7-Points Checklist to create a successful blog

7-Points checklist to create a successful blogYou have your own blog and you are experiencing information overload because there is a lot more to learn. The more you learn, the more you will realize that there is a lot more to learn. You can only do 1 thing at a time, either you can focus on growing your online business through your blog, OR you can keep researching and writing your existing and upcoming content. So, with all these challenges how can you MAP your blogging journey in order to create a successful blog? In this post, I am presenting the 7-Point checklist to create a successful blog.

You will get your initial challenges simplified after reading this post. My intention is to provide you a sort of Google map to navigate your blogging journey. Also, I will share my experience on how I was able to cope up with that overload.

At this point, let me quickly run through my experience with my first ever blog. And, then I’ll guide you through the 7-Point checklist, in greater details.

My experience with my first ever blog

After attending an event called Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI), I experienced great shifts in my mindset. It was that event when I heard the term Affiliate Marketing for the first time. Before this event, I never thought that I will ever have my own website or anything like this!

Long story short, I purchased my first website and started writing about my interest area while learning about Affiliate Marketing. You can read my first ever blog post here. After writing 3-blogs I was blank and had no idea what else should I write. Nothing was making ANY sense.

It was that time I started searching for the right mentor. I met Siddharth Rajsekar at the MMI event, and I started following him, but I was not much satisfied. My search ended at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. When I learned it for the very first time I was amazed and felt: “This is exactly what I NEED”.

Have you ever experienced this? Once you find your true love, you no longer waste your time finding love all around!! But you will live the rest of your life with happiness and contentment.

Let’s not go to love, even when you pick your clothes or shoes in the market, your search ends once you get your desired product at a reasonable cost. This is exactly what I have experienced after finding the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Now, instead of doing everything on my own, I simply follow my mentors Kyle and Jay at Wealthy Affiliate Platform, and progress happens smoothly.

This website is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate Platform, also I have transferred my very first website to Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been hosted in the free domain, otherwise, my initial works might get expired with my previous hosting package, by now 🙁

Now, after getting Online Entrepreneurship certification from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform I’m much comfortable in growing my blog now. And, definitely, I’m able to help many.

7-Point Checklist to create and grow a successful blog

Your major focus at this stage MUST be learning and developing yourself to become SOMEONE in the online space. You can follow the 7-Point checklist given below. The solution is provided in each step in order to guide you.


Dig deeper and understand your big WHY!! If you have no idea why you are doing it, then how can you ever succeed? What is your greatest motivation to grow your blog?


If you want help in Digging Deeper to know your why I highly recommend you to take an online course called “Get Rich Doing What you Love” from my mentor T Harv Eker. Very soon this program will be available on this website. For more details, you can mail me at dakshaysaxena@gmail.com or drop a comment below. Or, you can find alternative ways of reading books you like, or attending events in your city, and so on.


Spend most time to master your area of expertise or your niche, where you want to grow yourself. It develops the right intention for you to acquire the confidence to help others. How can you do it?


You should master your area in your own way, it’s totally up to you. But if you want to grow in the Affiliate Marketing area, then I highly recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Within the platform, you will be guided step by step to accomplish each essential task of the training. This step is non-negotiable if you want to grow yourself in Affiliate Marketing as a newbie.

Below are some of the Key Benefits you will get for FREE along with core training after joining Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Your self-hosted WordPress website(s). Wealthy Affiliate websites come under managed hosting, it means they are fast, secure, with 24*7 support.
  • 1000s of Free stock images to use in your blog posts.
  • Premium and highly effective Keyword research tool called Jaaxy.
  • Weekly webinars to refresh all your concepts weekly and it also allows you to be up-to-date with the progress in the Digital Marketing field.
  • The facility of Affiliate Marketplace option. Here you can see all the Affiliate Programs of all niche from various different Affiliate Marketplaces such as ClickBank, JVZoo, etc. collected in one place for you to select a suitable product for promotion.
  • Competition among members, they have a RANKING system. Higher you rank, better recognized you are among the fellow members, who are millions in number.
  • Opportunity to earn without selling. If you are a newbie this feature may be a blessing for you. How will you earn? Well, there are 2 ways: (i) by giving comments on other websites, and (ii) by creating your own training within the system.

