Best way to learn Digital Marketing in 2020

Here is the thing…

If you are a beginner, then the Best way to learn Digital Marketing is to get an Online Entrepreneurship Certification (or OEC); Period!

Though certificates are losing their value these days. But still, they are a reward of your hard work.

I have my degree certificates, not of much use BUT even after seeing them after 10 years of completion they fill me with confidence that I’ve gone through that hard work and performed well to become a top student in my college.

Don’t you think that a qualified GATE or GMAT or CAT Scorecard will fill you with joy every time you see it, no matter how irrelevant to become after 10 + years?

I’ve qualified the GATE exam with under 100 AIR, it always boosts my confidence. As a result, I feel encouraged to take up bigger tasks and solve difficult problems in real life. I become sure that I have a tremendous ability to work hard!

So don’t think that certification is irrelevant, they are always valid as long as you value them.

Coming to the point now…

The best way to start learning Digital Marketing is to do a basic certification called “Online Entrepreneurship Certification”.

Let me tell you briefly about what will happen once you finish this certification, which is based on Learning AND Doing!

What result you will get from the best Digital Marketing course, the Online Entrepreneurship Certification?

NO, you are not getting a physical certificate out of Online Entrepreneurship Certification. But you are getting a project in the form of the recognition of your hard work. Harder the work you put into your training, higher the potential your project (or your website) will have. So, in nutshell:

  1. You will discover your niche area in which you want to become an authority figure in the upcoming years.
  2. You will have your website up and running, which is included with OEC.
  3. You will have access to weekly webinars, where you can learn all the bits and pieces to grow your website to the PRO level.
  4. You will learn the best traffic strategies to be used by beginners.
  5. You will learn everything you need to know about SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.
  6. You will become a top-rated Content Marketer.
  7. You will learn the nextGen Social Media Marketing strategies and apply them for your online business.

After learning the 7-items listed above, you will be able to avail any ONE or ALL of the three tasks listed below that will help you earn money:

  • Working full time on your own website.
  • Work as a freelancer and apply all these learning to help your client’s business.
  • Get a Full-Time Job in the Digital Marketing industry.

But I would suggest you keep working on your own website even if you work as a freelancer or do a full-time job.

Now before getting into the detail of each module of this certification, let me be very honest on what you will NOT learn in this Certification Program:

Paid-Ads and everything which involves huge costs

In this certification program, you will NOT learn the paid-ads strategy, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other marketing methods which involve money!

This program is designed for you to start off with your basic website and drive organic traffic through the power of your content. Yes, you will learn e-mail marketing in the weekly webinars.

Also, there are various other stuff such as Funnel Building, building Landing pages or working on expensive themes that can be used on your WordPress website.

This training believes what I believe, that is “START SMALL” and grow big steadily.

Therefore, I love to promote this training.

Now, let’s get the insight of each module of this training. Fasten your seat belts 🙂

Best way to learn Digital Marketing: What’s Inside?

The training “Online Entrepreneurship Certification” is power-packed in 5 modules and each module has 10 actionable lessons. Let’s get the required insight into each Module:

Module 1:

The first module is 100% FREE. In this Module you will learn about:

  • How this training can help you with earning money online?
  • It will help you to choose your niche.
  • You will be able to build and set-up your website for free.
  • You will create your initial website content, with the necessary website set-up.
  • You will get access to a FREE keyword research tool called Jaaxy. There you will discover the power of keywords for your website.

Below are the lessons of the first module. In the 10th lesson you will get introduced to the Next Steps…

Best way to learn Digital Marketing Module 1


Online Entrepreneurship Certification: Module 1

In nutshell, after completing Module 1, your website will be up and running and with your little commitment you will clearly know about what you will write on your website in upcoming months.

In case you get stuck anywhere, you can approach the entire Wealthy Affiliate Community, owner of the community or even me! You will find that everybody is EAGER to help you out within the community!

Module 2:

The second module and onwards comes under premium membership. If your intention is just to finish Online Entrepreneurship Certification, then you can go for a monthly payment of $49, your first month’s cost will be $19. You will finish all the modules within 2-3 months.

If you want to grow your online business and keep learning and re-implementing all your learning in your website (slowly) then you MUST go for the annual membership, it will cost you $359 (that is $29 p.m.)!

In Module 2 you will learn about:

  • Getting your own domain. In one-click, you will transfer your free website to your own domain (yourname dot com, or yourbrandname dot com). You can purchase your domain at $12!
  •   A major focus of this Module is to provide you all the necessary knowledge that is required for making your website a traffic producing machine. You will learn all the elements step-by-step.

