. I will describe them exhaustively on a separate post.

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Let’s get back to the topics and now we will discuss about the key features of Digital Marketing and how well Digital Marketing obeys the Laws of Wealth.

The 7 Key Features of Digital Marketing

You might have heard about or learned Digital Marketing from various different places on the internet, so you might be thinking I will talk about Blogging or Email marketing or Affiliate Marketing. NO, not in this post.

Maybe I will talk about them somewhere else, but in this post, I am specifically talking about Digital Marketing in the perspective of Laws of Wealth or Prosperity.

So, let’s get started with such of these features,

  1. Digital Marketing leads you into the path of Entrepreneurship.
  2. Digital Marketing allows you to explore deeper within you and force you to find your area of expertise. This is the key secret of “Knowing Thyself”.
  3. Digital Marketing will give you the flexibility to work anywhere in the world.
  4. Digital Marketing makes you experience the social connectedness and you will automatically acquire the attitude of helping others.
  5. Digital Marketing will put you into a lifelong learning state. Success coach Brian Tracy says, “If you want to be a noted expert in one area, then the learning efforts you have to put is: LIFETIME!” And, if you do what you love, then you will enjoy learning all the way.
  6. Through Digital Marketing you will surely experience “TRUE EDUCATION”. Because you will learn what is required for you to learn. And, you will continuously sharpen your rough edges every single day. Let me tell you that very rare people actually experience True Education of Life, most of them have already ended up their education after collecting tails of degrees.
  7. Your one time efforts will be available for a long time to your tribe. For example, let us say you have created an online course, ebook, blog post or simple youtube videos; they all will be available for your customers forever or as long as you want.

How Digital Marketing fulfills the Laws of Wealth: Let us discuss

So far, we have discussed the 5-Laws of Wealth and 7-Key Features of Digital Marketing. Now let us have a look at their close correlation.

Let’s take each Key Feature of Digital Marketing one by one.


Do you know most of the rich and successful people are entrepreneurs?


Because they are great marketers. And, as marketing is now getting transformed into Digital Marketing, they are already present all over the internet to help people with their products or services.

You will find all the required information on the internet because of these Entrepreneurs.

So, which Law of Wealth does Entrepreneurship fulfills?

ALL 5!

Hope you agree. If you have any doubt, then let me know.

Entrepreneurship is not a simple Job Title. It can be achieved after going through a lot of ups and downs in life.

If done sincerely and honestly, entrepreneurship itself fulfills all the Laws of Wealth!

And, the first key feature of Digital Marketing is the “It leads you into the path of Entrepreneurship.”

In fact, Digital Marketing has simplified the path of Entrepreneurship to such an extent that anybody can choose to walk in this amazing path.

Entrepreneurship had never been so simple in earlier days. So huge credit goes to Digital Marketing.

Let’s move on to the next feature of Digital Marketing.

Knowing Thyself

You cannot market anything. If you don’t actually trust your own product or services. And, your product or services are merely the replication of yourself.

So, the better you know yourself and the higher you know yourself, the better will be your product or services.

Let us see, what Laws of Wealth are getting fulfilled through this feature!

Law No. 1, 2 and 4; that is, Contribution, Mindset, and Connectedness with the Universe.

You are contributing to the people through your products or services. The better you know yourself the better your mindset will evolve and you will be well connected with the universe, fulfilling your Life’s Higher Purpose.

Flexibility to work anywhere in the globe

It directly fulfills the 4th Law of Wealth, which talks about Freedom. I also call it as well-connectedness with the universe; more you are connected more free you are.

Lifelong Learning

Learners are always leaders of any society. When you learn something, then you will do it at some point in time. And, when you do it, you will get benefits from your learning.  And, if you teach your learned skills, then you are contributing to society.

Learning fulfills all the 5 Laws of Wealth.

If you don’t know, how! Try it on your own area of interest, you will realize when you grow in your area step-by-step.

That is why education starts at a very early age. But unfortunately, some people put a FULL STOP to learning in their mid-20s, it is against the Wealth Laws.

But Digital Marketing makes you experience the Power of True Education.

As you can see every single feature of Digital Marketing directly fulfills the Laws of Wealth. So there is no reason why you should not do Digital Marketing.

Read this post to know the best way to learn Digital Marketing.

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Wealth is a form of energy, strive to acquire this energy. Digital Marketing will guide you through the right path, if only you care to have this Energy.

I hope, this post has given you clarity on how Digital Marketing fulfills all the Laws of Wealth. If you have any query feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Also, let us know whether your career fulfills all these Laws of Wealth?

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