For more details, you can read this post on Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for Indian Entrepreneurs?


Learn about Keyword Research. Because in order to write TO your audience, you have to research your audience’s interests. For example, I am writing this post to my audience from my experience that I have acquired over time, and I know that they need this information.


Learn Keyword Research. Start using Jaaxy keyword research tool NOW!

Also, you can use other premium keyword research tools such as Ahref, SEMRush, etc. Since Jaaxy is the least expensive with a very high level of accuracy, so I have been using Jaaxy for the last 1 year. You can use any premium keyword research tool.


Learn SEO, SMM, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, PPC, Facebook ads, and so on no matter what is your niche area. What is the best platform to learn this?

You can learn the basics of Digital Marketing from an online course called “Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle” by Digital Deepak. These are the key fundamentals you must know to thrive in your blogging journey. You can also learn them from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, Udemy, Youtube, or wherever you like to learn. Bottom-line is to learn them in depth.


Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn ONLINE MONEY in India or wherever you live, this way you can monetize your blog whatever is your niche area. You should always choose the right Affiliate products to promote. How can you do that?


You should know some of the good Affiliate products in your niche area, which you will be promoting on your website. You can browse through various Affiliate Marketplaces such as ClickBank, JVZoo, CJ, etc. If Affiliate Marketing is your niche area, then I would recommend you to promote Wealthy Affiliate Platform for simplified success.

Please note that review posts bring more traffic to your website as compared to an ordinary informational post. Because this is informational age, information is all around, people are seeking genuine views of trustworthy people. Therefore, write review posts about various affiliate products. If your views are positive about any Affiliate Product, then you can promote them using your Affiliate Link. However, if you are writing a negative review of any Affiliate product, then provide information about an alternate Affiliate product. This way you can help your audience immensely and traffic can be increased significantly to your blog.


Basics of Video creation and graphic designing skills will always be beneficial to your online business. A picture speaks louder than the words and Videos go out and speaks to the world!!

Bottom-line is that they are non-negotiable skills. But, how can you do learn these skills?


I would suggest you learn Video creation from VideoschoolOnline by Phil Ebner. I found him extremely genuine, honest, and hard-working in his works. Please, go ahead and join any one of his various courses on Video creation. His courses are available in Udemy as well, you can join them at a very low cost.
Basics of Graphic designing through Canva and Pinterest graphics are covered within weekly webinars in the Wealthy Affiliate Platform itself. Or, you can learn them by yourself, by logging in and playing around the Canva platform. You can learn advanced graphic design from Video School Online by Phil Ebner.

Point#7: FOLLOW A MENTOR 100%!

Without a mentor, I was beating around the bush. Listening from everyone and doing everything possible, still, I was stuck after writing 3 posts! It took time to decide the right mentor for me whom I can follow 100% in the Affiliate Marketing area. My life mentor is T. Harv Eker, but for Affiliate Marketing I really had to narrow down a big list. So, you have to do your own research.


I don’t know what your niche area is. Anyways, whatever it may be, if you are leveraging the power of Affiliate Marketing, then why not avail the benefits if 7-Days FREE Trial of Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is my alma-mater which tops the list of all my shortlisted platforms of Affiliate Marketing.

Click the link below and test-drive the starter benefits of Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. You have nothing to lose!


I sincerely hope that this post has given you enough clarity on how to map your journey to create a successful blog. It doesn’t matter whether you apply the solutions provided by me. They are my own experiences, which worked for me. You do your own research and come up with your own experiences because online business is the Game of experience, credibility, and trust.

So, you have to do your own home-work, I’ve just shared my notes to help you get it done faster.

If you have any queries on any suggestions or recommendations mentioned above, please drop them in the comment section.

If you have not yet tested Wealthy Affiliate platform, then go ahead and try out all its hidden treasures by clicking the link below:

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