Below are the lessons inside the second module.

Best way to learn Digital Marketing Module 2

Module 2: Online Entrepreneurship Certification

In the 10th lesson, you will be encouraged to write in the Wealthy Affiliate blog and hone your writing and story-telling skills. There are over 2 million co-members in Wealthy Affiliate, are you able to draw their attention to your work.

You are starting it off. It is your best time to practice and experiment with YOURSELF as you acquire Online Marketing ability every single day.

Module 3:

This Module is focused on earning online $$$

In this Module you will learn about:

  • Affiliate Marketing in greater detail along with various affiliate marketplaces.
  • You will get to explore the amazing link called “Affiliate Program” within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Here you can choose your relevant affiliate product from ANY affiliate marketplace!
  • You will learn Google Adsense and start earning money by putting ads to your website.
  • Basics of Google Analytics along with its step-by-step integration in your website, learning all its key features.

Below are the lessons inside the Module 3.

Best way to learn Digital MARKETING Module 3

Module 3: Online Entrepreneurship Certification

After finishing these 9 lessons, you are all set to rock in the world of online business. Lesson 10 will give you motivation, this lesson provides the information which is sort of a link to get ready to start your fourth module.

Module 4:

You are creating your website and starting your online business TO HELP PEOPLE SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM! In this process, you will earn money if you do your things with the right mindset.

Before you start engaging with people through your website, why not start using the digital assets you already know?

I am talking about Social Media Marketing.

Module 4 is focused on Social Media Marketing

When you have your own business, you need to have your social presence in Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

Below is the snapshot on what you will learn in this module:

Best way to learn Digital Marketing Module 4

Module 4: Online Entrepreneurship Certification

In short, you will learn the most effective use of all Social Media Channels. When I finished this module, I naturally felt the growth of my online business and my personal growth as an entrepreneur. And, I’m sure that you will also feel the same thought pattern on your achievement!

Wealthy Affiliate itself is a socially rich community. Here you will find the huge worldwide community of like-minded people, you can share your thoughts, ideas, and learnings within the community and look at different approaches of handling online business by other co-members.

Build up your social marketing muscle. It will be FUN!

Module 5:

This module focuses primarily on utilizing Google Search Console.

Google Search Console (formerly called Google webmaster tool) is an ultimate performance tracker of your website.

Let me tell you that you are going to learn A LOT from this module. And, once you master these concepts; working on your website will become unending joy.

Then you will write pointed articles with powerful keywords, you will be aware of all your competitors and you will be able to understand their strategies. At the same time you can learn from authority figures in your niche area.

Best way to learn Digital Marketing Module 5

Module 5: Online Entrepreneurship Certification

To summarize Module 5 quickly in bullet points. You will learn:

  • Google Search Console
  • Other search engines: Bing and Yahoo
  • How to improve indexing time and speed of your blog!
  • Basics of SEO and conversions
  • How to use Wealthy Affiliate Platform for your website comment or Website feedback.

In the 10th lesson, you will get a detailed plan for your upcoming months and years.

What next…

Once you finish Module 5, there will be weekly webinars where you will get deeper insights into writing powerful content like a pro-blogger and learn SEO from an ultimate expert Jay Neill, I just love his simple and sound approach toward online business.

Within the Wealthy Affiliate Live event dashboard, if you search for “SEO”. The following training will pops-up, you can read their detail and take whatever interests you the most. In a similar way, you can do a search for any of your queries, such as Content writing, analytics, Copywriting and so on.

Digital Marketing SEO webinar

Weekly webinars “SEO”: Online Entrepreneurship Certification

What else do you need to become an online entrepreneur? Within one platform you have all the necessary knowledge and an awesome global community of digital marketers with you!

Online Entrepreneurship Certification Vs. other Digital Marketing Courses:

In this section, I want to convince you about why Online Entrepreneurship Certification is way better than any other Digital Marketing course online.

Here is why!

When you enroll in any Digital Marketing Course online, what trainings will you get?

SEO, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, etc. You will also get the courses on Advertising in Facebook, Google and other social media channel.

But as a newbie, advertising courses are not required for you at this stage. Because

  • You are not a marketer or salesman by profession, yet. So your job is to make yourself a person with a marketing attitude and it happens slowly.
  • Learn to drive organic traffic.
  • Learn the users’ behavior from your website analytics report.
  • Make your website 100% user-friendly especially with your target audience.
  • Your initial job is not to start selling your products but to build an unshakeable trust of your audience on your work.

