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Hello, this is Akshay. Welcome to my website estepaffiliate.com. I appreciate your time to read the “About” page.

I am an emerging Digital Marketer who truly believe in living Internet Lifestyle.

Why the Internet Lifestyle?

Because by leveraging the power of the Internet we can reach out and help many people through our services.

What are my services?

I have my upcoming courses in 2 categories:

  1. XL Wealth: It is a huge course consists of everything you need to live a prosperous Internet Lifestyle in a step-by-step manner, irrespective of niche. It is intended for those who want to stay ahead from the rat-race prevailing in our dying employment system. (where employed and unemployed both are unhappy!!)
  2. MathematicsLand: It is targeted to the students from Class V to X and consists only the cream concepts from Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science that are essential and workable in today’s day and age. It is intended for those who want to stay ahead from the rat-race prevailing in our dying education system. Currently, I offer these classes offline, in my spare time.

This website is a part of XL-Wealth Project. My blog posts are focused on winning the INNER and OUTER game to become a successful online entrepreneur. The inner game has to do with our mindset and old conditioning and Outer game consists of mastering Digital Marketing tools and effective marketing strategies to grow our online business.

More about Myself

My educational background is rooted in my favorite field of study “Aerospace Engineering”. After doing my B.E. in Aerospace Engineering, I was introduced to the job market for the first time and I found it super pathetic. Certain software companies were visiting the campus for interviews and hiring anyone from ANY degree and ANY specialization. It was a horrible experience. I was adamant to attend only my field related interview. Anyways, it was my warm welcome to REAL LIFE!!! 🙂

Then I decided to do a Masters in Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Avionics. I loved Avionics because it consists of the cool topics like weapon system, fighter jets, missiles, navigation, control and guidance of Space Vehicles, and much more exciting topics. Anyways, I did my masters with high grades and awarded by the University Rank Holder Award.

Still, I hated JOB Market. Therefore, I decided to do a Ph.D. in Avionics from Cranfield University, UK. As it aligns more with my specific interest. I started preparing for Ph.D. by doing an RA job under IIT Professors.

In the meantime…

I had a habit of reading the Bible. No other book, ONLY Bible, apart from my subject books. Because I really had no idea about other best-selling authors, back then 🙂

In the Bible, I read some of the Scriptures which stirred my thoughts and my ways of living life. I’ll describe this transformation process in one of my YouTube video.

Then I attended a truly life-changing event called Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) in Chennai. The event was conducted by Harv Eker in the year 2017. This was the first time I learned about prosperity, the idea of being an entrepreneur, and as the homework from this event, I read uncountable books on Money and Success.

As I was working full time, whatever the salary I was getting, I used to save and invest in purchasing Harv-Eker online Courses one after the other. And, my ears are always stuffed with Audible learning from successful people.

During MMI, I met Siddharth Rajsekar, he was a crew member there, while purchasing a Harv Eker book called SpeedWealth. There was the demonetization effect in 2017, Siddharth offered me the help of getting the change of Rs. 2000, no one else was ready to take Rs. 2000 note among crew member except Siddharth. I was impressed with him.

At the end of MMI, I came to know that Siddharth is a Social Media expert. I noted that in my mind because I felt that I can do well in online stuff, as I’m in front of my laptop most of the time, anyways. But, I got busy in learning business, wealth and success mindset from Harv Eker and Brian Tracy.

Almost after a year, I typed in Google “Siddharth Success Gyan” and I managed to find him somehow. Because I valued that event a lot, so I had absolutely no issue in trusting Siddharth, in fact, I was very thankful for that particular event that happened in my life.

And, I joined Siddharth Rajsekar’s Internet Lifestyle Hub, Inner Circle. I was surprised initially because everything he says makes a lot of sense to me.

I was happy while following his system BUT I really face one serious difficulty. And, the problem was the stuff he was teaching was Level-2 or Level-3. Level-1 was neglected. I wanted to follow his system BUT without neglecting Level-1 work.

Level-1 is the most important for me to get started, as Level-1 has to do with Content Creation or Blogging!

After some research, I found a wonderful community based international platform for Bloggers, called Wealthy Affiliate. After joining Wealthy Affiliate I was cheerful and thankful, as I was looking exactly for this. Content within Wealthy Affiliate was way beyond my expectation.

I was able to earn my first dollar, first $50, $100 within a few months of joining the platform.

Surprisingly, Wealthy Affiliate Platform not only give training videos but also provide necessary online tools such as the website and many more! I’ll describe it in greater detail in my YouTube Video.

To know more about me, my courses and for being in touch send me a message through Contact Form.

I’ll be happy to revert back 🙂

Thanks for your time reading about me. Now, take some time to tell about you in the comment below. I’ll be glad to hear from you.



Akshay Saxena


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