Affiliate Marketing: First Step Action Plan

This is perhaps the most important post which every new Affiliate Marketer must read before they start their online business and start taking bold steps towards its development. In this post, I am going to reveal step by step game plan, which I am sure is the cheapest and the best way available to us on our entire planet.

Research says that those who are new in earning money online are desirous to earn somewhere between $100 and $500 consistently each month. And, most of them end up losing a lot of money online buying various expensive tools and systems in the hope of earning a couple of dollars online.

Affiliate Marketing: My early days’ experience

When I started off I had an idea about earning through Affiliate Marketing and everyone knows the basics of earning money through Affiliate Marketing. And, I knew that very first thing I need is my own website. Without a website, nothing will work out as desired, and it is true! Our website is indeed our online home and we must have it. I purchased my domain and hosting in the hope of implementing my little knowledge of Affiliate Marketing. But while I was working towards it, I felt a strong need of a mentor, who can guide me in the implementation process.

I did a lot of research in finding ‘MY TYPE’ of a mentor. I decided to invest not more than $50 to any mentor unless I can earn my first dollar online. In fact, I made a list of the kinds of stuff I was looking for back then, I’m going to share with you. Below is the list:

  1. Trustworthy Platform with Minimum investment from my side.
  2. Earn my first dollar as soon as possible, ideally within weeks.
  3. Support of all Online tools such as website and other necessary tools for minimum amount possible.
  4. The team of like-minded people, who are doing the same stuff that I’m doing.
  5. Standard Curriculum to practically learn and earn from Affiliate Marketing, to be taught by a mentor.
  6. The sense of competition within the mentor’s coaching group.
  7. Rewards and greater opportunities ahead, once I finish the training successfully and implemented it.

I saw many amazing mentors promising to help me earn ten thousand and a hundred thousand dollars if I follow their system. But the problem was two-fold,

  • As a beginner I only wanted to earn my first dollar, then $100, $200 and so on.
  • I had a budget of only $50 (INR 3500), until I earn my first dollar online and see it growing on a regular basis. But they require me to pay thousands of dollars as soon as I start. A big NO from me.

I thought, will there be any mentor who fulfills all of my 7 needs! I even thought of joining the program who asks for 1000s of dollars, but they were totally throwing away my NEED no. 2, that is earning my first dollar quickly. In fact, there was no such hope in months after training. I was required to take big steps and make big money. But I love Basics. I decided firmly not to waste my time and money on them. Also, I dropped my idea of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Solution: Hope Arises

How true is the saying, “Whatever you focus on expands”, after spending significant time learning about Affiliate Marketing and finding mentors. Finally, I found a mentor and a wonderful platform he has created called “WEALTHY AFFILIATE”. I was marveled to learn about it, as I was desperately looking for exactly such a platform. After learning about it in depth, I felt that except for my second need, all 6 needs are getting fulfilled. But also there were many success stories who earned good money within weeks. Now, I was required to take a step of faith. I took a bold step, paid $19 for my first month and within 3 weeks I started earning a couple of dollars every day. In addition, I got my website hosted by the platform itself, at no extra cost. I am overjoyed to join this international community of Affiliate Marketers of every niche possible.

Excited so far. Now, I’m going to give a brief description of how my needs are fulfilled, all 8 needs one by one.

How “Wealthy Affiliate” fulfilled each need

  1. Trustworthy Platform with Minimum investment:
    Wealthy Affiliate has already completed a successful 14 years since it’s inception in 2005 and already has millions of members worldwide. If you talk about investment, it truly cares for us. 1 week is absolutely FREE. For the first month, the investment is only $19. If we choose to pay yearly, then it’s only $359, that is less than $1 per day!! And, you will earn much more than this each month. What else do you need!!
  2. Earning the first dollar within weeks:
    Within the platform, there are many opportunities to earn by doing various tasks such as creating your own training or giving comments on other’s website and many more. Even before you advertise your own website to the public. It is a blessing for newbies and gives enormous confidence when you start earning while learning.
  3. Online tools Support such as website and other necessary tools:
    Website with SSL is included in membership! Creating a website has never been so simple, as provided by this platform. Keyword research tool JAAXY is also included. You can see all relevant affiliate products from different affiliate marketplaces inside this platform itself, all under membership. And so much more, I’ll give greater detail of “Wealthy Affiliate” platform in my separate post. Here, I’m covering only necessary points for newbies.
  4. BIG Team of like-minded people:

    Oh. it is a huge team with millions of members. You will get the feeling of studying at an international University. Whenever I get stuck, I put up a question and get many replies within 5-10 min. They are very supportive and I have personally made really good friends within this community and looking forward to work with many in the future, especially those who are from India, as we can also meet locally.
  5. Standard Curriculum to Enhance Learning and Earning potential
    People become Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers and so on after following a standard curriculum. Wealthy Affiliate provides a certification course called “ONLINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP CERTIFICATION”, it is the world’s best course for newbie online Entrepreneur, with so many success stories. And, many more are coming up every year. It is a must course for a newbie. Don’t start Affiliate Marketing without taking this practical course. Period.
  6. The sense of competition within the community.
    There is a ranking system within this platform. More we progress in training, more we support each other and be active in this community our ranks will improve. When I started off, my rank was about 2 lacs in my first week and within 6 weeks I came under 500. I know, who is above me and what they are doing. I have an idea on what I’ve to do or how to proceed to become a pro- high ranking member. It’s motivating. Even big universities have ranking systems, Right!!
    So, who you are? Top-ranked or low ranked? Click my image on the left side and find out.
  7. Rewards and greater opportunities ahead:
    If we do our work by dedication and determination. There is no way of not succeeding. And, when you succeed they have wonderful 3 Days fully paid conference in Vegas. Everybody who fulfills the required criteria is invited to Las Vegas (USA). There you will get a chance to explore more opportunities among super experts. It’s super rewarding. For more details comment below.

