About eSTEP

eSTEP is a part of the new age movement of living an Internet Lifestyle of freedom and be liberated from a 9-6 job!

The purpose of eSTEP is to make every human being to take an entrepreneurial Step and have their own Home and Services/Products ONLINE!

If you are ready to take an entrepreneurial Step or eStep then this website is for you. 

Read this personalized letter written just for you!

Hi eStepper,

Welcome to my online home.

My name is Akshay Saxena. A Content-Engineer. I have a passion to live an internet lifestyle with digital purpose, digital prosperity, and digital joy!
And, I’m a GOD Lover! 

I call this website eStep Affiliate because I believe that Affiliate Marketing should be the first step of any eStepper. Why?


  • You can have your favorite online or offline readymade products and start learning and leveraging your marketing skills from Day-1.
  • You will learn about great online products, before creating your own. 
  • You will get lucrative commissions in the range of 50%-60% from the company whose products you are selling
  • eSteps are difficult. But, through affiliate marketing, your practical re-education process will start with a series of failures and successes without a huge investment! 

In my experience, without self-education or re-education, it is hard to take even initial eSteps. You can learn about my self-education process in this post

So, what are the initial eSteps?

The very first step is to find out whether you can really take eSteps or not?

When I started off with my initial eSteps, I needed 3 things:

  1. A website, that is my home online at minimum possible cost.
  2. Step-By-Step guidance along with a like-minded community, where I can ask my queries and share my issues.
  3. A good product to promote

If you are into online space for the last 2 days or last 2 years, you WILL need the above things. Period.

As a very first step in your eStep; let us sincerely take 7 days’ time and follow through the Online Entrepreneurship Training for FREE! Just to check whether or not you can do it!

In these 7 days, you will get a website, a worldwide community and a good idea about the product you can promote; all for FREE!! 

For 7 days, simply follow through the training, just do what it asks you to do. I promise it doesn’t require a single dime!

Once you feel those 7-days comfortable. Then march into another 30-Day by just paying 1500 bucks! And, 

  • You will get access to all the premium features of the training. Such as weekly webinars, full access to all courses, and opportunity to earn dollars! You WILL make your first online dollar within your first 30-Days!
  • You will get into my inner circle and our relationship with me will formally begin from that point onwards. I’ll guide you 121! 

If you are comfortable with 30-Days, and it excites you, then welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. 

Prepare your mind for Re-Education and dive full-in!

Along with the online worldwide community, here is what you will learn from this website:

  • Essentials of Marketing online
  • Essential steps to write Powerful online content.
  • Selling products through exceptional CopyWriting skills
  • Getting deeper clarity to find your niche area
  • Basics of WordPress for creating our website.
  • Essential elements of SEO.
  • Google Analytics; and much more

Let’s join us and be a proud part of the Internet Lifestyle movement.

We will contribute together to this movement created by many online legends worldwide. And let’s take our home and our country out of poverty and out of a poor mindset!

Before joining the movement 100% and moving ahead, let’s grill your mind with re-education for 7-Days, absolutely FREE!!

I’ll see you inside!

Cheers 🙂

Akshay Saxena

P.S. Click the link below and I look forward to seeing you taking massive eSteps and living Internet Lifestyle!


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