About eSTEP

My name is Akshay Saxena, I welcome you to my personal blog. 

eStep is a term coined for the brave action-step we take to come out of pain or seemingly unending misery in our life. 

I call it an entrepreneurial step or eSTEP. 

Lack of right knowledge causes pain and misery in life. And, we cannot attain the right knowledge, if we don’t have clarity on what we actually want!! 

estepAffiliate was started at my down moment when life wasn’t making any sense to me, and I wanted to do something in life. 

In the process of understanding life, my biggest takeaway was I NEED TO HELP OTHERS. Somehow I entered into the Digital Marketing field, you can read more details in this post.

I help companies in creating their Digital Marketing strategy. 

Help individuals to learn Online Marketing, so they may be able to help others. 

I believe that Affiliate Marketing is the first step you should take to hone your life skill and surely Affiliate Marketing can help you grow personally, professionally, and financially. Therefore, this blog is called estepAffiliate.

My Vision

  1. Helping others to take eStep in their lives. 
  2. Helping companies to take eStep in their business. 
  3. Everyone may live a highly successful life, no matter what!

My Mission

  1. Working with my best skills and abilities to help companies to achieve greater heights in their business..
  2. Continuous learning and being constantly updated in my field and helping my audience to consistently grow in the right knowledge. 

If you align with this message and want to take an eStep by learning Affiliate Marketing, then click the link below and join the eStep movement.

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