And, don’t wait any further. If you are into Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely essential. Start with your free trial and discover why it is not for you 🙂 Click the image below, and get started for FREE with zero risks:

Your benefits, if you join through this website:

1. Free Access to supportive videos (upcoming in this website) to finish “Online Entrepreneurship Certification”, without leaving a single bit of information untouched.

2. I’m looking for business partners in India who works with me. I’ve so many upcoming initiatives. Join through my link, get into premium membership and I’ll send you the details on how we can team up.

So, I hope you have found my real life experience useful for you. And, hope you appreciate my theory of starting small and dreaming BIG! Looking forward to working with you soon.


Best Wishes

Akshay Saxena

16 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: First Step Action Plan”

  1. Hi Mr.Akshay Saxena, 

    This is what I was searching for right now, tips to run a website smoothly. With the help of WA, creating a website is not a big deal. But it’s not a simple task without understanding the necessary steps for building a successful site. Your tips are what I was looking for. With some dedication and hard work, it will be effective for sure.

    One question sir, 

    ⏺What happens if anyone doesn’t up great to premium after 7 days of creating a free account       on WA?

    Thanking you for sharing this valuable and useful article.

    • Hi Badhan, thanks for your appreciation. Coming to your question, I don’t understand why people want a free trial if the first month is available for discounted $19 already, where you can use all available features with full access to all training modules. 

      If you don’t like your first month you can move ahead and find something else of your choice, who give everything for free. 

      Still, WA gives a free trial to make up our mind for greater success and actions ahead. Therefore, better get ready and put skin on the game 100%. And, if somebody doesn’t upgrade to premium, he will remain a basic member in WA, and website will shut down after 30 days automatically.

  2. Hi Akshay, 

    Your story is quite similar to mine. I’ve been into affiliate marketing for a while now but not really earning a reasonable amount of money that would encourage another person to join. I jumped from platform to platform when I discovered that most of those platforms were asking for outrageous fee before I could really do anything reasonable. I don’t know what kept me going, but I kept pressing on. Few weeks ago, a friend introduced me to wealthy affiliate. At first, I was skeptical about the platform because of my previous experiences with other platforms.but so far so good, I can boldly say that I’ve gained a lot from wealthy affiliate. 

    • Yes. I do agree that success depends largely on us. But we are required to start small and economical. Other platforms do add value but their prime focus is the business of making money.
      I couldn’t see that in WA, we have much down to earth founders. Super friendly and supportive to the community.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Wealthy Affiliates continues to surpass every other online marketing academy. I loved what you said about the competition. Its a very healthy competition because it is based on your performance and activeness in the community and whoever wants to surpass you should strive to be more active in effect promoting good performance and activities from members on the community. Unlike the unhealthy competition on other social platforms where the competition is based on the ratio of followers to following. This part particularly touched me when I first came in board

  4. Your analysis  about first steps action plan in affiliate marketing really got my attention, I have been on wealthy affiliate for few months but I learn new things everyday and this has added to the list. My first thoughts about affiliate marketing was not what it is now, and I never for once thought of going deeply into it the way I’m doing, thanks to the mentor who introduced WA to me and still guiding me till now. 

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Wealthy Affiliates continues to surpass every other online marketing academy.I’ve been into affiliate marketing for a while now but not really earning a reasonable amount of money that would encourage another person to join.Unlike the unhealthy competition on other social platforms where the competition is based on the ratio of followers to following. 

  6. This is a great and simple to follow guide on Affiliate marketing rightpath.

    You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for newbies.The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is enormous. There are tons of lessons to help you fully understand the wide scope of affiliate marketing. There are also awesome tools like jaaxy, site health, site feedback, site comments and domain registration.

  7. Thanks for your elaborate explanation about affiliate marketing and your experience with failures and success. As a new online marketer , I  am happy to hear a lot from your  blog and succeed just as you’ve done. I have delved into numerous online marketing and end up throwing out money. I am over the moon to join Wealthy Affiliate because there’s absolutely nothing like it , and the steps you’ve mentioned in your blog are just what it takes to excel and transform the normal life we’ve been used to. I have a question for you about how you start making money just after three weeks with wealthy affiliate, the training alone is intense and building a website is no joke, and we are told WA is not quick rich platform.


    • Yes, there are ways to earn money within WA Platform, for more details ping me through this website contact us page. 

      Cheers 🙂

  8. I can imagine how you felt before joining Wealthy Affiliate. I personally was scammed a number of times before I came across Wealthy Affiliate. If I had use your list, I probably wouldn’t have gotten scammed. Now, I advise anyone who is looking to join affiliate marketing to join Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate program provides enough support for anyone to be successful online, and you can begin earning in a couple of weeks. 


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