Coming to the point.

Online Entrepreneurship Certification is better than any other Digital Marketing course because:

  1. You will have access to huge global community of like-minded people, where you can ask any question anytime and you will get your answer in no time. I’ve experienced this myself.
  2. Only premium members have the access within the community, and they are all serious about their business. You have to be in such community, especially in your initial years.
  3. You will get your web hosting for free. If you don’t want to buy your domain name, you will have your entire website for free.
    Not just one you can create 50 websites for free if you are a premium member. And, why do you need 50 websites? Well, as your business grow you will need a separate website for your separate product or services. Isn’t it?
  4. There are hi-tech features within the Wealthy Affiliate platform such as Site Comment, Site Feedback and Site Manager. You can get comments in your blog posts from your co-members. There is a procedure for it. That I’ll discuss in some other post on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. But you can get as many comments as you want through the Site Comment facility.
  5. There is a ranking system within the community, if you have a better engaging skill higher will be your rankings and more people will know you as an authority.
  6. If you purchase your website from web service providers such as Bluehost, HostGator etc. Don’t you think you will be working in isolation? No engaging community, getting 1-2 comments in a month. Sometimes zero comments! No feedback on your website! Zero interaction with the mentor who recorded those courses.
  7. Though other Digital Marketing Training providers might have their own private facebook or WhatsApp groups BUT you cannot get an answer when you actually need them. Also, in such communities, everybody looks for and be in interaction with the successful people within the community, and most of the time they don’t actually care about newbie’s questions.
  8. If you are doing affiliate marketing, you will get all your affiliate products within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Then you can go ahead and create your account with that particular affiliate marketplace, after choosing your favourite product. Whereas, if you are not in wealthy affiliate community, you have to create account in all the affiliate marketplaces and search for your relevant product individually, you may find it luckily!!
  9. Let us say if you don’t have any product to promote. What will you do? Well, if you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and really understood and enjoyed that platform over a period of months or more. Then you can start promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform straightway. Whereas with other Digital Marketing training, you are always looking out for your ideal affiliate product. Since they don’t have any affiliate program.
  10. With a wealthy affiliate platform, you can earn your first dollar within 1-2 months. How? Well, there are several tasks within the wealthy affiliate community which contain Cash-Credit. 2 cash credit earned is equivalent to a dollar. So you are earning while you are just learning about selling and not actually selling anything.

Everything is fine but Online Entrepreneurship Certification seems to be expensive!

Is $359 (or INR 25,000) a year expensive for you?

Let’s do some maths.

Let’s say you are paying min. Rs. 15,000 for your Digital Marketing course from outside.

Also, you are paying min Rs. 10,000 a year for your domain and web hosting. And, your mentor will suggest you to purchase other premium tools which you don’t actually require at this stage. But you will take it because you have to follow your mentor! Right?

It sums up to Rs. 25,000+ with no hope of earning any $ along with working in isolation!

Honestly speaking I do not see ANY reason for choosing any other Digital Marketing course over Online Entrepreneurship Certification.

If you have enough time and money then you can go ahead and listen to what they are saying, if you feel compelled about listening to them.

But let me assure you by emphasizing that the Best way to learn Digital Marketing is Online Entrepreneurship Certification from Wealthy Affiliate Platform, if you are a beginner.

At the end…

I know there is a lot of noise out there in the internet, everybody might be sharing varying opinions. And funnily some people might be selling their own Digital Marketing courses in $15-$20 (INR 3000-5000) that they might have recorded couple of days back after 2-3 months of learning or their recording work is still in progress and they have already started selling their courses. Please don’t get into this cheap trap. Look for “cheap AND best”, but not for the cheapest!

Respect Digital Marketing before learning it. The course I’m suggesting you is in existence since last 15+ years with a learners’ community of 2 Million+ people. I’m a living example who learned Digital Marketing and still learning new stuff regularly and will continue to learn and share.

Assignment for you: Fill in the blank


Share your answer in the comment section, if you still remember 🙂

Otherwise, read the link text down below lol 🙂 Get on board and start your brand new journey of Digital Marketing in this new decade. Click the link below and join the best Digital Marketing Training in this planet now,

Best way to learn Digital Marketing link

If you have any further queries, it means you are a real learner. Please go ahead and drop all your queries or experience in the comment below.

