Affiliate Marketing Success: Wealthy Affiliates vs. Broke Affiliates!

All Affiliates go through the same path, have the same purpose and they all work very hard. But an only small fraction of them turns out to be Wealthy Affiliates and most of them end up becoming a Broke Affiliate.

Let’s dig a bit deeper, what qualities actually separates Wealthy Affiliates from Broke Affiliates:


Wealthy Affiliates have a strong passion to add value in other people’s lives. They give every bit of their efforts to improve themselves and their services.

Broke Affiliates lacks true passion, it’s just not in their being. Though they work very hard, their roots are not deeply rooted and they wonder, what’s wrong? Truth is their passion is deflected largely towards more and more income and unconsciously they end up deluding their customers selling random products, for the sake of profit.


Wealthy Affiliates have greater goals and visions of the future. They are well aware of the greater life they are going to experience later on.

Broke Affiliates lives with a mission to gain better profits each year.


Wealthy Affiliate has the mindset of a Business Owner,

Broke Affiliate operates with a mindset of an employee.


Wealthy Affiliates always educate themselves according to changing times. And they are fast learners.

For Broke Affiliates education ends in college, and they assume that they already know everything they need.


Wealthy Affiliates are financially literate. They know how to manage their money. They possess fair knowledge about investment world.

Broke Affiliates are blind about money management. They run their financial life according to their past programming acquired from their family members.


They know what they are doing and how they can achieve smaller and greater successes. Through their laser focus, they reach impossible heights.

Broke Affiliates are mostly distracted by more and more expensive opportunities to promote. Again, their only target is making more and more money.


Wealthy Affiliates are aware of the laws of life. They know how to think and act. They know how to keep themselves motivated. And, they live with the positive mental attitude of success.

Broke Affiliates are mostly run by life and circumstances. And, they live with a random mental attitude, if not so negative.


The persona of Wealthy Affiliate is clearly visible from his Body language and confidence level. They are relaxed and happy fellows.

The persona of Broke Affiliate is mostly visible by their depressed and stressed out expressions.

Digging Deeper:

Now let us explore Top-7 common traits of failures, which causes most affiliates to end up being a broke affiliate.

1. Poor Self Esteem

2. Dismissal of past mistakes

3. Lack of Conviction.

4. Lack of Discipline

5. Lack of Persistence

6. Rationalization

7. Fatalistic Attitude

The number one habit, that must be acquired by anyone who is not getting a result is AWARENESS. Most of the thoughts happen unconsciously. If anyone who is not getting desired results must be aware of above Top- 7 danger zones, which leads to failure.

Now, let’s see how to come out of it.

Top-10 Power Tips:

1. Get to the root cause: It requires the answering of 5-WHYs. Why current result is messed up!! It should be kept in mind that, single failure shouldn’t be confused with a final defeat.

2. Simplify Life: Clarity has POWER. Simplified Life leads to better clarity.

3. Failure is an event: It must be understood that failure is not a person. By slightly modified metal attitude anyone can be successful.

4. Free your Mind: Motivating thoughts or self-talk always works wonders. Truth is, we become what we think about. So,

It is essential to choose our thoughts.

5. Change your Perspective: Our focus should be on opportunities that our current action could bring. Our focus should never be on an obstacle. Because whatever we focus on, expands. Keeping in mind that, failure always teaches success.

6. Personal Growth: Continuous learning is mandatory for success. The learning process should be like bathing every day.

7. Imagine Future: Eyes must be on the prize that the goal can bring. Using the power of creative imagination greater successes can be achieved.

8. Stay in the ‘NOW’: In the vocabulary of success, there is no concept of tomorrow. ‘NOW’ is the best moment to work hard with our true potential.

9. Live your passion: Full dedication towards our passion is the key. We must not work with double-minded attitude, it leads to nowhere.

10. Ready-Fire-Aim: After getting ready, we must not expect to aim perfectly on the spot. The sequence should be Fire First Aim Next. FIRE AND AIM. Till we hit the spot.

Also, we must remember the notable personalities, who were identified as failures. They are the ones, who succeeded after massive repeated failures. But they learn from their mistakes and persisted towards their path to greatness. The list is endless but some popular ones are:

1. Steve Jobs

2. Thomas Edison

3. Michael Jordan

4. Mark Zuckerberg

5. Nelson Mandela

6. Bill Gates

7. Abraham Lincoln

8. Isaac Newton

9. Walt Disney

10. Winston Churchill

11. Albert Einstein

12. Henry Ford

If they can do it, we can do it too. Some may argue, that I have not listed the affiliates. But the job of an affiliate is to present their product and services for the benefit of people and this job is not at all different from other listed personalities. They brought change through their works.


Hope this post will be useful for you. So it is possible to migrate from Broke Affiliate or a Beginner to become a Wealthy Affiliate.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Akshay Saxena


19 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Success: Wealthy Affiliates vs. Broke Affiliates!”

  1. I think affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for people who look for passive income. I think you did a good job to talk about personality as many sites don’t talk about it. I wonder how long does it take to earn full time income?

  2. I think affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for people who look for passive income. I think you did a good job to talk about personality as many sites don’t talk about it. I wonder how long does it take to earn full time income from wealthy affiliate program?

    Thank you for this post, it is motivational, sometimes we give up too soon, a lot of people need this.

  3. In my opinion, affiliate marketing should be viewed in terms of time and commitment. Anyone looking to make fast money or become an overnight success will quickly become discouraged and will be come, as you put it, “broke affiliate.

    I have gone through times of motivation and times of less motivation and people should also be prepared for this cyclic scenario and not expect to ride the high not be discouraged if these periods do occur. Thanks for a great post.


  4. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to meYou did an excellent job of providing education and resources; The article was well written and easy to understand

    With my little experience with affiliate marketing; I am confident that I can develop a trait of a successful and wealthy affiliate. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article.

  5. Hey,

    This is really a great article . Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor about by the affiliates marketing efforts . Affiliate marketing is probably one of  the quickest and cheapest ways to start making money online . Thanks for sharing this excellent article with us .

  6. This is an incredible blog post.

     I really love the way you outlined the reviews on Broke vs. Wealthy affiliates which has stood out of the multitude. I cannot but admit to all you have written. It’s a very motivating post for all newbies who are starting Affiliate business now. I must say this is an eye-opener. This is the most extensive article i have ever read. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  7. Thanks for sharing this post. Marketing affiliates will teach interested and intending online business person to know how to make passive income. And kudos to you mentioning the names of important personalities in world that never gave up their dreams till they achieve them. I wish is for one everyone to me financially free. 

  8. It is rather unfortunate but most affiliates online are broke affiliates. They are only interested in the now but don’t just think about the future. They are not focused on helping people which should be the main job of an online affiliate. The traits listed above for wealthyaffiliates is 100% and to succeed online they would have to be a part of us.

    I am not perfect to say that I possess every one of those traits but I do what I can to make most of them while trying to one day have all of them. This post was pretty good advice to online entrepreneurs and a lot of lessons can be taken from it. 

  9. Hi Akshay Saxena,

    After reading your article, I have learned all of those step by step guidelines for my mental confidence. I believe those tips will be very helpful for all beginners who are not confident enough to start a affiliate business. I have already joined in your recommended the wealthy affiliate marketing as a premium member and started learning some training which is helpful for me. I am going to read your other article for learning more tips. Thanks for sharing this helpful tips.

    • Thank you for going through those steps and appreciating them. They are necessary skills to become successful in Affiliate marketing. 


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