Hello and Welcome to estepaffiliate.com.

Thank you for taking the first step towards building your own online business. Congratulations!!

This platform will guide you to win your INNER and OUTER game to become a successful online entrepreneur. The inner game has to do with strengthening your Mindset, awareness of Laws of Life and Laws of Wealth. Whereas outer game consists of all the tools and systems you require to become an online entrepreneur.

Nowadays there are many programs in the market which says, you don’t need a website to make money, or they simply ask you to promote their system and lure you with fat commissions.

Come on and gain some basic online experience, succeed in it and create your strong online presence before going after money.

This platform is focused on SUCCESS first and WEALTH next.

We believe in hard work, online experience through your own content in your niche. We are here to give you the right direction so you can monetize your content and we will guide you step by step to become an online entrepreneur.

So, congratulations for taking first e-step towards online business. Your first e-step is called BEING A SUCCESSFUL AFFILIATE. This first e-step will orient your mind towards online marketing and equip you with basic skills to succeed online.


I always wanted to do something of my own, but like many others, I was not guided. Also, since I was born in a small town, I had not much exposure to a good lifestyle. A very simple attitude, whatever comes by, everything was OK for me.

After all my higher degrees, I asked myself, that, what I can do just by myself? And, I figured out a simple response, which was “To teach school students!”. Since my mind was creative, I designed my own curriculum towards the faster understanding of Maths and Physics. I called this curriculum: MATHEMATICSLAND. And, named my coaching class as: “STEP Academy”. I received a wonderful response from students and guardians.

Later, I learn about online business and wanted to reach out many. There, I saw huge potential, a kind of new life starts revealing within me. When I saw successful online entrepreneurs from India and around the world, I realized that this is exactly what I was looking for! Doing what I love, whenever and wherever I want!!

I loved the FREEDOM that is offered by an online business. And after taking a couple of steps, I realized that there is NO LIMIT TO INCOME YOU EARN just by doing exactly what you love to do. MathematicsLand is currently in the process to arrive online.

After learning from experts, I have realized that Affiliate Marketing is the first step to learn all necessary foundational online skills, that would be useful in any online business we might think of. So, I started off with Affiliate Marketing and after a couple of ups and downs, got wonderful results. And, realized that it’s about winning the inner game first. Money making skills are not taught in our schools, but you will learn them whenever you are ready!


The unemployment rate in India is ever-increasing. Those who are in a job are often frustrated or underpaid.

Let me ask you a couple of questions;

1. With your existing job, how many people are you able to help?

2. Are you really satisfied with your financial life?

3. Are you happy with whatever knowledge you have now?

4. Are you sure you are growing and thriving every single day?

5. Do you have clear goals and visions of your future? And, last but not the least

6. Are you currently employed?

If your answer is NO to any of the above questions, you need help. We are here to guide you.


This platform will provide you step by step guidance in your journey towards Online Business. You will win your inner game by conquering your deepest fears and uncertainty and, of course, you will win your outer game by mastering the tools and systems useful to make massive money online.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Akshay Saxena



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