You can be into my eSTEP community by joining my Private Facebook Group!

I wish you the best Digital Marketing career ahead!

Akshay Saxena



12 thoughts on “Best way to learn Digital Marketing in 2020”

  1. This is a well thought out, well organized lesson on getting certification.  I thought the way you laid out the modules including the price and the anticipated results was brilliant.  I obtained my certification a few years ago.  I wish this post had been available at that time because I spent a great deal of time looking through programs and not understand the progression of training and the use of tools.  I think you article will help a lot of people who are interested in an online business move toward certification and success.

    • Thank you very much Anastazja for your valuable review. Glad to know that you have finished this online entrepreneurship certification. Though it is not a physical, traditional certificate, but we end up with our own traffic producing website, once we finish Module 5. Isn’t it!!

  2. I have done the training you have mentioned here and I must admit it has done wonders for my online business. Where else can you get training like this for the low price it is offered at, and these are skills you can use to generate money online for life. This course teaches you to build a sustainable income that nobody can ever take away from you.

    The best part is that the training is continually updated and added to, so you never stop learning something new even when everything keeps changing around us, we can keep up with the latest trends in the internet marketing world.

    • I’m glad that you have done the Online Entrepreneurship Certification training. It is by far THE best way to learn digital marketing, even if somebody knows nothing about it. 

      The beauty of this course is endless and we cannot squeeze it in one article. If required I will write multiple articles on this most important and emerging subject. 

      Thanks a lot for reading this post and giving your thoughtful comment.

  3. $359 per year does, indeed, sound expensive. What if I can’t afford that? Is there a free trial? Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work? That’s a lot of lessons, which must surely be necessary if someone wants to be successful. I’m glad there is a lot of training. What about support for websites? I don’t know anything about coding! It would be just my luck to build a great website, then accidentally delete the whole thing. If I’m expected to pay $359 for something, I want quality support. How many websites can I actually have? This whole training course sounds exciting; I just want to make sure I’ll be able to get something out of it. Thank you for sharing all the links!

    • $359 upfront payment was expensive for me as well, when I was starting off. I had 2 choices: to remain a person with the “lack” mentality OR to step up and lead by paying the price of becoming a person I want to become. With little savings, I was easily able to afford this program. And I’ve been reaping its benefits since Day-1.

      This is one of my major conscious decision in my life, that I would never ever regret!

      Answering your questions: Yes you will get your free trial, in that trial you can finish your Module 1 and get your free website up and running. Honestly, I don’t understand why they offer a free trial, but it’s their big heart and willingness to be accessible to many people internationally. After the free trial, you will get a discounted price of $19, it is enough time for you to decide whether it will work for you! 

      Concept of a refund is not available because they already have a free trial and 1 month of discounted premium membership for you to have a closer insight.

      Site Support is awesome, better than Bluehost. And, as a premium member, you can get access to 50 websites, I’ve detailed it in this article itself. 

      So go ahead and join this program and you will never ever regret this decision. 

      Anyway, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  4. All you have presented here is massive and I must say that I found this lovely. Learning digital marketing is not an easy thing to do but with proper dedication, it is sure to yield the best results. What you shared here is massive for me to know of and I really fancy it. Taking online entrepreneur certification would surely mean a solid foundation. Great one to see here

  5. Admin thanks very much for this great and helpful article about digital marketing, for really I have enjoyed reading this article from its beginning to its end and through this post, I have got to know the ultimate way to learn digital marketing and that’s to get an online entrepreneurship certification and am excited for getting one soon. Thanks very much for this enjoyable and engaging information.

    • Thanks Mugalu for sharing your views. To grow in any field, you need a basic certification. Though you are not getting a physical certificate in case of OEC but you are ending up with a traffic producing website, which is way more valuable than a certificate. Isn’t it!!

  6. Hey, this is very relevant to me at the moment, as it’s something I’m currently doing. The training I’m doing is very good and very helpful in creating your very own online business.

    I’m loving every part of it, and I’m starting to build something I’m becoming to be proud of. I’ve came so far, so to give up now would be silly to throw it all away. 

    I was just wondering whether you had done anything like this before you started? Or was this the first thing you got into online? Thanks


    • Thanks for your comment, Darren. I wish I would have known about this course when I started off. I simply bought one website, with no clear direction on where to go further. 

      Now I always suggest everyone should start with their FREE website and grow slowly. Always be under expert guidance and learn within the community. This is the very reason I recommend this course, it has all the necessary elements to start with.


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